Young Buck Net Worth Money and More

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Net worth: $300 Thousand

Profession: Rapper, Actor and Producer



The original name of Young Buck is David Darnell Brown. He was born on 15th March 1981. He is a multi-talented personality. He is not just an American Rapper but is also an actor and a producer. He is an active member of very popular groups named G-units and UTP playas. He started his career in year 1995. his work has received a lot of appreciation. he has been a part of many groups like G-units, Cash money Records and UTP Records.


Early life


At the age of twelve he started developing his interest in rapping. He was inspired by his friend named Clay Cole. He started his career by performing for Brian “Baby” Williams. He was the co founder of Cash Money Records. In year 2000 he decided to leave this label of Brian Williams. After leaving the label of Brian he moved to the group named UTP Records. David Darnell Brown worked for three years with UTP Records. He has performed for in many songs like Memphis. In this song he was accompanied by Project Pat, Three 6 mafia and some southern rappers.


Personal Life


He faced a lot of financial problems in his personal life. The IRS auction of all his property was said to be $53000. In this auction all of his properties and expensive assets were sold. His intellectual property was also seized. All of his property and assets were kept on public sale. This auction happened because he filled the chapter 7 for bankruptcy liquidation. He was also sentenced to jail to 18 months in case.  After an IRS raid he even filled a chapter 13 for bankruptcy protection. He filled this chapter 13 year 2010. On 28th October 2010, IRS again planed to auction the property and assets of Young Buck. But this chapter 13 seized the plans of IRS. In high court he agreed to sale his property to pay his taxes. The price of the real state is said to be $638,500. In the auction many things were sold like Art work, Soda Machine, a 50 Cent Plaque, the equipments of his studio and many more. Apart from this he was found to be involved in many legal issues. He was also targeted in a drive- by –shooting. He was also found to be a part of many controversies. He had controversies with DJ khaled, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent and the Game.



Awards and Nominations


David Brown is a very famous personality. His work has received a lot of appreciation. His success can be tracked with the list of awards he has won. He has been nominated in many award categories like BET awards for Best Group, Soul Train Music Award for Best Rap Artist, Ozone Award for best Video. He was nominated seven times for Southern Entertainment awards. He was also nominated thrice for MTV Video music awards. All his songs were highly popularised throughout the world.





He is not just a great rapper but also a very talented actor and film producer. He worked in many movies. He received a lot of appreciation for his acting in movies. His movies were also very famous. The list of movies in which he displayed his talent includes Groupie Love (Released in 2004), Get Rich or Die Trying’ (Released in 2005), Loyalty and Respect(Released in 2006), Wild ‘n Out(Released in 2007), Drill bit Taylor(Released in 2008), Sonics gate(Released in 2009),  A Billion Bucks(Released in 2009), Kill the Record label(Released in 2009), Beef: Behind the Bullet Itself(Released in 2011), E! Buzz with Carla B (Released in 2011), Buck Mentality(Released in 2013) and No Warning. He has released many songs in his career. Each of his song has received a lot of appreciation. He released two studio albums. The name of his two studio albums are straight Outta Cash Ville and Buck the World. He has released for independent albums named Born to be a Thug, T.I.P, They Don’t Bother Me, and The Rehab. He has even worked in collaboration with many rappers and singers the list of his collaboration albums includes Beg For Mercy, Da Underground Vol. 1,  Gang Injunction, Salute to the Streetz, The Compilation, and Thuggin’ Til The End. He has earned a lot of money through his work. All his albums made a remarkable impact on the market.




He is a very rich personality. His leads a very luxurious and lavish lifestyle. His profession has made a lot of money for him. His estimated net worth is said to be $300 Thousand. Apart from the net worth money he has a lot of expensive assets. He has his own record label. The name of his record label is Cashville records. He owns a very huge and beautiful house. His house covers a total of 5000 square feet area. The house is located in Tennesse. Apart from this he owns a very luxurious car. The name of his car is BMW X5. He bought this car in January 2011. The market price of this car is $38,900. He also has a necklace which is named as 615 Cashville Necklace. He wore this necklace i many of his videos. The necklace is every expensive and the estimated market price of the necklace is said to be $12,300.

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