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Net Worth: $2.5 million



Carlos Walker was born on 31st March, 1976 near Atlanta, Georgia in United States. He is popular with the stage name of Shawty Lo. He is basically an American hip hop recording artist whose origin is from Bankhead, Atlanta, in US. He is a famous singer and the founding member of the Southern hip hop group D4L. In 2003 he founded D4L Records. In June 2011, walker signed a D4L imprint, to fellow American rapper 50 Cent’s g-Unit records, in a joint venture deal. He is mainly famous for his debut single “Dey know”, which is a famous track from his solo debut album units in the City, released on February 2008.


Personal life

personal life

Walker had very rough life. His mother was on drugs from the starting and his father was somewhere else. So his grandmother raised him and his sister. But she didn’t remain with them for a very long period, she passed away when he was of 17 as she was suffering from cancer. So walker was on his own since he was 17. He moves to the wrong direction, he had started to rob in the streets, and started doing all kind of bad stuffs. So people predicted him to have a very short life and would be dead in 17-19 year of age. At some point of time he became the huge drug dealer. He had around 20 arrests in his life. But by luck he had got the best judge in Atlanta who had given him a chance to reform himself and thus given him a year. So he came home and worked on music. He had made a complete 360 degree turn in his life and had bring out the positive from negative. When we peep into his life, he was seen as a father of eleven children.his children are from ten mothers. But according to him it just happened. All of his kids came before he was a rapper. He was very low in drugs before 96 and he went to prison and all of his kids happened before it. But his is always kind of supportive, his children are always their to appreciate him and motivate him in each of his success.


Music career


Born in Atlanta and rapper Carlos Walker, famous as Shawty Lo, didn’t reach national fame with his street-hustling raps, but by leading in the “snap dance” trend with the Billboard-topping “Laffy Taffy” as part of his four-man crew, D4L, in 2005. He co-founded both the groups and, interim as CEO, the D4L Records label two years earlier with the purpose of only working behind the screens and never really contributing many doggerels to the group. “Betcha Can’t Do It Like Me” which is a D4L’s debut single, was a large local achievement in Georgia in 2004 and implicit at the group’s potential success. Before Shawty Lo was able to see any of those success, he was imprisoned on drug charges and had to serve a one-year jail sentence. By the time he was let out in July 2005, the “Laffy Taffy” track, which later would reach number one on the pop plans and halt several digital and ringtone sales records. Add to that, D4L and their free label earned a distribution deal with Atlantic via Asylum Records, who delivered their Down for Life (2005) album debut countrywide. Achieving more confidence about his specific rapping capabilities, Shawty Lo took his solo feature on the Down for Life album, “I’m da Man,” and launched it locally as an independent single in 2006.





Shawty Lo ran into a controversy in 2008, due to his track ‘Dunn Dunn’ as the song appeared to question T.I.’s (another Atlanta rapper) roots in Bankhead. In an interview T.I. said the song ‘No matter what’ was only partially aimed at Shawty Lo. The dispute reached its peak when at the ‘Dirty Awards’ in November 2008, the associates of both the artists clashed, and lead it to shut down. Thus due to the incident, police make use of pepper spray in order to evacuate the audience. The dispute was ended in March 2009, when both the singers appeared during PI’s farewell concert.

He was also entangled into a controversy when his TV series all my babies’ mamas, about his 11 children and 10 mothers, was aired in 2013 on the Oxygen channel. A petition  calling to shut the show, bearing 37,000 signatures received by the Oxygen channel, so it announced to cancel the show saying that ‘as part of the development process we have reviewed the casting and decided not to move with the show.’




Carlos Walker has an expected net worth of $2.5 million dollars. Shawty Lo, as he is now called in the music business, got his net worth being the co-founder of D4L annals as well as being an associate of the hip hop group D4L. Above that, he is also a solo composer and has received a few rewards; i.e. two BET hip hop awards and an Ozone award. To begin with his first solo album titled Units in the City was released in February 26, 2008. The album hit at number 14 on the Billboard 200 list and saved second position on the Top Rap Albums chart. This album was able to trade about 1.6 lakh copies.



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