Zooey Deschanel Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth: $15 Million

Known as the ‘Pixie Dream Girl,’ Zooey Deschanel stole our hearts with her last performance in the movie 500 days of Summer. Her character ‘Summer’ has become the reference point to all the guys out there, for that little catty, stone-hearted ex-girlfriends. Though her debut movie was not well registered in the minds of the public, we sure do remember her from ‘Almost Famous.’ Now with her role in the new TV series on Fox, ‘New Girl,’ she has got the attention of the audience like never before. With her new music album rolled out, she’s growing into a huge star.


Did you know?

The secret behind her cutie pie looks is her varied lineage. It is said that her ancestry includes Swiss, Dutch, English, Irish, and other French roots. Well, all the European genes put together has to produce something that exotic now, eh?

Having born into a family that through and through belonged to the Beverly Hills of LA, her entry into the world of celluloid was a piece of cake. Her father is the Academy Award–nominated cinematographer and director Caleb Deschanel and her mother, actress Mary Jo Deschanel. Also, did you know that her sister is the film and television producer Emily Dechanel, famous for her role in the police comedy-drama series Bones.

Music is what ticks me.


You sure must have liked her karaoke to the song ‘Sugar Town’ in 500 Days of Summer. Did you know that it was her very own song? Her first team album ‘Volume and One’ by She & Him, received a huge response from the audience and critics alike, praising her vocal abilities. Of late, she released her third album as one half of the pop duo She & Him in May and went on a North America tour. Her work was globally acknowledged when she was nominated for the 2012 Grammy Award for Best Song Written for Visual Media for the song ‘So Long’ in the year 2012.

Let’s talk about money!


She’s listed in the 100 richest celebs, what better way to say that she’s loaded and growing? Evidently enough, she’s a net worth of around $15 million. Has to be, when she reportedly earns about $125,000 per episode on her show, ‘New Girl.’

If that’s the kind of money she gets from television, her new role as an entrepreneur ears a whole lot of assets as well. Reportedly, her media site, HelloGiggles.com draws nearly $2 million unique visitors each month. One can imagine what the website must earn then. It only seems natural that the advertising world would be more than interested to get her to endorse their products and his multi-talented actress vouch for their brand. So far she made appearances with brands like Apple, Subaru and Rimmel.

A lavish living


This fashion diva possesses one the most coveted wardrobes in the world. Her impressive handbag collection comes to somewhere around $250,000! Her jewellery, clothes and accessories, which reportedly come from 87 different renowned brands from across the world, speaks of her lavish lifestyle. No wonder she is consistently ranked in Maxim magazine Hot 100 Women list since 2008. Evidently enough, she spends her holidays in exotic locations of Europe. Fox’s new girl seems to be getting it all right at just the right time.

Time for charity


While all celebs indulge in a bit of charity once in a while, Zooey seems to have taken it a very different level. How, you ask? Let’s find out. While the tabloids mention that she donates around $1500 every month to charity for the organization ‘Alliance For Children’s Rights,’ her association with certain organizations speaks something entirely different.

Zooey Deschanel has been one of the most ardent supporteers for actor Sean Penn’s charity named J/P Haitian Relief Organization which works to help the Haitian people lead a better life following the devastating earthquake in 2010. In an attempt to advocate the rights of children and their welfare, Zooey Deschanel has been associated with the charitable organization ‘Alliance For Children’s Rights’. The Alliance for Children’s Rights works to protect the rights of impoverished and abused children providing them with shelter and good education and timely healthcare.

A balanced life, do we ask? Read on further to know about her ruined love life.

An amicable divorce


Zooey Deschanel got engaged to musician and vocalist Ben Gibbard, the lead of Death Cab for Cutie and The Postal Service, in the December of 2008. They got married the next year. Unfortunately, the marriage lasted only for a couple of years when the couple decided to get separated in the year 2011. They subsequently got divorced on December 12, 2012. On a funny note, tabloids opine that Ben Gibbard was convinced that Zooey’s movie 500 Days of Summer is a documentary about his life.

Her divorce revealed a lot of financial information for the tabloids to toy around with, and guess what they found out? This successful and rich lady is frugal! Yes, surprisingly enough she has no credit card debts, more than $2 million in stocks, bonds and real estate, and another $1.5 million in the bank. Well, frugality sure pays off! Wonder how she keeps up with those pricey handbags.

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