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NET WORTH: $300 Million

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Sting, a wrestler with real name as Steve Borden was born on 20 March 1959. Sting is given as his ring name. He is a professional and specialized wrestler of America and also an author whose writings are worth appreciating. Sting has given his life to World Championship Wrestling (WCW). He has spent his most of the time with WCW. So, seeing his devotion towards his work and reliability, he was titled with “The Franchise” n 1990s of the WCW. Along with World Championship Wrestling, Sting is recognized for his devotion and long term work in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling i.e. TNA.

Not only once twice or thrice Steve Borden is a World Champion for 15 times which makes him a recognized and reputed celebrity in the world of wrestling. His championships include:

  • Two time champion of NWA World Heavyweight
  • Six times of WCW World Heavyweight Championship, etc.

He has so many awards and championships in his carrier that are not easy to count. Also, for one time he is awarded with the WWA World Heavyweight Championship. He is the man that holds the various World Titles in his life that includes- NWA, WCW and TNA. On 26 March, 2001 World Wrestling Federation was performed by the Sting on the theme final episode of WCW Monday Nitro. Borden is famous by the name greatest superstar for two reasons, firstly for performing in WCW history and secondly for not performing within WWE. As well as, the documentary of Sting is recorded and showed on the television. He achieved success by his great effort and become popular in the world of wrestling.


Also, he is the winner of the WCW triple Crown. Possibly, he is called as the closure of various editions of WCW’s premier. In June 2012, Sting Borden was declared as introductory inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame. Repeatedly four times, he was voted as the Most Popular Wrestler of the Year. This award is given by the Pro Wrestling Illustrated readers. He shared this award with the John Cena. Steve Borden was awarded with the Inspirational Superstar of the year in 2007.

WWE held a spectator poll in 2013 to define the United States Champion and Sting who is a two-time champion beat the all other nominees with the total vote of 53% which is a great success. He is awarded with many titles for his lifelong success. Some are-

  • Iron Man Tournament
  • Battle bowl Battle Royal
  • WCW World Tag Team Championship

The net worth of Sting is $8 million with the WCW but when he signed with TNA, his net worth becomes 15 times of WCW. Initially, Borden was a portion of team USA for two wrestling companies- Memphis-based wrestling company and the Continental Wrestling Association. Afterwards he became the wrestling sign. After his name changes to Sting, he fought with the Ric Flair and became winner at the Clash of Champions event which was his wonderful victory. After this victory he has appealed with the NWA title. He was the winner of the Battle bowl main event of the 1991 edition of WCW. With WWE, he never engaged in a contract.

Sting is the famous proficient and qualified wrestler who has never operated for the promotion. In nineties, he converted into the face of WCW. His salary is $673,000 per annum. As he has never worked for the promotion, Sting came to be known as “The Franchise” of WCW in 1990’s and early 2000’s. He is headlining the editions 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 of TNA’s premier Bound for Glory. Sting defeated the Meng for which he received another tournament for the WCW United States championship at the Great American Bash 1995. Sting has stand up first time for the Kevin Nash and Scott Hall who had fight in the WWF.


The first match of Sting in the WWA was in Dublin on the 28 Nov 2002. Then with Luger he conquest Buff Bagwell and Malice but Luger is a cheater who defeated Sting with the help of Jarrett for the WWA World Heavyweight Championship. On 8 June 2003, Sting was defeated in the championship of NWA World Heavyweight in the US by Jarrett with the help from Rick Steiner. In 2003, Rick Steiner was positively conquered by Sting when he toured with WWA in Australia. Borden involved in interviews with Mike Tenay about his profession and conviction. Along with the wrestling, Sting was also a model in the field of acting. He created his factual movie named as “Sting: Moment of Truth”.

For future reference, World Wrestling Entertainment-World Championship Wrestling DVD’s are available also. Steve Borden owns a number of shares which contributes to his net value. In one interview Sting was asked to decide whether he wants to leave with TNA or joined with WWE for better achievements. As every person wants him to join WWE for his successful career and for making the history of his own. But at last he wants a place that is fit for him and that is comfortable also. Sting has reached on where he came out with loud colors, harsh tattoos and paints on his face and also with wild long hairs which describes his personality best. His attitude just changes from silent to the one with crazy attitude and sort of “I will teach you” in 1997.

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