Denise Richards Net Worth Money and More

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Net Worth: 12 Million Dollars


She is definitely rich and she is Denise Lee Richards, born on the 17th of February 1971. Richards is a former fashion model and also had been a part of the movies like Wild things, Starship Troopers, The world is not enough, drop dead gorgeous and many more. Denise is an American actress and a fashion super model with a net worth of 12 million dollars and make a top notch position in the industry among all her peers.

Early Life

Born to Joni Lee and Irv Richards Denise gets her full name as Denise Lee Richards whose has taken her mother’s last name as her last name. She was born to a sister Michelle whereas her family includes the culture from variety of backgrounds like German, French-Canadian, Dutch and Welsh. Her first appearance was in the music video named “The captain of the heart” at the age of 15 as a teenage girl.

“As a little girl I loved the thought of playing dress-up and getting ready. “Quotes Denise once truly showcasing her love and desires of a girl and to be an actress. Richards has been an excellent student in her school days at El Camino High School situated at Oceanside, California from where she graduated in 1989.


Of the family and the upbringing she belongs to she once quoted that, Being a teenager I would think they were real strict and i would get upset but i m glad they were like that. They didnt let us do whatever we wanted, We weren’t allowed to date until we were, like, juniors in high school.” This had lead to Denise’s life on a smooth pace till her junior year in high school but her riches have increased since then.

Early Career

In the 1990’s she began her career in some low budget television shows and films like the saved by the bell, married with children. Beverly hills, Melrose place, Lois and Clark. She made her first big public appearance by a theatrical release in Starship troopers which was released in 1997 which made a worldwide hit and money of about 121,214,377 dollars.  After which Richards was elected for the blockbuster entertainment award.

Denise Richards Car


Denise Richards owns a Cadillac escalade which is one of the most luxurious SUV. This one was introduced in the early 2007 which precedence highly technical features of its predecessors of the suns which were popular in the year 1990 and 200. The car has a current net worth of 68, 00 dollars and also a V8 engine which runs on a 6.2 L Vortex. Not only this the car is also designed to maintain the comfort and standards as per the requirements of the luxurious cars. IT has a power lift gate, power front seats, remote engine start, DVD entertainment system and many more features that can be talked about.


Personal Life



Denise shares two children with her divorced husband Charlie sheen, she had been in utter media coverage because of the talks of the spilt between the couple. Though she had worked constantly over the two decades with a smooth and successful career but her love and personal life was at stake during the period of 2005 to 2008 because of her then husband Charlie. Denise loves to ride her Cadillac Escalade ESV with her two children when she is not working. A comment about her relationship was raised by one of her very close friends to which Denise Richards replied, “Heather knows why and when her marriage ended with Richie and she knows why my marriage ended with Charlie.” The divorce with Charlie was filled immediately after three years of marriage between Charlie and Denise. They got marries with in 2002. The two daughters that Charlie posses are sweet and one of them is adopted who has been named after her mother.


About the work with her coworkers she was once asked about the big kiss issue that was the talk of the town with Neve Campbell of which she quoted ,” I don’t know what the big issue is about a kiss with Neve Campbell in Wild Things. It’s a role, and I think a bigger issue is made out of it. It was a part I took and it’s what the character did, so I did it.” This clearly shows that she had been always keeping her personal and private life different.


Richards House

A house that is worth $3,999,999 which is spread over 5,651 square feet and has seven bathrooms along with five bedrooms. This house is been posed by Denise at the Hidden Hills, California which is definitely worth the amount mentioned and which adds truly to the net worth of Denise. The house’s details about the interiors has not been confirmed by reports but a primary suggestion by the reports say that it consists of high quality kitchen with marbles and customized cabinets also a master bedroom definitely for Denise and Charlie with a master bath and the bedroom also possess a big spa tub. The interior truly depicts the stardom and the character that Denise posses. It is also suggested that the backyard has a big swimming pool and there is a gymnasium most likely in the mansion.




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