Cher: Net Worth, Money and More

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Net worth: $305 million

Profession: Singer, Actor, Television personality


Cher, also known as Cherilyn Sarkisian, was born in the year 1946 in California. She started off as a back- up singer. The turning point in her life came when she met (and later married) Sonny Bono, songwriter and producer in 1963. The duo Sonny and Cher’s claim to fame was their massive hit classic “I’ve Got You Babe” (1965). They worked together for quite a few years.

Cher established herself as a solo artist with hit songs including “Bang Bang (MY Baby Shot Me Down)”, “Dark Lady”, “Half-Breed” and more. In the year 1971, Cher made her debute on the small screen with the “Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour”. This show was extremely successful. She is known for her compelling performances in movies like “Moonstruck”, “Mask” and “Silkwood” among others. Cher made her come back in the music industry in the 1990s as an electro pop diva. Her album “Believe” (1999) was received quite well.  Cher has been associated with a number of other areas in the entertainment industry.

She has received several prestigious awards including a Grammy, an Emmy, an Academy Award and three Golden Globe Awards. Cher is known for experimenting with her image as well as her music from time to time and this has earned her the nickname “Goddess of Pop”.  Owning to her long and successful career, Cher has a net worth of $305 million.


Singer, actor and more

Sonny and Cher

Other than being a singer and an actor, Cher is also known as a record producer, a television personality and a director. She has sold over 40 million records as a part of the duo “Sonny and Cher” and around 100 million solo albums. Her income from live concerts has also added much to her massive net worth. With her comeback in Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, Cher earned $180 million approximately.

“Closer to the Truth”, released in the year 2013, was Cher’s first studio album in more than 11 years. The album was at number three in U.S. Billboard 200. It sold around 63,000 copies in the first week. “Closer to the Truth” is also her highest peaking solo album in U.S.


Cher’s acting career started in the 1980s. Her power packed performance in movies such as “Silkwood”, “Mask” and “The Witches of Eastwick” among others earned her several nominations and awards as well as contributed to her net worth.

She earned $150,000 for “Silkwood”, $ 500,000 for “Mask”, $4,000,000 for “Mermaids”, $1,ooo,ooo for “Moonstruck”, $1,000,000 for “Suspect” and $1,000,000 for her role in “The Witches of Eastwick”. Cher earned a total of $7,650,000 trough all these movies.

Cher made her directing debute (and also starred in) with a segment in “If These Walls Could Talk”, an abortion themed anthology.

She has also tried her hand at writing ( Cher discusses various important First time events in her book “The First Time”), managing “Isis” (film production company) and fashion designing.


diva with a golden heart

Cher is an active philanthropist and has been associated with a number of noble and charitable causes. She was the honorary spokesperson and the national chairperson of “Children’s Craniofacial Association”. Cher is associated with “Get A-Head Charitable trust which improves the quality of life for those who suffer from head and neck disease. She is a fundraiser, donor, and international spokesperson of “Keep a Child Alive”. This organization aims at supporting the battle against global AIDS pandemic.

Cher became the primary supporter of PVS or Peace village school in Ukunda (Kenya) in the year 2007.  PVS provides medical care, nutritious food, education and more for over 300 vulnerable kids and orphans between the ages of 2 and 13. Cher is also known as an anti war activist. This powerful and compassionate celebrity has her very own charity NGO known as “Cher Charitable Foundation”.

In the year 2006, this amazing singer and actress auctioned off her personal items, decorative objects, and furniture and stage costumes. $3.5 million were collected through this auction and a part of this amount went to Cher Charitable Foundation.

The Good Life!

cher's malibu house

With a net worth of $305 million, it goes without saying that Cher leads an extremely luxurious life. Cher’s lavish Malibu mansion covers an area of around 13000 square feet. In the year 2013, Cher re listed her palatial home at $45 million. She owns expensive cars such as Mercedes Benz and Cadillac.


cher and gregg allman

Cher’s love life has been full of ups and downs. This elegant diva has been involved in a number of relationships and has been married twice. She married Sonny Bono (who was much elder to her) in the year 1963.The marriage lasted for 13 years. Sonny Bono passed away in a skiing accident in 1998.

In 1975, Cher married musician Gregg Allman. This union lasted only four years. Cher has also dated several Hollywood biggies including Warren Beatty, Tom Cruise, Eric Clapton and Elvis Presley. She has two sons, Chaz  (who underwent female to male gender transition) and Elijah.


Quote: “I don’t need a man.  But I’m happier with one. I like to have someone I can touch and squeeze and kiss. But I don’t fold up and die if I don’t have a man around.”

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