Corey Harrison: Net Worth, Money And More

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Net Worth: $ 2.5 Million

Corey Harrison

Corey Harrison is a famous reality star and a known American businessman. He has earned his name and fame by being a member of the history channel show, ‘PAWN STARS’. He is the grandson of Richard Harrison and son of Rick Harrison. Corey had started working from the age of nine in his grandfather Pawnshop which mainly handles the work of polishing jewelries. Today his Pawnshop is named as ‘Gold and silver Pawn’ .Now he is manager of the shop and popular with the name ‘Big Hoss’. But the TV reality series, Pawn Stars, had turned the three generations of Harrison into big Reality stars. First aired in 2009, this program turned into an instant hit.

Professional life

Profeesional life

Corey Harrison Also known as ‘Big Hoss’ is known for its hard work and dedication. He is a true businessman and famous reality star, with millions of fans following. He had involved himself into business work from the age of nine with his father and grandfather. At that time he was a mere jewelry polisher but he is in charge of the day to day activity of the store and about 30 employees. He is now the manager of the shop. Due to the popularity of the TV show he wrote his own book, “Licence to Life: Deals, Steal and Life” .This book mainly brought his childhood struggles into light and name and fame he has earned from TV reality show.

Personal Life

Personal life

Started struggling from the very childhood and joined the family business with his father and grandfather. He has two brothers, Adam Harrison and Jake Harrison. He was married to Charlene Harrison, they loved each other from the high school. His wife was used to work in a retail store, but popularity of the show allowed her to quit it, and enjoy her life fully. Corey was very fond of food from the very childhood, and was easily reflected from his weight. But recently he worked out a lot, and shed around 115 pounds, and now weighing only 250 pounds. So, Corey popular with the name ‘Big Hoss’, isn’t so big anymore. His childhood friend Austin had also reduced 75 pounds, in order to impress her girlfriend Tanya Hyjazi.

Pawn Stars


‘Pawn Stars’ is a 30 minutes American reality show, based on the famous pawn shop i.e. ‘Gold and Silver Pawn Shop’ featuring the Harrison’ family. It was first aired in summer July 29, 2009 by the History channel. Now it has become the networks highest rated and no. 2 reality show.  Surprisingly it draws in over 3 million viewers every episode. The series show cast the 3 generations of Harrison family, Richard, Rick and Corey Harrison and Corey’s childhood friend Austin “Chumlee” Russell. The series mainly focus on the relation between staff and costumer, their interactions with costumers, such as discussion over history of pawn, their prices and many more. The narration of the program is generally in the voice of Harrisons or Chumlee. The shooting of the show take place at the same pawn shop but during shooting, shop is temporarily closed. Due this show Harrison’s family has enjoyed a sweet smell of success. They has expanded their business and increased their staff. The Harrison’s has recently finished a $ 400,000 expansion.

Gold and silver pawn shop

Pawn shop

The world famous pawn shop of Corey Harrison popular with the name ‘Gold and Silver Pawn shop’ is now a renowned tourist spot at Vegas in Nevada. It is 24 hours family business, started by Richard Harrison (“the old man”), Corey’s grandfather, in 1989. The main staff of the shop consists of Richard Harrison, Rick Harrison (Corey’s father), Corey Harrison and Austin Russell (Corey’s childhood friend, famous as ‘Chumlee’). Corey Harrison joined the shop at the age of nine and whose main work was to polish jewelry at that time. American reality television series, started by history channel, based on this shop, basically depicts the interaction between costumer and staff. This show has turned the three generations of family into superstars overnight and increased the number from 100 to 40,00. So each day numerous people visit the shop, standing in a long queue outside the shop’s door, in order to meet the stars or to purchase something. The shop sells a no of valuable items and different kind of jewelries. Those who want to sell some precious and rare items are also welcomed. One of the oldest item in Pawn shop is a Greek ‘Didrachm’ that back to 325 B.C. The shop also now sells its own Brand Merchandise, whose designs came from the customers, thus saving costs of hiring professional designers.



Corey Harrison has net worth of $ 2.5 million. He has earned his net worth by being a cast member of the American reality show ‘The pawn Stars’. His father Rick Harrison has a net worth of $ 7 million, his grandfather has net worth of $ 5 million and his friend has recently crossed the million dollar mark. Corey Harrison is an American businessman and possess a well-known pawn shop located at Vegas. The shop is enriched with valuable items and jewelry, some of which are brought by the costumers themselves. The most expensive item ever sold at the pawn shop was four 1-kilo gold bars of value $ 1,28,000 and the one of the most valuable item at the pawn shop was a 2001 super bowl ring, of value $ 60,000.

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