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Net Worth: $45 million


Alyssa Milano was born in the year 1972, on December 19th. Alyssa Milano was born in the hospitals of Bensonhurst situated in Brooklyn. Alyssa Milano’s ancestry was Italian. Alyssa Milano was Lin and Thomas M. Milano’s eldest daughter. Lin was very active and skillful manager and along with that was a fashion designer. Thomas M. Milano at that time was a film music editor. Alyssa Milano was not the only girl child; she also had one younger brother, name Cory. Cory was born in the year 1982 so that means Cory was 10 years younger then Alyssa Milano. Alyssa Milano use to live in Bensonhurst with her family in her childhood. But then Alyssa Milano along with her family moved to Staten Island for the purpose of shooting. Alyssa Milano became a very successful and famous American Actress, mind blowing producer and a former singer. Milano was not proud of her at all. She started acting for different roles given to her by different producers. She acted for, who’s the Boss? series of ABC sitcom as Samantha Micelli from the year 1984 to 1992 then from the year 1997 till 1998, she worked for Fox Soap opera Melrose Place as Jennifer Mancini, thereafter she acted as Phoebe Halliwell on Charmed, The WB series from the year 1998 till 2006 and then from the year 2013 she is portraying in ABC drama Mistresses as Savannah Davis. After all this, Alyssa Milano was enjoying her life, in an interview she said that she does not ever felt like her childhood was wasted and she did not enjoyed her childhood at full. Alyssa Milano became actress or producer or singer from her own choice, no one forced her to do so, and this was her decision. After becoming successful, she did not ever fuss around or asked for any VIP treatment at her home, even she use to help her mom in the kitchen, use to clean up her room and all the mess created by her. Alyssa Milano also said that her family proved to be the best career supporter.



Alyssa Milano career started when she was just eight years old. At the age of eight she fight for an open audition along with 1500 girls related to Annie’s national tour. After this tough competition, four girls were selected and amongst them Alyssa Milano was also the one. After this she started appearing in many commercials broadcasted on television and in the off-Broadcast production.  There after Alyssa Milano got a role in low budget movie, she was acting as a supporting role in this movie, Old Enough. Although this was a small movie from budget point of view but Alyssa Milano took it as her great start in movies.  In the year 1984, she got her first big time role in who’s the Boss? with; Katherine Helmond, Danny, Tony, and Judith Light. Because of her role as Samantha Micelli, daughter of Danza on screen, Alyssa Milano and her father shifted from Staten Island to Hollywood. While shifting from State Island her mother refused to leave her home for that show which does not guaranteed to give her permanent role. Alyssa Milano from start only had a great difficulty in accepting the accent of her own land Brooklyn, because of her more attention towards the film industry. Alyssa Milano is a very loving personality and so while doing the show Who’s the Boss?, she felt a strong bond with her co-star Danza. Alyssa Milano was the one who became the inspiration of two great Disney animators, Mark Henn and Glen Keane to make the looks and personality of the main actress of the film The Little Mermaid of year 1989, Ariel.

Personal life


After all this stupendous looking life, Alyssa Milano was suffering from dyslexia. Alyssa Milano also had interest in the sports and was big time fan of Los Angeles Dodgers. Alyssa Milano shows her craziness for the Dodgers by writing regular baseball blog on the website of Major League Baseball. Alyssa Milano launched her signature line ‘Touch’ for the female fans of baseball. She sold them through her blog and website, Major League Baseball. She also opened her boutique in the Citi Field and displayed her signature again in the year 2009 for sale.  She also had good space in her heart for animals. Alyssa Milano showed her grief regarding her pet dog, German shepherd named Pinto, who at the age of 14 got died. She dated Corey Haim from the year 1987 till 1990.




She is a very rich personality. She leads a very lavish and luxurious lifestyle. Her profession makes a lot of money for her. Her estimated net worth is said to be $45 million. She earns around $80,000 for each episode. She is well known for her work in the series named Charmed. In the sixth season of this series, she was paid $160,000 for every episode. She has a beautiful house in Beverly Hills. The market price of the mansion is $2.3 million. The house covers a total of 5,700 square feet of area. The house encompasses three huge and beautiful bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and many other facilities. She also has two luxurious and expensive cars. She has one Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf.

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