Deion Sanders Net worth, Money and More

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Net worth $40 million dollars

Swanky, sporty, Suave and class, and Deion Sanders is a blend of all these three ingredients that make a luxury man stand out from a normal crowd.  He was one of the most dynamic athletes to play sports. He is probably one of the few personalities who struck it big in two international sport activities concurrently. He has raked in the moolah as one of the most versatile sportspersons.

Transition from a gung-ho teenager to a multifaceted sportsman

Born in 1967, August 9, Fort Myers, Florida, Sanders was a star studded athlete who excelled in Football, Baseball and track. He further went on cement a place in record books, by representing the Atlanta Falcons at the National Football League in 1989 while simultaneously signing up with the New York Yankees to play baseball. While playing for both the teams, he became the only athlete to hit a home run and a touch down within a period of seven days. Sanders is also the only sportsperson to compete in the World Series and a Super bowl. In addition to playing football and baseball at college, North Fort Myers High School, he was an adept basketball player as well. Standing tall at 6’1”, Sanders was nicknamed ‘Prime time’ for scoring 30 points in a single basketball game once, and the label has stuck ever since. He finished his career at Florida as a two-time all American with 14 football interceptions and a Jim Thorpe award for top defensive track in 1988. The first time he saw the money pouring in was when he signed the $4.4 million deal with the New York Yankees baseball team. To justify the purpose of inking the deal, the million dollar baby smacked his first ever home run, thus announcing his entry in the world of baseball. There was no stopping for Deion Sanders after joining the Yankees, he finished his contract after a rather bleak 90’s season and then joined the Atlanta Braves, experiencing more success, with an average of 14 steals and hit .304, better than the season with the Yankees where he averaged only .171. His career best came with the Cincinnati Reds where he stole 52 bases and scored 127 hits. Football was another matter as he signed up with the Falcons in 1989, later a seven year contract with the Dallas Cowboys for a whopping $35 million. His role as a quarterback for them saw him nab 36 passes for 475 yards, the best of the season. Before a brief break that he took in the commentary booth, he returned to play for the Baltimore Ravens and took his total number of passes to a tally of 53.



During the Prime Time show

Off-the field activities

Currently an NFL analyst, Sanders has also appeared for many commercials of major brands, some of them being Nike, Pizza Hut and American Express. He also made several cameo appearances in television shows and movies. He also made a rap album called ‘Prime Time’.

Privy life


Sanders married twice-once to Carolyn Chambers, with whom he has two children, Deion Jr and Deiondra. And later re married, Pilar Biggers-Sanders, with whom he has three children, Shilo, Shedeur and Shilomi. He divorced her too after which he gained legal custody of all the three children. His autobiography, ‘Power, money and Sex: How Success Almost Ruined My Life’, was published along with J.M.Black in 1998

Where did his money come from?

As mentioned, Sanders made most of his money by being a sportsperson, let us take a look at his paycheck while played for various teams throughout his career, 1989-1993: Atlanta Falcons: $880 thousand per season 1994: San Francisco 49ers: $1.25 million per season 1995-1999: Dallas Cowboys: $7 million per season 2000: Washington Redskins: $3.2 million 2004-2005: Baltimore Ravens: $1.8 million per season   Sources such as Forbes also talks about his assets and his properties in Dallas and Miami which ranges from about $900, 000 to $11 million. His sprawling mansion in Dallas is is worth $7.5 million. With a parking space ample enough to fit ten cars,its no concern that Sanders would remain rich. He even owns a 109 acre ranch that  is up for grabs at Texas.,  It features a football field, an indoor basketball court, a bowling alley, 13 bathrooms, a 12-acre lake, nine covered parking spaces, five fireplaces, three dining rooms, two indoor pools and a partridge in a pear tree.

TRUST and the Prime Prep Academy

With the big bucks, Sanders did not give any second thoughts as he was involved in charitable works as well. His recent venture is known as ‘Prime Prep Academy’. This school focusses on giving the youth ample opportunities’ in sport as well as development in academics. He also founded an association called TRUTH, which helps children advance in sports and education. The mission of the organization is to “serve communities by reaching and teaching youth through sports and education. We promote positive self-images by providing and environment of coaches, mentors and tutors who believe in our growth.


When you follow fame, controversies are never left far behind. Sanders was no exception. His controversy started on the field, during his sporting days and later caught up with his personal space as well. His divorce with both the wives, the fist fights in his TRUST foundation with a school official and allegations with credit card abuse. His brash attitude and open comments earned him a lot of criticism. But nonetheless, it’s a celeb life and Sanders handled it like a thorough professional.


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