Stevie Nicks Net Worth Money and More

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Net Worth: $75 million

Profession: American singer and song writer



Stevie nicks whose full name is Stephanie Lynn Nicks is a very famous American singer and also a famous songwriter. She was born on 26th may, in the year 1948. In the start Stevie joined Fleetwood Mac in the year 1975. He joined that along with her that time loving partner, Lindsey Buckingham. The second album of Fleetwood Mac with Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, Rumors gave a big sale hit and claimed sales of around 40 million copies which were released in the year 1977. Nicks was deemed to be the “The Reigning Queen of Rock and Roll”. She is comes in the category of top 100 greatest singers of all time.



In the year 1948, Nicks was born in Good Samaritan Hospital of Phoenix. Nicks father was Greyhound’s Armour-Dial’s former president, Jess nicks, whereas her mother, Barbara Nicks was a homemaker. It is very interesting to know that Nicks grandfather was a struggling singer of country music. Her grandfather, Aaron Jess only gave her music classes and use to do duets with her when she was just 4 years old. Nicks mother used to keep her mostly at home and always kept Nicks under her protection. Nicks love fairy tales and used to listen that from her mother. Her nickname “Stevie” was given by younger Nicks itself since she was unable to speak her name easily and correctly and so this name came out. Stevie wrote her first song after she got her first guitar on her sixteen birthdays. The song name which he wrote was “I’ve Loved and I’ve lost, and I’m Sad but Not Blue”. Throughout her youth she and her family keep on switching their place because of her father’s career as a executive of food business which requires to move frequently from one place to another. She spent her youth in following place; San Francisco, Los Angeles, El Paso, Salt Lake city, Albuquerque, and phoenix.


Love life


Stevie love life is started when he saw one guy in his senior year in Menlo Atherton High School. That guy name was Lindsey Buckingham. When Nicks was attending her high school party then she saw Lindsey Buckingham who was playing “California Dreamin” in the party. No much conversation took place but after few years Backing ham communicated nicks and requested her to join their band,  Fritz Rabyne Memorial Band along with his buddies Japier Pacheo and Calvin Roper. They both together planned for many things like when nicks planned for becoming and English teacher then in the year 1968, they dropped out moved to Los Angeles in getting success in their music career. This plan took place when Nick and his family switched to Chicago. In the year 1972 their band Fritz Rabyne Memorial got disbanded but nicks and backing ham continued to move together in the field of music, they continued to record and write demos. They used to use place of coffee plants which was owned by Backingham. They entered into a deal with Polydor Records and presented Backingham Nicks album in the year 1973. The album does not become a hit but they both always supported each other at every step. Nicks also wrote an album, “Lanslide” which was inspired by the Aspen’s scenery and her preference given to music and the relationship of her with Backingham. But after this she marries Kim Anderson who was the widower of her close friend Robin Anderson. The reason of marriage was only to take care of the baby of Robin Anderson and Kim Anderson and this was clearly stated by both of them before marriage. But they soon get divorced. After their divorce nicks stated that she didn’t ever choose to become a good wife or mother and so nicks does not have baby with Kim, she always wanted to become a top singer and so she was moving towards that path only.  Nicks was attached with her stepson and after years of their divorce, she came in contact with her teenage stepson and continued to be in his contact ever since.


stevie nicks2

Nicks is a multitalented personality. Her success can be tracked by the number of awards she has won. She has been nominated in Genie Awards for best performance. She has been nominated in for various other awards like cableACE awards, MTV movie awards, Primetime Emmy Awards, Television Critics association awards, Golden Globe awards, Screen Actor Guild awards, Teen Choice Awards, Television Critics Association Awards, and People’s Choice Awards. Apart from nominations, she has also won many awards like Golden Globe Awards, Satellite Awards, Monte Carlo Television Festival, and Prime Time Emmy Awards.



stevie house

Nicks is a very rich personality. She leads a very lavish and luxurious lifestyle. Her profession has made a lot of money for him. The estimated net worth of Nicks is said to be $65 million. She has received a lot of appreciation in his work. She owns a beautiful and huge house in Pacific Palisades, California. The house covers a total of 3,538 square feet of area. The presence of garden outside the house further enhances the beauty of the house. The estimated market price of the house is said to be $3.8 Million.


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