Dick Wolf Net Worth Money and More

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Net Worth: $250 Million

Profession: Television Producer


Dick Wolf was born in the year 1946, on December 20th. Dick Wolf’s full name was Richard Anthony “Dick” Wolf. Dick Wolf is famous crime dramas specialist, American television producer. He is the producer of great dramas like the Law & Order franchise and Miami Vice. Dick Wolf is an Emmy Award winner. He is said to be the star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. A thriller novel, The Intercept was authored by the Dick Wolf. He also authored a Law & Order series, non fiction novel.


Early life


Dick Wolf was born in the New York City. Dick Wolf’s mother, Marie G. is a homemaker. His father, George Wolf is an advertising executive. George Wolf was Jewish whereas his wife Marie G. was with Irish descent and was a Roman Catholic.  Dick Wolf joined Saint David’s School which is the academy of Phillips. After graduating from there Dick Wolf joined the University of Pennsylvania. He was not influenced by any particular religion. Dick Wolf even once studied with the George W. Bush the former US President. Dick Wolf was a loving and happy man. He married three times. In the year 1970, Dick Wolf gets married with the Susan Scranton. But after 13 years of their marriage, they both get separated. After Susan Scranton, Dick Wolf gets married with the Christine Marburg in the same year, 1983 of his divorce with the Susan Scranton. They both got blessed with three children, but after 22 years of their marriage in the year 2005 they got divorced. Then in the year 2006, Dick Wolf married to Noelle Lippman.




Dick Wolf started working for Benton & Bowles as a copywriter advertiser, working for the Crest toothpaste commercials. He kept on writing for screen plays, dreaming of getting a break. But during this time he struggled a lot and merged with another struggling writer, Oliver Stone. After some years Dick Wolf went to Los Angeles and released three screen plays there.  Amongst them, Masquerade starring Meg Tilly and Rob Lowe, gave him good results. Dick Wolf’s television career started with the Hill Street Blues as a writer, and soon for the episode named, “What Are Friends For?” gets nominated for his first Emmy Award. He switched to Miami Vice and took the position of supervising producer. From the year 1990 till 2010, his Law & Order was running which resulted in tying up the dramatic show, Gunsmoke to run for a really long amount of time. At that time Gunsmoke was recorded in the television industry as the longest running show.  Dick Wolf after that gets nominated for the Emmy Award, for most of his dramas released. Wolf worked as both executive producer and creator of both Law & Order drama series released from Wolf series. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Law & Order: UK were his running shows while three of his shows (Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Law & Order: Los Angeles, Law & Order: Trial by Jury) were cancelled. Of the reality series Crime & Punishment, Dick Wolf is the executive producer as well as the creator of the NBC’s courtroom. These series used to show the real tragedy’s and cases. The cases were prosecuted by the San Diego District Attorney’s office. Dick Wolf’s production unit also produced the Twin Towers show which includes a documentary on two brothers, one policeman and other fireman who lost their lives while performing their duty. Twin Towers won the Academy Award. Behind the production of famous rock group The Doors named “When You’re Strange”, Dick Wolf was involved. Dick Wolf further a created a show of men and women group working at the Chicago Fire Department named, Chicago Fire. Chicago Fire goes on with not so fame and with less views, it was taken by the NBC in the May month of year 2012 and gets released on 10th October of the same year. From the Banff Television Festival Dick Wolf achieved the honor by receiving the Award of Excellence.



2005 Television Critics Winter Press Tour

Dick Wolf was a struggler but still he did not lever let his dream of becoming a known personality. Dick Wolf was born in the middle class family. Today he comes in the list of top TV producers of the whole US. This position is not a small place. Dick Wolf enjoys his live with his family at full. He lives with an elegancy and an attitude. Dick Wolf won many recognitions and was honored with many different awards which include, famous Emmy Award, Academy Award, Creative Achievement Award form the side of NATPE, from the Mystery Writers of America- Edgar Award, the Governor’s Award for the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, the Leadership and Inspiration Award and so on. The main achievement for an artist is his achievement and honors in life. An artist considers those as his richness and Dick Wolf was rich in that section. But in the list Richness, Dick Wolf does stand at a remarkable place. Dick Wolf owns a total net worth varying from 225 Million USD to 250 Million USD. Dick Wolf per annum earns 70 Million USD, which made him to appear in the top rich celebrities list.




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