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This is the person who roamed around the streets dressed as a “not-so-beautiful” woman, this is the person who scared away innocent children with his hook, and this is person who had been in mental institution all his life due to autism…but in movies. In reality, he is the person who is known for his never ending thirst for perfection. And also as a man who is rich.Very rich. However, for the successful Hollywood actors like him, it’s not really a big deal.



But the question is -Dustin Hoffman, one of the most talented and versatile actors alive on earth, is rich, but how much?


For those who don’t know much about him…

Hoffman a.k.a perfectionist started off his career after accidentally discovering his passion for acting in college wherein he had taken the subject in order to get “three free credits” that could have saved him from flunking. After some years of struggling, and working and working hard, he finally earned fame (and also an academy award nomination) through his role in The Graduate (1967).  For this film, he was paid 17,000 dollars. And yes, he has come a long long way since then.

Later, for the movie- John and Mary, which was released in 1969, he was offered 42,500 dollars. Quite an increase, huh? Courtesy goes to “Oscar -if -not –award-then-at least-a-nomination effect”

But this was just the beginning. One step led to another. And each one of them just took him higher and higher. And now he is the actor who was paid 7.5 million dollars for just a five day shoot for the film “The little Frockers” (released in 2010). And so what the film didn’t have any script. So what it wasn’t able to woo the critics. It still was a huge commercial success.

Hoffman effect?

Hoffman voodoo?

I don’t know what it is. But it was certainly not the script.

So, yes, 7.5 million dollars on Dustin Hoffman? Yeah, nice investment.

Of course, his career hasn’t always been high all this time. Straw Dogs, his movie which was released in 1971, is still remembered for some of its controversial scenes. But Hoffman was praised for his performance. His real tragedy came with movie Ishtar (1987), for which he had been paid $6,000,000, was a critical failure and it was tagged one of the worst movies of all times. We all have bad days, don’t we?

But he made his comeback anyway. After all, it’s Dustin Hoffman we are talking about! There was a temporary setback, yes. But okay, shit happens.

With the passing years, Hoffman was getting more and more entangled in the threads of senescence. And the movies with him as the lead character grew fewer and fewer in number.

He was offered roles for supporting actor, and yeah, it hurt at first, but everybody knows how to adapt and move on. And anyhow, even in his old (but not so old) age, his popularity among the people is way too immortal to be vanished. Ever. There are many of his movies that have come in the past and there are many which are going to come in the future. And so is the money.


$7.5 million dollars for just five days was just a trailer and there is more to come.

Speaking of wealth, the “master Shifu” of Kung fu panda happens to own at least two houses;

One in Malibu.

And the other in Brentwood, California.

Brentwood is good.

But the one in Malibu seems to be causing quite a trouble.

Estimated to be of at least 7.8 million dollars, the house seems to be surrounded in a little controversy. Of course, it’s not just his house… it’s the houses of all the people (read celebrities) who leave nearby. Apparently, the beach that once used to rest so peacefully in front of the houses has slowly been eroded away. So, it’s not really very cool to jog there unless its low tides. Therefore, the house owners are hiring some engineers and other people to add some sand to the beach but here’s the twist in the story; environmentalists don’t really like this plan.

Anyways, just in case you are curious.

Here are the pictures of his two mansions;


Brentwood house.


Malibu house

Boy oh! boy! Now, you can imagine how costly these houses are. If not then let me tell you, the average cost of a house in Brentwood is 4 million dollars. And that’s average; the house we are looking at is going to be much more than that.

And for those who are not quite satisfied with the houses above, we bring to you his cars;

The ultimate beauty- Porsche 911 (997) Carrera Cabriolet.


The green beauty; Tesla Roadster

The every-celebrity-has-it beauty; Black Toyota Prius

The perfectionist didn’t leave himself untouched from the joys of television shows as well. In year 2011, he starred in TV series Luck. Undoubtedly, it was liked. It was praised. And the fans went crazy. But series never got to make it to its second season due to the controversies associated with the three horses that died on sets.

AHA and PETA were dead furious.

Anyways, getting out of the controversy and stepping into the zone of the noble work, Dustin Hoffman supports five charities which include;

  • 826 National; for the writer inside children aging from 6 to 18. It started in San Francisco at 826 Valencia, but now has programs in NYC, Los Angeles, Michigan, Seattle, Chicago and Boston.
  • Achievable foundation; for the turning the dreams of people with developmental disabilities into reality.
  • Cinema for peace; for peace and international understanding through the medium of films.
  • Declare Yourself; for the empowerment of young voters.
  • Musicares; For assisting the music people in times of need.


Well, Dustin Hoffman certainly knows how to spend money. Fancy cars, fancy homes and a lot of charity. The Kramer v/s Kramer star who recently defeated cancer, the actor whose need to be incredibly perfect is so strong that it can annoy his co-actors and the directors to the point of lunacy, is said to be worth a whooping 50 million dollars. (Read as quite a few zeroes that you wouldn’t even bother counting/much much more money than sense/ much much more money than you know how to spend) And in addition to this, he also has two Academy awards, six golden globes, four BAFTAs, three Drama Desk Awards, a Genie Award, an Emmy Award, the AFI Life Achievement Award  and the Kennedy Center Honors. But for the guy  who “decided to become an actor because he was failing in school and needed the credits”, the guy who dreamt, went ahead with his heart and did whatever he could to turn his dreams into reality, it’s justified. Isn’t it?

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