Howard Stern Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth: $500 Million



Howard Stern is a very famous American Radio personality. His complete name is Howard Allan Stern. Apart from being a Radio personality he is also a television host, an Actor, Photographer and an Author. He is a multi talented man. He was born on 12th January 1954. He is quite famous and was also invited as the judge of America’s Got Talent. At the age of five he started showing his interest in radio career. He completed his graduation from Boston University. In Boston University he worked in the campus station. After he established himself in this career he started working in WWDC which is in Washington. At WWDC he paired up with Robin Quivers as his co-host. His work gave placed him in the list of most renowned radio personality of the country.


Early life

early life

Before his birth his family used to live in Jackson Height, Queens which is located in New York City. His father’s name was Bernard who is basically from Austria-Hungary. Ray was the name of her mother who belonged to Poland. He has an elder sister named Ellen. He has done his schooling from Washington Rose Elementary school and Roosevelt Junior Senior High school. At an early age his interest got influenced by Bob Grant. His mother was initially a homemaker but later she became an Inhalation therapist. His father had a studio in Manhattan named Aura recording. At his studio many commercials and cartoons were produced. Because of his father’s studio he met many actors in his childhood like Don Adams, Larry Storch and Wally Cox. His father was also an engineer and he worked at WHOM which is a radio station in Manhattan. In his college life he hosted a comedy show named The King Schmaltz Bagel Hour. He has titled himself as King of all Media.

Property and money


Howard Stern is a very rich personality. He has recently bought a mansion which is located in Florida. The mansion is very huge and beautiful and the presence of beach in front of the mansion further enhances it’s the beauty. It is said that the cost of the mansion is around $52 Million. He bought the mansion from Textile tycoon Martin Trust. The mansion is about 19,000 square feet in area. It has five bedrooms with five attached bathrooms. The mansion has its personal pool area. This mansion is the biggest property in that particular region of Florida and hence its cost is quite high. Howard along with his wife was searching for a place like this from past few years. The area of the entire mansion is covered by high walls which preserve the privacy of the mansion. The garden area of the mansion is quite mesmerising as the plants are beautifully planted. He has several other properties. He has a house in Southampton New York. The house is quite big and covers 16000 square feet of area. The estimated worth of this house is 22 million USD. The house has 8 bedrooms in it. He even has a penthouse in Manhattan. This penthouse is considered to be his second home. The pent house is very beautiful and the estimated worth of his pent house is $15 million. Howard is one among the most popular artist of United States. He is estimated to have net worth money of around $500 million.  He has bought three apartment in the millennium tower building and he his thinking to merge all of them to make it a huge pent house . he already owns and apartment in the same building just above these three apartments. Apart from his profession he has also indulged himself in photography, writing, and many other things. He earns around $80 million in a single year.

Cars and assets


He is very keen about cars and assets all the luxurious cars are there in his garage. He has Limousine and Audi R8 in his garage. He also has a private jet. Recently he went on a vacation with his wife to Miami. The location is quite exotic.




His famous shows are The Howard Stern Show, Howard Stern video-graphy and Discography and Howard Stern Television shows. He has mainly four home Video releases named Butt Bongo Fiesta, Howard Stern’s New Year Rotten Eve 1994, Howard Stern’s Negligee, and Underpants party. He was awarded with Billboards Nationally Syndicated Air Personality award. He won this award for about eight times. He is the only person to win this about so many times. The magazine Forbes has kept him in the list of top 50 most powerful celebrities.

Personal Life

personal life

In year 1978 he got married to Alison. Their marriage took place in Temple Ohabei Shalom at Massachusetts. After their marriage they were graced with three daughters named Emily Beth, Debra Jennifer, and Ashley Jade. After that their marriage didn’t work more and they got divorced in year 2001. After his divorce Howard started dating Beth who was a television host and a model as well. They dated for around seven years and got married in 2008. Their marriage took place in Le Cirque restaurant which was located in New York. Stern was also very good at playing chess. At an early age he started learning chess.

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