Trick Daddy- Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth: $500 thousand


He was born on September 23, 1973. He was born in Miami, Florida, United States. He is an American rapper, actor and a fantastic producer from Miami’s Liberty City. His stage name is Maurice Young. Taking about his ethnicity he is African American. He is a famous Rapper. His source of wealth is music. He is very passionate about his music and had earned and learned a lot. He has received a number if awards and achievements and his songs are worldwide famous. He is a very talented rap artist. Trick Daddy till date has released eight albums and the ninth one is about to come. The ninth one will be released under his own label, Trick Daddy Music Group. Not only is this he had his four albums certified gold and one of them reached the platinum status, “Thugs are us” which was released in the year 2001.

Personal Life


Trick Daddy is suffering from a disease called lupus. Lupus is affecting his skin very much but Daddy has stopped taking the medicine due to the repeating appointments and check up with the doctor. He said that for every medicine he has to go to test if it is have any side effects on my body or not and to confirm up on the medicine. This is going to be tedious task so he said no to medicine to get rid of all these tensions.



His first album was released in the year 1997 which was “Based on a True Story”. His next album was released in the year 1998 on and later in the year 2000, his Book of Thugs: Chapter AK Verse 47 was released. His works are worldwide famous and is really appreciated everywhere. In the year 2001 his album Thugs Are Us was released which got the platinum status worldwide and in the year 2002 he released his hip hop album Thug holiday on which one can dance without a break. His next album, Thug Matrimony: Married to the Streets was released in the year 2004. he is only 40 years age of now released so many albums and worked in film industry too. His next album was released in the year 2006, back by Thug Demand and in the year 2009, he released Finally famous: Born a Thug, Still a Thug. Not only is this he released his mixtape, Dick and Dynamite in the year 2012.

Apart from the discography he also worked in the films. In the year 2009, Trick Daddy was appeared in the film Just Another Day in which he was appeared as playing Roman who is a shifty and horny drug dealer. The story of the film is all about the interesting lives of an aspiring rapper and an old successful rapper over the course of one day and the facts and acts of the rapper.

Music Career  


Trick Daddy was first time appeared in the track “Scarred” by live crew member Luther “Luke ” Campbell which was produced by Darren “DJ Spin” Rudnick. This song was so mush hit and caught the attention of large number of audience from then only Trick Daddy was got famous all around and he got the hope to carry on his career in the direction of music. Ted Lucas later signed Trick Daddy for his debut album Based on a True Story which was released in the year 1996. Club oriented track  “Nann Nigga” which was a national hit and was the third spot of the Billboard Hot Rap Singles chart. In the year 2000, Atlantic Records signed him and released Book of Thugs which was a rowdiest hit ever. On March 2001 his album Thugs Are Us was out and surprisingly it was on #17 on the Billboard Hot top 100. His fifth album was considered as the most creative work ever which was Thug Holiday. In the year 2004, Trick daddy guest performed on the Ying yang Twins “What’s Happnin!” which was reached AT THE POSITION #30 on the hot 100 and number 7 on the Rhythmic top 40. Not only is this it was ranked #9 on the Hot Rap Singles.

Trick Daddy appeared on various singles b DJ Kahled:”Born-N-Raised” in the year 2006 from Listennn..the album in the year 2006. “Burn-N-Raised” was ranked #19 on the Hot 100 and on number 5 on the Hot RapTracks.



Trick Daddy is one of the richest man of the era. Trick Daddy net worth is $500 thousand. His most of the fortune is coming from the music. His music is one of the finest music in the world he is best rapper on ever know. He music is caught by millions of hearts. His eight albums has received a gold status and one platinum which is really a big achievement for the like him. Till now he worked with a number of different labels like Atlantic Records, Defjam Recordings, and warlock Records, Slip-n-Slide Records and Cash Money Records. Talking about his likes he owns a Chevy Caprice Classic car whose mileage is 63,014. Which is a superb model of Chevrolet. He run his stunning car on the roads and reach his shows with it. He is a very simple man and is only interested in music and is a wonderful rapper one have ever heard.

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