Top 5 Reasons to Use an Electronic Document Management System

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With the availability of Electronics Document Management System (EDMS), gone are the days of an outdated method of collaborating important business files. Its implementation can cause significant reduction of cost that is spent on labor, printing, and storage of files. Not only this, an organization can save a huge amount of time that can be utilized towards other advancing activities. Let’s discover the top 5 benefits of this Electronics Document Management System that make it a primary necessary for any organization.

Capture and Import:

There are multiple ways to capture the documents inside an EDMS. Most EDMS systems have integrated scanning that can do a batch scanning at a faster pace. The system is capable of hosting a large database of documents inside a single umbrella and employs easy search options to find them as well. The files can be imported using simple drag and drop facility and can be imported from any folder automatically upon being customized. Window’s “save as” dialogue integration can also be done to save files from other applications. Be it a word file or PPT, everything can be captured inside with a single click.

Organization and Management:

Through EDMS one organization can synchronize its document in a predefined folder structure and can profile them differently which makes them easy to identify. The system can keep similarly linked documents under one folder as well. For having a quick glance, the folders or files can even tag with different visual flags.

There is absolutely no need of downloading and emailing the files as the application has inbuilt quick emailing feature. PDFs too can be edited inside. To avoid overriding of edits by multiple users the system employs secure check-in and check-out system.

Search and retrieval:

It provides a comprehensive search engine that allows searching any document with a quick access. The system also incorporates detailed search criteria that include searching of a document by its name, author, type, date of modification and size.

Security and audit trails

EDMS provides a high-end security system that guards all the important business data and thus eliminates the possibility of any kind of data breach. To have better internal control, the files can be monitored through an audit trail which keeps track of every single modification to each file in the database. Changes to any of these, in particular, can be achieved through a regular email by the system.

Remote access:

In case, the organization has multiple branches, the secure VPN connection facilitates the remote access and moreover, the entire e-management system can be accessed through secure web browsers from any corner of the world. To provide any information or to share any files to customer secure public URLs can also be customized.

Above mentioned points clearly, indicate that moving into the digital documentation phase from a conventional method with the help of Electronic Document Management system is certainly going to represent the company as an idle client model and will chunk out larger profit for the company by boosting the sales.

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