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Gayle King has earned her wealth as a news anchor, talk show host and as the editor of O, The Oprah Magazine. She is also a frequent correspondent for The Oprah Winfrey Show and CBS This Morning.


Gayle was born on 28th of December 1954, in Chevy Chase in Maryland and raised in Bethesda, Maryland. She was born to a family of an electrical engineer (her father “Scott”) and a homemaker (her mother “Peggy”). Gayle was the oldest of the four daughters of Peggy and Scott. During her early childhood her father was offered a job in Turkey and thus the whole family shifted temporarily over there. Galye spent several years of her early childhood in Turkey and also attended an American school at that time. There she spent her most of the time with fellow US citizens. Her father was considerably a wealthy and highly respected person in his professional circle.

Later, the family returned back to Maryland, started living as if they had never moved to Turkey and Gayle joined the University of Maryland to study psychology and sociology. She then graduated with a double degree in her subjects in the year 1976.



In 1976, Gayle was employed by Baltimore’s WJZ-TV as a production assistant. Gayle then was offered a job on WDAF-TV to work as a reporter and weekend anchor. Thus, she moved on to Kansas City, Missouri. In 1981, she was hired as a news anchors for WFSB in Hartford, Connecticut. She worked there for the next 18 years. During this period she used to live in Glastonbury. She then co-hosted an NBC daytime talk show with Robin Wagner in 1991, called Cover to Cover. Then, she was offered her own half-hour syndicated television show which lasted one season titled “The Gayle King Show” in 1997.

She then joined O, The Oprah Magazine as an editor in 1999. She even worked as a special correspondent for The Oprah Winfrey Show and Good Morning America. Later, during September 2006, Gayle again started hosted The Gayle King Show but this time it was on XM Satellite Radio. Later on, once again, she started her show with the regular title “The Gayle King Show” on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) and it was broadcast from January 3rd of 2011 to November 17th of 2011. She had to end the show on OWN due to her deal with CBS as a co-anchor for CBS This Morning from January 9th 2012.


Gayle net worth grew higher and higher in the early 1980s during her work as an anchor for WFSB.


Some rumors were spread that Gayle was considered as a replacement for Star Jones Reynolds in 2006 and Rosie O’ Donnell in 2007 as a host on The View. It again was a rumor in 2009 that she would be a replacement again if Elisabeth Hasselbeck had left The View. But these rumors were left rumors and never came true.


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Gayle during her tenure at Baltimore’s WJZ-TV as a production assistant, met a news anchor who was still unknown at that time and her name was Oprah Winfrey. One evening a particularly bad snowstorm had hit Baltimore. Oprah Winfrey suggested that Gayle King stay with her instead of tackling a long, slow, treacherous drive home (Gayle was still living with her parents at the time). They were up for hours, laughing, giggling, talking about everything and gossiping about co-workers. Their lasting friendship had begun.



Gayle dated and later married Bill Bumpus, a local police officer in the Kansas City area in the year 1982. They moved to Hartford, Connecticut when Gayle King was hired to work for a local TV station. Bumpus graduated from nearby Yale University Law School. Gayle King and Bill divorced in 1993. The couple have 2 children (a boy and a girl) born in the 80s. Gayle’s daughter’s name is Kirby, and son’s William.


Gayle loves music and she is a very big fan of Jay-Z and Carrie Underwood. She usually sleeps for just 4 to 5 hours every night and a workaholic kind of person. She gets nervous soon. She loves spending time with her son, William (25 years) and daughter, Kirby (24 years). A very unique thing is that she has TV sets in every room of her house, including the bathroom!

She is a pet lover, especially dogs and she always keeps mentioning that if ever she had more time at home, she would love to get a labradoodle. The spelling of her name was ‘Gail’ when she was born but during her seventh grade she got changed to ‘Gayle’. Her son lives in Shanghai presently!

When ever Gayle feels like supporting any film starring the actors she likes, she immediately buys tickets in bulk even if she can’t make it to the cinema hall! She never drinks alcohol and not even coffee! She wakes up daily at 3.30 early in the morning. She likes basketball a lot! She lived in Turkey during her age 6 to 11. She loves the color ‘Yellow’ a lot!


gayle-king-penthouse-map gayle-king-penthouse gayle-king-penthouse-inside

Gayle resides in her penthouse located on East 57th Street. It is 2,530 square-foot apartment worth $ 7 millions. Ceilings of each and every room are painted with different colors. She has a custom wallpaper in her kitchen.

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