Bill Murray Net Worth, Money and More

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Net worth : $ 120 Million

Bill Murray

Do u remember who won the Emmy award for his first exposure in  Saturday Night Live and after which who gave back to back blockbuster hits like the Meatballs, Groundhog Day, What about Bob, Caddyshack and many others? You have guessed it right, yes he is the 64 year old American comedian and actor, William James Bill Murray, well known as Bill Murray in his Film Career since 1973. To add to his list of awards he was also presented with Academy award for his nomination of best actor in the movie Lost in Translation. No doubt his net worth has reached an exclamation point of $120 million


Born on 21st September 1950 at Evanston, Illinois, United States he has been star in himself since his early career. To fund his education he has worked as a golf caddy and he was a lead singer during his teen years of Dutch Masters a rock band. Out of all his eight siblings Murray is not the only one who has been into this industry, three other actors Joel Murray, John Murray and Brian Murray are the ones in this industry.


He started his career in 1975 with a role in ABC variety Show Saturday Night Live with Howard Cosell featuring little kids and animal acts, following which he worked for TVTV several projects. HE rejoined the NBC’s Saturday Night Live’s Second Season. Murray got into a romantic relationship with Gilda Radner who was one of her cast members of Saturday Night Live.



Movies followed his career well like a rising star with his debut in Meatballs in 1979 which was followed by “Where the buffalo Roam” where he portrayed the role of Junter S. Thompson. NBC’s Late Night with David Letter a show invited him as the First guest and later he appeared as the first guest on Late Show with David Letterman when the show moved on to CBS making his profile one of the most richest and admired amongst his fans.

Bill always had the eager to work for his own production and on a path of achieving hiss dream he was working on the film adaptation of the razor’s edge. He worked with Columbia Pictured to raise financial help for the Razor’s Edge, which was a box office flop. His struggle with the Columbia Pictures movie Ghostbuster made him play the role with was originally scripted for John Belushi. Ghostbuster is one such movie of 1984 that became the highest audience and money raising film, which made his net worth even higher than what would have been expected out of an American actor of his genre.

The loss of the failure of his scripted movie led him to a disassociation from the movies for four years during which he made very few public appearance and participated only in a few public readings organized by Timothy Mayer. Murray returned with a bang, played his appropriate role in Ghostbuster II and also Scrooged in 1988. He went for his first time directed movies Quick Change with Howard Franklin the producer. Later he was casted in” What about Bob? “that was released in 1991 and Groundhog day which were highly critically acclaimed movies and the box office hits of that time. Groundhog Day did a budget of $14.6 million and generated about $70,906,973 and What about bob was for a budget of $ 35 million and did a box office marketing of $63,707,829 adding to the rich and wealthy status of Murray.

Murray has not only acted in blockbuster movies but also provided his voice for animation movies like Garfield: The movie, with a $50 million budget, and Garfield: A Tale of Two kitties which was of a budget of $60 million. In 2009 Murray again provided his voice for the animation movie Fantastic Mr. Fox which worked on the box office with $46,471,023 making Bill increase his amount in the bank accounts worth $120 million.



Bill Murray is an ardent golfer which is clearly depicted in his part essay and part autobiography book called Cinderella Story: My Life in Golf. He has also been an enthusiastic sportsmen in the celebrity tournaments and showed that his world is beyond the lights, Camera and Action. He is a person of true sportsmanship which was also portrayed in The Sweet Spot, a comedy Central Series. Moreover one of his movie roles in his earliest films, Caddyshack, has seen him playing assistant Carl Spackler, where Carl even lives in the golf shed. The love of Murray towards golf has also been depicted in Lost in Translation, Space Jam and Zombieland.


Caddy Shack is a restaurant situated near St. Augustine in which Murrat is a partner with his brothers. He also travels to Saint Paul, to watch the St. Paul Saints teams of which he is part owner of. Bill partly also owns Brockton Rox, Hudson Valley Renegades and Charleston River Dogs. Murray has been an investor in various minor league teams like Salt Lake City Trappers, Catskill Cougars, salt Lake String, Fort Myers Miracle, Utica Blue Sox.

The career of Bill Murray has seen him rise and fall and evolve as a rich American actor since 1973 adding an immense amount of money to his net worth and the industry.

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