Wayne Newton – Net Worth, Money and More

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 Net Worth: $100 Million


Profession: Singer and Actor


Carson Wayne Newton better known as Wayne Newton was born on April 3rd, 1942 in America. He is one of the best known entertainers in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is popularly called by many nicknames like The Midnight Idol, Mr. Las Vegas and Mr. Entertainment.



Carson Wayne Newton was born in Norfolk, Virginia to Evelyn Marie (mother) and Patrick Newton (father). Newton’s father was an auto mechanic. He has English, Irish, Scottish, and Native American ancestry. While his father was in the U.S. Navy, Newton spent his early childhood  days in Roanoke, learning the piano, guitar, and steel guitar at the age of six. Later when Newton was still a child, his family moved to a home near Newark, Ohio. In 1968, Newton married Elaine Okamura, and they adopted a daughter, Erin, in 1976 before divorcing in 1985.

Newton had married Elaine Okamura in late 1968. But the couple did not have any baby, so they adopted a daughter named Erin in 1976. Later by 1985 the couple got divorced. Again in the year 1994, Newton got married to the former Kathleen Mc Crone. She is a lawyer from Rocky River, Ohio. The couple has one daughter named Lauren, who was born in 2002.



newton danke schoen

After Wayne Newton’s family had moved to Ohio, Newton started singing in local clubs, theaters and fairs where his brother Jerry would also accompany him. Newton faced severe problem due to asthma because of which the family shifted to Phoenix, Arizona in the year 1952, where he attended North High School in Arizona and his health was also stabilized. Before Newton was known by people he did many small shows on local radio and guest appearances on TV shows.

In 1962, singer Bobby Drain took Newton under his wing and helped him launch his solo career. Newton made it into the Top 20 with “Danke Schoen” the following year. It is said that Danke Schoen is Newton’s signature song. In 1965, Newton hit the charts with another up-tempo ballad “Red Roses for a Blue Lady.” And his last major single came in 1972 with “Daddy Don’t You Walk So Fast.” By this time, he had grown his trademark pencil-thin moustache, jazzed up his on-stage look and shifted his vocal range a bit lower. The above mentioned songs are among the most popular and hit songs of him.

While he later dropped off the charts, Newton enjoyed great success as an entertainer. He continued to perform in Las Vegas and to make guest appearances on television variety shows. For a time, Newton was the highest-paid act in Las Vegas. He remains a popular concert performer, playing gigs around the country. A supporter of the U.S. military, Newton has participated in numerous USO tours to entertain the troops. After his appearance in the show “Once Before I Go” in the year 2009, he started performing for a limited time and started going on trips around the country.


Earnings and Legal issues:



Newton had performed more than 30,000 solo shows in Las Vegas over a period of over 40 years. His major part of income his through his shows which has made him $100 Million Worth. He has done many albums, movies, series shows of television work, award presentation and many TV and Film appearances. All this work of his has made him reach to the level of such a high success and enjoy it.

He has also invested a large part of his income in hotels and house business which have profited him well and added more digits to his net worth. The house of Newton which was on sale earlier had a market value of nearly $70 million, which is a huge amount and would have added a value to his income.

Legal issue:

In the early 1980s, NBC News reported that there was news on Newton claiming that he had ties to organized crime. It was also reported that he was a part owner of the Aladdin hotel and casino with funds from the mob. Because of the widespread of the news his business and reputation both were damaged.

In 1986, Newton won a $19 million settlement (which later reduced to over $5 million) in the case. A federal appeals court, however, overturned the ruling in 1990, and Newton tried to take his case to the U.S. Supreme Court. The court rejected Newton’s appeal the following year.In 1992, Newton experienced another legal challenge. He ended up declaring bankruptcy, claiming to have $20 million in debt. Later in the decade, Newton also engaged in a legal battle with singer Tony Orlando over a theater in Branson, Missouri, that the pair once shared.


Awards Achieved and Controversies:

Wayne Newton has won numerous awards throughout his career. His 1st award was Platinum record in 1963 for Danke Schoen. He received many more awards like Gold Records in 1965 for Red Roses for a Blue Lady, Honorary Ambassador to The Arabian Horse, American Society of Composers, Authors and Publisher’s Award, Hollywood Walk Of Fame, River Rats First Annual Award – Veterans of Viet Nam, The Gold Plate Award – American Academy Achievement and lots more. Wayne has always received many awards and prizes for his contribution and serving nature to the society. Newton received Woodrow Wislon Award for Public Service, Hollywood Salute to Veternan on Armed Forces Day – 1st Peace One Earth Medal and Houston West Chamber of Commerce – Honors Wayne with a Heart Service Award in 2008 and USO San Diego 68th Annual Stars and Stripes Ball award in 2009.


nose job

There were numerous mouth talking about plastic surgery of Newton’s face, eyes, nose and eyelids. Though he has clearly said no to such rumors, it is quite evident from the photo.

Wayne Newton- Know Me More:

He has recorded and released more than 165 albums.

Newton can play 13 instruments including the trumpet, banjo and violin.

He opened for Jack Benny for five years in Las Vegas.

He was awarded the “Ellis Island Medal of Honor Recipient” for significant contribution to this country.

His parents were Powahatan Indian/Irish and Cherokee Indian/German


Luxurious Life:

Newton lives in Las Vegas with his second wife Kathleen and their daughter Lauren. Newton’s lavish home named Casa de Shenandoah which is constructed on more than 50 acres of land. Newton has been raising Arabian horses there for decades. He has many cars too and his living his life with full luxurious at Las Vegas.

Casashenandoah      car

las vegas home($70)

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