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American actor and screenwriter, Seth MacFarlane, has become one of the prominent model for business in this era. This guy has made a huge name for himself in the past 10 years. He is not only known for his famous television show “The Family Guy” but is also the co-creator of “American Dad”. He just doesn’t produce these shows but also voices many of the shows various characters. Despite being 35 years old, he still looks handsome as ever.



Seth Woodbury Macfarlane, born on October 26, 1973 in Kent, Connecticut.  This multi-talented person is of English, Scottish and Irish descent. Since his early childhood, he had an avid interest in illustration and in his spare time drew cartoon characters. At a very early age, as early as five, he had decided he wanted to pursue a career in animation. By the age of nine, he was publishing a weekly comic and was earning $5 a week. To study further he went to the Rhode Island School of Design where he earned a bachelor of fine arts degree. Although initially he had planned to work for Disney, he soon became the creator of the show which is attacked as well as seen by the society most.



Seth has a net worth of $150 Million. The creator of “Family Guy” earns $50,000 per episode. The estimated value of his television show “Family Guy” is said to be $1,000,000,000. At the age of 24, he was the youngest television producer. Seth voices the main characters of the show that is Peter Griffin, Brian Griffin, Stewie Griffin and many more. In the year 2012, he signed a contract with Fox to keep “The Family Guy” and “American Dad” running for two more years. The agreement eventually made him the highest paid television writer. Apart from creating two major shows, in 2009 he also started a television show for four seasons known as “The Cleveland Show” which earned him a huge sum of money. This has just been the beginning for this Irish man, if animated shows weren’t enough, he decided to start his own television sitcom called “Dads”. From 2005-2008, Seth has received $2 Million per year by Fox to ensure the continuity of his shows. These figures don’t even begin to include DVD or merchandise rights which are estimated to be more than $20 Million each year.


2012: $36 Million

2013: $55 Million

Monthly: $4,583,333.00

Weekly:  $1,100,000.00

Daily: $220,000.00

The two time Emmy-winning comedian, has signed contracts and deals with Fox that are worth more than $100 Million. He sure has a lot of money to spend.

seth and family guy



A man sure needs a lot of space when he is working. But, a 20,000 square foot of office building is something new. Recently Seth purchased a three story office building in Beverly Hills for $11 Million. This new building, apparently is centrally located and makes it easier for him to do post-production on his television and film projects.


Who doesn’t want a theatre in their house? However, very few have the money to get it. Seth is said to be installing an Imax theatre system which is said to cost atleast $1 Million at his Beverly Hill bachelor pad.


Prima Cinema basically is a service that shows the opening weekend releases for $500-a-flick. Oh wait, before that you have to purchase a digital box worth $35,000. The Oscar host, Seth has subscribed to the $35,000 Prima Cinema.


Seth is the proud owner of a $13,500,000 house in Beverly Hills, California. The mansion is said to be about 5152 square feet. The house built in 1981, is a three bedroom house with five baths. The house is surrounded by a tennis court and a pool.

seth's beverly mansion



In 2012, the most famous start in the television industry was Ted who was a pot smoking, foul mouthed teddy bear. He was a creation of Seth Macfarlane and surprisingly it was a major hit. His movie was the highest grossing comedy of the year 2012 and earned a sum on $550 Million in the global box office. This movie earned him a lot of attention.

seths movie




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