Suze Orman Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth: $35 million

Career/Profession:  Financial advisor, Presenter, Businessperson, Motivational speaker, Television Actor, Author,

Suze Orman is generally known to be a perfectionist. She is the best example of an independent lady ruling her life in her own way. She is not only a financial advisor, but an expert in giving motivational lectures. Along with this she also persists qualities of hosting a show. She has established her image by writing so many motivational books and some books used to focus on personal finance which can be seen in the hands of each and every one around the country.

Respectable position achieved in 2009:

Born on June 5th, 1951 in Chicago, Illinois. She belongs to Jewish background. Her family background was quite low as her mother used to work in a local rabbi and father used to work in a chicken factory. She had completed her graduation from University of Illinois by receiving a degree of B. A in 1976. She continued her studies till today and in 2009 she received a degree of doctorate of humane letters from the same university and honored by the Chief.


Step by Step she achieved milestones being a financial advisor:

Initially after completing her schooling she worked in a restaurant as a waitress. In 1980 she decided to borrow $52,000 from her family and friends and established a small restaurant. For establishing this restaurant she took help of her old friend Fred Hasbrook who gave her all the money needed for the initial investment. But after some time she was offered a job of accountant in Merrill Lynch. She continued this job along with her restaurant. As here she was working as a trainee so even after completing her period she continued to be with this firm. Sooner hard work turned into some miracle and she became the vice- president of Prudential Bache Securities. But in 1987 she left this respectable position and established her own financial firm called as a Suze Orman Financial Group in California. She was the director of the group till 1997. Initially she was very weak in making investments and money management and once she was cheated by a broker who insisted her to invest her money and she ended up with losing all her savings.


Sharing her ideas by writing Books:

Suze Orman is an inspiring icon amongst the youth these days. She always feels free to share her ideas and generally her ideas used to motivating in it. So in 1995 she started sharing her ideas by publishing her own books. Her first book came in 1995 named ‘You’ve earned it’. It was a big success for her as about 70,000 copies of its first edition were sold. After taking a break of two years she came up with ‘The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom’. This book broke all the records and 3 million copies were sold. In 1999 her third book ‘The Courage to be rich’ increased her success graph followed by ‘The Road to Wealth’ in 2001 and ‘The Laws of Money’ in 2003. With these continuous hits she was presented on television with several financing specials focussing on her identity.


Presenting herself as a financial advisor in front of the people by hosting the shows:

Just giving financial advisers in a packed room was not her motto. Instead, she wants the world to see each and every aspect financially before making any investments. So she came up with an innovative idea in 2003 i.e. Her show called The Suze Orman Show.  This show was aired on CNBC in 2002She hosted this show and the show was entitled to Gracie Allen Award from an established organization. She also made her special appearance at shows for The Laws of Money and The Lessons of Life and received Daytime Emmy Award for her performance. She also hosted various big shows which include names such as The Money Show for the Young Fabulous & Broke in 2006. In 2011 she also made an appearance in the show called ‘Oprah’s Allstars’.

Personal Life and her interests:

Her personal life got quite interesting after she made a statement that she is a Lesbian in February 2007. She is currently residing in California and Florida. She is the one who is always in a favor of Barack Obama and wants the Democratic Party to rule the country. She also used to donate some money to the party at the time of elections.

Assets, Investments and Endorsements:


  • Orman once estimated her net worth to be about $25 million excluding her personal assets.
  • She owns a house in California worth $7 million. This is located in the outskirts of the city covering a wide range of area. The house was built keeping in mind the old heritage look. All the windows and glasses give a look of the palace.
  • She has invested $1 million in stocks. This means that about 4% of her net worth was invested in the stock market.
  • She has several municipal bonds and mostly is zero coupon municipal bonds, which are triple A-rated.
  • Orman has various endorsement deals with public speaking firms and public relation campaigns which increases her net worth to this level.
  • She used to make a campaign and gives a donation of millions to the Democratic Party supporting Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.


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