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Net Worth :45 Million Dollars


Stone cold Steve Austin, the name that has rocked the wrestling world. Steve Austin better known with his ring name of “Stone cold” has a net worth of 45 million dollars and is an American Actor, Wrestler and a professionally retired wrestler.

He has been a part of many champions like World Wrestling Federation (WWF), World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and was declared Stone Cold in 1990. Steve Austin Born on 18th December 1964 at Victoria, Texas, United States. He was born with a name Steve James Anderson and he adopted his stepfather’s surname Austin.

He was trained for professional wrestling and went to World Class Championship Wrestling for a match. Austin has been married four times and has four children. He has won many awards in his career like not once, twice or thrice but for 6 times he is a WWF champion along with that a Triple Crown Champion with 5th rank.  Many celebrities also wrote about Steve Austin saying that he is a champ. Ric Flair, a professional wrestler says that if there is a star among the entire wrestlers in WWE then the name is Austin. Jim Ross said that the profit made by Steve in the world of wrestling is unmatchable. Even Steve Austin is declared as the most money-making wrestler ever in the WWE by his boss, Vince McMahon, who himself a great celebrity in wrestling.


In the years of 1997 and 1998, he was awarded with “King of the Ring” title. But apart from these, no one can change what is written in one’s fate. As Austin was given retirement in 2003 because he was suffering from injuries in neck and knee. Being in rest for 2 years, he did not kept silent, though he could not fight in ring but became Co-General Manager. Finally, after going through this hard phase of his life, Steve Austin again joined the wrestling world as a host in 2011. He hosted “Tough Enough”, a reality series. As Steve was a world class actor, he proved it in a debut film in 1989. On 3rd June 1991, World Television Championship added to his assets of awards.  Austin also worked in TV shows such as Teen Choice Awards, V.I.P, CMT Music Awards, etc. He has worked with “Celebrity Deathmatch”, “Nash Bridges” etc. shows on television. Latest quality film of Austin is “The Expendables” which is making a great profit and adding to his net value.

In San Antonio, Steve Austin owns a huge luxurious mansion where he is living at present. It is in Texas. Along with that mansion, in California’s Marina Del Rey he has a ranch.


Before his retirement from wrestling, Stone Cold not able to fight because of injuries but worked for promotions in wrestling world such as WWF, WCW and Extreme Championship Wrestling. The renowned celebrity, Steve Austin was always a public interest because of his success in 1990s. In due course of his wrestling career, he has to face some disrespect as sometime he was called a beer drinker and a discourteous wrestler. At the end, when got retired he is now a part of WWE Hall of Fame. Steve Austin touched the unpredictable heights of fame among all the wrestlers. He has huge number of fans in the field of wrestling.

Steve became more famous than the Hogan. He broke all the business records of Hogan and all his stock sales. When he was retired as a wrestler in 2003, he played a WrestleMania match with the Rock. He started his career in 1989 but joined the WWE in 1996. When Austin said that he just whipped the ass of the king of the Ring, from that day he becomes the man that is made for the wrestler industry. Steve Austin was a WWE champion for 6 times and he made every shot of his fight with great enthusiasm. Other than wrestling field, he is always fan following person. After one year of joining WWE, Austin had neck injury which influenced his career.

Steve Austin is also famous in the field of film industry as actor. He did some unremarkable roles in various feature films like Longest Yard and the Expendables. Nobody ever imagine that how this guy has done outstanding in the wrestling industry. Once he had to pay for abusing in 2002. After this case, he built his image as before. He has done various movies which includes-

  • Beyond the Mat
  • The Stranger
  • Damage
  • Hunt to Kill
  • Knockout
  • Recoil
  • The Package

From starting, Austin achieved various tags and titles in his whole journey. He won the WCW World Tag Team Championship by forming a team with the Brian Pillman who is known as the Hollywood Blonds in 1993. The Vice President of WCW Eric Bischoff fired the Austin because he was not able for fighting with full energy and also his reputation goes down and down in the year 1995. At this time, he fights with the title “The Ringmaster” only for 1 year. In 1996, his career changes suddenly and takes the new direction. Austin now fights with many wrestlers and gained success and awards. After his retirement in 2003, he was invited as a special guest in the functions and also as a referee in the ring match. He has been respected with many awards like Wrestler of the year in 1998 and PWI for four times.


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