Tom Joyner Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth: $30 million

Career/Profession: Producer, Actor, Radio Personality

Thomas ‘Tom’ Joyner popularly known as Tom Joyner is a highly acknowledged American radio personality.  He is the recognized face all over the world because of his renowned radio show named as ‘The Tom Joyner Morning Show’ which is starred nationally. He is the only one who founded Reach Media Inc. which belongs to his foundation and also established He is identified as the man on the move who took transition from one profession to another. Joyner wrote several books such as I’m Just a DJ, Tom Joyner Presents How to prepare for a college etc.

His profile:


Born on November 23rd, 1949 Joyner passed his childhood in Tuskegee, Alabama. He was born to Hercules L. Joyner and Frances. He took birth in a well educated family where his grandfather was famous physicians in the United States and his parents were masters in history. Because of this established background, he and his brother were sent to Tuskegee Institute for studies. In 1978, he got graduated in sociology. He also joined Omega Psi Phi while pursuing his studies. Initially he wants to be a musician, so he became a member of his college band, but this band did not work professionally so he left that and search for another living.

Recognized as a radio personality:

Joyner, since from his childhood was very much interested in hosting shows and interacting with people. So firstly he got involved in college radio itself and after completing his graduation he started hosting shows of various radio stations in Montgomery, Alabama. He also hosted certain radio stations in St. Louis and Memphis before shifting to Chicago. After he settled in Chicago he started searching for some high class radio show and got the opportunity to work with WVON and the show he hosted was a morning show. He continued there for three months but quit this job and worked for WBMX-FM. In 1978, he got the call from radio station WJPC where he was asked to host their show by Charles Mootry.  These shows helped him to make his position in the competition. Because of success and fame once in 1985 he got a call from two radio stations at the same time i.e. One was KKDA-FM for their morning show and another was WGCI-FM for their afternoon show.  He did not want to lose any of the opportunity so he took both the jobs and started his struggle for both the shows in different cities. He worked continuously for eight years and entitled with various nicknames such as The Hardest Working Man, The Fly Jock etc. This was the biggest achievement for him.


The Tom Joyner Show: His biggest achievement

In 1994, he signed a contract with ABC radio station to host a show which will be cast all over the nation and it was named on his name himself ‘The Tom Joyner Morning Show’. This show featured Tom Joyner with his team, several commentators who were there to discuss the issues in the country and sports too. Some entertainment was added to the show by playing several hits of the time 1970s to 1990s. Sometimes guest appearances and sky shows were also featured. Southwest airline being the radio shows partner, especially for Tom Joyner shows it offers free trip airfare to any of the place. Several other sponsors are McDonalds, Chrysler Corporation etc. In 2005, there came another star from his side, i.e. The Tom Joyner Show which was a late night show and it was basically for African American audiences. Due to his timings it was not a big hit and Joyner decided to quit this one. But its re-runs are presented over TV One Cable Channel.


As a Social worker:

Joyner always involved himself with every social work going across the country.  He had pursued as an advocate for voter registration. Because of his high interest in this type of work he actively promoted this registration over his Sky shows and also advertises about this voter registration over his website.  To increase awareness about the health among the people he used to carry out rallies and camps and encouraged people to go for a regular check up so that any health related problems can be easily avoided and treated well if needed. He also became a member of Alzheimer Association, whose motive was to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s research.

Collaboration with various foundations:

There are various programs that are run by the foundation in collaboration with various other foundations or universities. Some of them are:

  • Global Education: Tom Joyner Foundation partnered with Institute for Shipboard Education for funding scholarships to students for their global voyages.
  • Veteran Education Program:  Foundation started this program after collaborating with Ohio after giving a donation of $10, 000 in starting. This program motive was to help veterans in their education, provide counselling regarding colleges or various supportive services.
  • Teacher Quality Program: Foundation collaborated with the National Education Association for a teacher certification program.
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Assets and Property:

The Tom Joyner house is located in Dallas covering over a large area. He has high term relationship with various big brands. Among them his relationship with Ford is undoubtedly a long term and amazing. Ford has endorsed and sponsored Tom Joyner Voyages too. He yearly hosted a cruise whose aim is to promote studies in Black Colleges. It is popularly known as Tom Joyner Foundation Fantastic Voyage.  The foundation has worked and partnered with several HBCUs worth $6 million.




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