Soulja Boy Net Worth, Money and More

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‘CRANK THAT’, these two words are owned by the one and only god like rapper soulja boy. DeAndre Cortez Way a.k.a soulja boy, at age of 14 was shifted to town of Batesville, Mississippi, with his father, who provided him a recording studio to explore his musical ambitions and the outcome was that the song “CRANK THAT” was on the tongue of everyone and topped the U.S Billboard charts and he earned $7 million that year. He was on the #18 on the famous business magazine “FORBES” of HIP-HOP Cash kings of the year 2010. Soulja boy is a rapper, record producer, actor and entrepreneur. EARLY LIFE Deandre Cortez way was born in Chicago, Illinois, United states on July 28, 1990 but he was moved to Atlanta at the age of six. He was born with an inborn talent of rap. In November 2005, he uploaded his songs on sound click and after getting a lot of rave reviews, he uploaded his songs on two biggest platforms, YOUTUBE AND MYSPACE. In March 2007, he recorded his song that made him rich, CRANK THAT, and released his first independent album name “Unsigned and still major: Da album before da album” and he ended up with a deal to sign up with interscope records.


Soulja boy owns a RC Lamborghini covered with diamonds which costs around $250,000.He owns a Chrysler 300, Bugatti, Bentley musslane, Porsche 991.He owns a home in Atlanta.



His debut album: was on #4 on the US Billboard chart of hot 100 and hot ringmaster charts which was released in the United States on October 2nd.Soulja boy never expected that his song “Crank that” will take him this far and his song got nominated for the Grammy awards but he lost to Kayne west and T-Pain’s GOOD LIFE. Soulja boy was successfully spreading a new trend in hip-hop. 2008-2009: Soulja released a sequel to his album which was named isouljaboytellem but this album was not a hit and some even disliked it and this album got negative critical reception from the critics. Soulja boy now released a song KISS ME THROUGH THE PHONE, with Sammy and this song was a hit and it peaked #3 on billboard hot 100. 2009-2010: In the year 2009 he released his album “The DeAndre Way” and on July 8, 2010 he released his single THE PRETTY SWAG which was on #34 on billboard hot 100 and was #6 on Hot R&B songs list and then his second single which was “BLOWING ME KISSES” was released instead of “speakers going hammer” but it was released later on October 19, 2010. OTHER CAREERS-On March 5, 2008, he released his official clothing line known as S.O.D CLOTHING and he also released his official shoes line named as YUMS.Some months later on Feb, 2012 soulja boy released another line he created BLVD.







Soulja boy was a target of many controversies and has faced many tragedies in life. On December 9, 2007 he was sued by William Lyons a.k.a souljha boy for using his stage name because he created this name back in 1996. In October, 2009, he was arrested because when he was shooting a film in an abandoned house he ran away from the police, so he ran away from the police and was arrested on account of obstruction and trespassing and then he was 

released for $550. On October 18, 2011 he was travelling in his car with his four other friends and was investigated by the police and four ounces of marijuana was found but he was released on the same day.




Way has also faced various tragedies in his life such as once he was robbed , beaten and assaulted badly in his home .Way faced a really intense and a difficult situation as he was injured severly.Four or five people came with masks carrying AK-47 and pistols and assaulted him. This incident happened on December 30, 2008 when he came late at night after attending an album release party and he was recording songs when the masked persons came and tried to kill him. On the Night of March 22, 2011 his little brother “Deion Jenkins” was killed in a car crash.


Way has been a target of many controversies. Some videos of soulja boy had explicit, violent and sexual content which was banned from some school dances. On December 9, 2008 Charles Hamilton mentioned that way was making it harder to get the new artists signed. On February 2,he challenged Bow Vow to a race in their Lamborghini’s and said that bow vow’s Lamborghini was rental but later their dispute was sorted out on phone. In the year 2011, his song “Let’s be real” was a hit for the biggest controversy because the lyrics of the song said a lot against FBI and army troops and some of the part of his lyrics said that the army troops are fighting for nothing. But later on he apologized for writing these kinds of lines.



DeAndre Cortez Way a.k.a Soulja boy is a visionary artist and he changed the meaning of hip-hop and rap by his music.His song “Crank that” gathered so much attention and he became the king of hip-hop. You can love him or hate him but you can’t ignore him.

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