Teresa Heinz Net Worth Money and More

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Net Worth: $1.2 billion

Profession: Businesswoman


5th Annual National Audubon Society's Women i5th Annual National Audub

Teresa Heinz whose full name is Maria Teresa Thierstein Simões Ferreira is a famous businesswomen and philanthropist. Teresa Heinz was born in the year 1938, on 5th October. She was born in Mozambique, when Portuguese Empire had settled up their colony. She was born at the home of Portuguese parents; Dr. José Simões Ferreira junior, who was a tropical disease specialist, was Heinz’s father and Irene Thierstein was her mother. Irene Thierstein was with German, Italian French and Swiss descent and Alexandria Valletta was Irene’s birth place. She was a Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania and U.S. resident, with an American and Portuguese Nationality. From the University of the Witwatersrand situated in Johannesburg in South Africa, Teresa Heinz in the year 1960, took her Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Literature and Romance languages  and from the University of Geneva, the School of Translation and Interpretation, she completed her post graduation (MA) in the year 1963. Teresa Heinz then switched to United States to become an Interpreter over there. In the year 1966, Teresa Heinz gets married to Henry John Heinz III, who was a U.S. Senator, a resident of Pennsylvania. But Henry John Heinz III died due to the plane crash on 4th April in the year 1991 and left Heinz as his widow. Before Henry John Heinz III’s death Teresa Heinz first time met John Forbes Kerry at the Earth Day rally in the year 1990.  Thereafter again in the year 1992 she met John Forbes Kerry at Brazil in Rio de Janeiro at Earth Summit. Teresa Heinz became the member of State Department and the authority was delegated by the President George H.W. Bush himself. With everyone’s concern, in the year 1995 on May 26th, she again gets married with John Forbes Kerry, who was the former U.S. Senator and was the current U.S. Secretary of State, with a Massachusetts descent. Teresa Heinz had three children; Henry John Heinz IV, Andre Thierstein Heinz and Christopher Drake Heinz. After marriage also Teresa Heinz did not changed her surname.

Environmental programs and advocacy


Teresa Heinz was also fond of environment and also took some actions against the environmental problems. She accompanied and supported many programs regarding different environmental issues. In the year 1990, Teresa Heinz supported the Alliance   of End Children poisoning and now supporting Alliance for Healthy Homes.  She was honored as one of the “Honorary Board Member” by the Alliance for Healthy Homes on their website and along with that Teresa Heinz was considered to be the most important and selfless person who fights for the environmental problems and children health issues without any consideration. On the request of Non Governmental Organization (who works for the welfare of the society), Teresa Heinz worked and carried the program of Earth Summit in the year 1992. In the year 1993 she also achieved Heinz Awards because of his great efforts and contributions made for the society welfare.  Teresa Heinz also became the board member of the Environmental Defense Fund.



In this perfect life, one tragic moment came. In the year 2009, in the month of December Teresa Heinz disclosed the sad news to media that she is going through a treatment of breast cancer. Teresa Heinz also told that she is taking the special radiation therapy which is called the APBI therapy. APBI means Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation therapy. Now APBI therapies are of different types and in that radiations are provided to the breast for different periods of time, say for example five days or one week. Teresa Heinz did not reveal that what type APBI therapy she was taking for her breast cancer. Well this method is still under research and study and Oncologists are still trying to find the other aspects of this therapy, like its effects, side-effects, etc. In the year 2013, on 7th July Teresa Heinz became really serious and for taking her to the hospital Nantucket Cottage Hospital, hospital ambulance was called. Her condition was so serious that, doctors called her critical and was shifted to another hospital. They took her to the Massachusetts General Hospital and used a flight for emergency transfer for her better treatment and tests. After this on July 11, she again got admitted in the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital for the purpose of her recovery from that earlier stroke. Teresa Heinz took discharge from the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital on July 17th. After this no much tension arose regarding the health of Heinz and doctors were also satisfied with the successful treatment given by them.


She is a very rich personality. She leads a very luxurious and lavish lifestyle. Her profession has made a lot of money for him. Her estimated net worth is said to be $1.2 Billion. She has performed quite well in his career. She owns many properties and expensive assets. She is the owner of many huge banner companies. He has invested in many companies. She owns many properties which have contributed to her net worth. She owns many properties in United States of America. She has around five huge mansions in United States of America. Additional she is a great philanthropist and so she is involved in many charity activities.

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