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Terrence Jenkins, who is popularly known worldwide as Terrence J was born on April 21 in the year 1982. He was born in New York, United States. Jenkins is basically famous as an American actor and also a great Television personality. Further, he is also known worldwide as a model and an author too. Jenkins basically became famous worldwide as he had hosted the video countdown show 106 and Park from the

year 2006 till 2012. Presently, he is known s the co-anchor of E! News. Apart from all his capabilities, a Entertainment group was also founded by him which basically specializes in hosting and also consulting. He had also launched his own fashion line also and also a famous brand of vodka was launched by him.


Early Life

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Jenkins was born in New York. He had mostly spent his childhood in North Carolina, in Raleigh and Rocky Mount. He did his High School education from Northern Nash High which was in Rocky Mount only. Earlier during his high education he worked as DJ at the WRSV Soul 92.1. He worked here till he was graduated. After this, he attended North Carolina A& T State University. During his college time, he worked as the President of the Student Government Association and still continued as a DJ for WNAA, a radio station in North Carolina. Further not only for WNAA, he also served as a DJ in Greenboro. Further, Jenkins was also starred as DJ in many movies too.




After completing his graduation from North Carolina University where he gained a degree in mass communication. Jenkins also worked at Florida in the office of a sports company. While he was working at the Florida, he received a call from his brother that BET was searching its new hosts for 106 & Park. Hearing this Jenkins gathered all his savings and immediately landed to New York for the auditions in the year 2005. His first audition did not go that good and he was quite unhappy. But then to attend other auditions he went to Atlanta by renting a car. His hard work and dedication paid off as he was successful here, and from that day onwards began his acting career.

He was starred in the movie, ‘Stomp the Yard 2:Homecoming’ in the year 2007 which was the sequel of the movie ,’Stomp the yard’ and also in the same year he appeared as DJ in the film, ‘Burlesque’ along with Christina Aguilera. Not only this, he appeared in the show, The Game. Further, he also did the movie, ‘Think Like A Man’ which was directed by Tim Story and was made on the bestseller, Steve Harvey.

From the year 2005, he started hosting 106 & Park show, which airs in entire city of New York over its 60 markets and was seen in many countries including Japan, U.S., Africa and also Canada. Jenkins along with Rocsi who was his co-star were starred on MTV awards in Japan. After the huge success of the show in Japan, it was further premiered in other countries also. Seeing this success, it became the highest rated music series.

Jenkins is also keenly interested in promoting education as he himself visited many schools of New York to enhance education. In the year 2008, he was also involved in Sean John clothing lines.



He gained success and became famous worldwide as the co-host of Bet’s 106 & Park. Also during his college days also he hosted radio shows and also fashion shows while he was working for the company Team Dolla. He also competed in BET’s ‘Fresh Faces’ and by defeating over 5,000 he became a winner. Not only is this, ‘Jenkins Entertainment Group’ which is a company that specifically specializes in hosting founded by Jenkins himself.



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Terence J has a net worth of $4 million dollars. He is a multitalented person as he is famous worldwide as the American actor and a great and charming TV personality.

In the year 2008, the American actor paid around $625,000 for his new house in Guttenberg, New Jersey. This massive and luxurious house of Terrence also has an oversized whirlpool tub in his bedroom.

In the year 2014 he took the No. 1 rank in the list of highest paid actors worldwide. Terrence J has topped it with an estimation of $82 million.

Terrence owns his huge fortune not only from his acting talent but it includes various other factors too. Like he owns huge properties in New Jersey that worth around more than $100 million. He had also made many smart investments. He also owns several restaurants worldwide including the one in United States, ‘Fat Terrence J Burger’ chain. Further he also a football team namely, ‘Queens Angles’. Apart from gaining richness through all his, he also owns ‘Pure-Wonderterrence J’, which is a very famous brand of vodka. This brand of vodka has a great hand in Terrence earnings. Terrence has also launched famous top selling perfumes of all times namely, ‘With Love from Terrence’. Not only this, he also has launched , ‘ Terrence j Seduction’, a famous fashion line. Terrence had also signed deals with the cover girl cosmetics. His love for cars is also impressive. He owns many luxurious cars including Jaguar.






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