Zoe Saldana Net Worth Money and More

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Net worth : 10 Million Dollars


Zoe Saldana born on June 19th, 1978 with a zodiac sign of Gemini is and American actress with breakthrough performances in major roles of the Hollywood. She has been into the cine industry since 1989 and promises a career through her great work and self-motivation to do well and deliver the best. She has worked as a promising lead in Center Stage, Crossroads, Drumline, Pirates of the Caribbean, The terminal, Temptation and Haven.


Zoe was born with a dual personality a specific quality of the Gemini’s in the Passaic, New Jersey. She learned to speak English and Spanish as her first languages living by the Jackson heights, New York and Queens. Saldana saw the early death of her father and after which she moved to Dominican Republic where she developed a love for dance and also enrolled herself to a prominent dance course called Espacio de Danza Academy, where she learned ballet, jazz and some modern Latin dance. Learning of these various dance forms ass made her career and let her maintain her net worth with an ardent fan following.

Early Career


Zoe Saldana started her career in 1995 as a performer in the FACES theatre dance group at Brooklyn. Faces was a group that worked on teen issue such as adolescent sexuality, substance abuse and many others. While she was performing with the New York Youth Theater she was recruited by one of the leading talent agency where her dance performances were also accounted for her selection. Her debutant performance in Center Stage in 2000 revolved around her talent and the character of EVA that she portrayed in the same was of a headstrong Ballet Dancer for which she was well trained in her early life.

LOVE, Relationships and more

Saldana ended her eleven years relationship with Keith Britton in November 2011. Saldana’s then boyfriend Keith were engaged in JUNE 2010. Keith is also an actor and also the Chief executive officer of My Fashion Database. After ending her relationship with Keith she was in a relationship with the actor Bradley cooper. Her relationship with cooper ended in January 2013 after which she dated an Italian artist Marco Pergo, with whom Saldana had a secret marriage in London during the June of 2013. Regardless of all such faces in her personal life, Zoë supports an organization, FINCA International.


Zoë Saldana’s credits are almost $ 10 million. She is a fabulous actress and has done many movies that has earned a lot of profit and proved to be a milestone in film industry. Her films are Avatar, Star Trek and Pirates of the Caribbean. These have made a profit of no less than $2 Billion and also gave her reputation and prosperity. Despite of films, TV series are also her area of achievement like “Law and Order”, “Six Degrees” etc.


Her price is touching the sky or it could be like her progress increased her value many folds. She owns a luxurious mansion whose value is $ 4.9 million and it is near California in USA. Not only a mansion, Zoë loves to drive her black Audi 8, like all the other Hollywood celebrity wants to. Zoë Saldana is a social worker also as she is donating to an organization which is fulfilling the basics needs of poor and disposed persons for last 75 years. This Mission run by the organization also provides education, momentary facility of housing, psychotherapy to those who are suffering in pain and trouble, also help them by giving long lasting cure in many ways.


Zoë Saldana is a dancer also with no less than a salary per month of 3000 DOP i.e. USD $69. She used to practice jazz, ballet and modern Latin dance daily in an academy ECOS i.e. Estacio de Danza Academy as a student for almost six years in the Dominican Republic. Again when she shifted from the Dominican Republic to US, she was busy doing practice in musical theater. “Center Stage” in 2000 was the first film with Zoë as a key role of film. This film was very close to her because it is a story of a struggling, stubborn and artistic dancer, a ballet dancer. After this film Zoe played a role in “Crosswords” a Hollywood film in which Britney Spears was there opposite to her. Also, “Drumline” was her one of the successful film which landed her in a prestigious role in “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” by Gore Verbinski in which Zoë played a role of Anamaria’s character, “Avatar” by James Cameron in which Zoë portrayed as the Neytiri, etc. Combining her as a dancer and an actress, her net value increased up to $14 million.

Her Later Career in musical theater


In musical theatre, Zoë spent her many years doing plays which give messages to teenagers for positive attitude and they deals with many issues like exploitation and sex. The youth theater of New York was the Mission with whom she was working in musical theater.  After this, a talent agency hired Zoë for her excellent performance and it helped her enhancing her talent even more. She was then became a celebrity who was noticed by all. She also gave her best performance in other movies like The Terminal, The Heart Specialist, Blood Ties, Guess Who and many more films.

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