History Supreme – The Most Expensive $4.8 Billion Yacht

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We work for days, weeks, months and years to own big penthouses in multiple cities and continents, luxurious cars of unheard but extortionate brands, sexy watches, a modish wardrobe, but how about owning a yacht that is worth $ 4.8 billion? Yes, “The History Supreme” is a term that is self-explanatory of the history it created and the immaculate, inimitable and intriguing structure it has. History Supreme was designed for an anonymous Malaysian businessman who is a multi-multi- billionaire. One would have to go for an ambulation of 100 foot to take an encompassing glimpse of this incredible beauty. To bring out the desired exquisiteness and adorn it with 220,000 pounds of sold gold and platinum, this “mammoth” project took an epoch of three years to build it. This marvel has been built by UK based, world renowned Stuart Hughes and Company, who is a British purveyor of luxury gadgets. The company left no stone unturned and worked assiduously hard to create a detailed anatomy with mind-boggling decorations that not only consists of precious metals but also tiny meteorites and bones of dinosaurs.

supreme history                   front of history supreme

Stuart Hughes, a man capable of turning ordinary to extraordinary has designed Supreme in such a way that one can have a relaxing dine-in under beautifully glass-covered atrium along with enjoying the ambience at the lavish upper deck. It is perfectly constructed with the use of precious stones and the upper decks are usually referred as “sky lounge”.



History Supreme is 5 times more expensive than world’s second most deluxe yacht, “Eclipse”, worth $ 800 million. Eclipse is 428 foot bigger than History Supreme and is capable of accommodating a crew of 7024 guest rooms, two helipads and mini submarine. The other most expensive yachts in the world still get its worth counted in a range of millions but History Supreme outshine all. Eclipse, belonging to a Russian billionaire, Roman Abromovich, is way different for its extensive “defensive” technologies. This yacht seems to hate paparazzi and has anti-paparazzi laser shield that scans and blocks prying camera lenses. On the 3rd position we have, “Dubai”, worth $ 350 million which is famous as “Floating city” for it can provide nearly anything, you could think of. A small tale associated with this marvel is, it was originally commissioned by Prince of Brunei, Jefri Bolkiah in 1996 but due to sparse funding its construction was stopped. 5 years later, the gigantic project was taken over by the Prime Minister of UAE. Even “Superyacht A” does not lag too behind and has bagged #4 with a worth of $323 million. Andrei Melnichenko, a Russian billionaire is the owner of this uniquely designed, gorgeous yacht. This yacht was built by Philppe Starck and had garnered much discussion while it was being constructed.

eclipse  dubai  superyacht A


Facts about Supreme History will not only leave you spellbound but will also ignite a desire to sail in this big chunk of sailing gold and forget about the rest of the world. Supreme’s almost each and every corner is wrapped up in layers of gold; right from staircase, dining table to deck and anchor of the yacht. Even the entire bottom of the yacht is made up of most sought and precious metal having atomic number 79.  This rarest artifact has a lavish master bedroom with real mastered features as it is decorated with rocks from a meteorite, a 69 kilogram 24- carat gold aquarium and actual piece of bones from Tyrannosaurus Rex. For the reminder, T. Rex was one of those glorified and largest dinos whose discovery of fossils paved the way for divulging innumerable verity about dinosaurs. One might get over the hangover of liquor consumption but the effect of overdose of facts would last long when one find self-drinking out a liquor bottle studded with 18.5 carat diamond, worth $ 45 million.

history-supreme master bedroom

It is speculated that the owner of yacht is Malaysian billionaire Robert Kuok aka “Sugar King of Asia” who is the richest person in Southeast Asia and a ruler of Sugar plantation Industry and hotels. Tongue-wagging History Supreme is also known as “Baia 100 Supreme” owing to its stunning structure. The hefty price tag as a result of amazingly luxurious hull and exterior design is enough to make even Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich turn a distinct shade of green.

history supreme

History Supreme has been kept secret in Superyacht Industry for quite a long time before the yacht was completely designed. Many believe that it is unlikely that a superyacht adorned to this level will actually grace the waters and it better suits to the museum exhibit than giving it a life on the ocean.


Stuart Hughes: “I was commissioned for the “History Supreme” project by an anonymous Malaysian businessman who wanted really special.”

“It was probably the most mammoth task, I have undertaken so far, there was three years of planning and it was very difficult to get right.”

“We just did what we were told and are delighted with the result.”

“The businessman just approached us and asked us whether we could do it. He wanted a plane doing as well, but the thing would never take off if we did.”


“History Supreme has proven to be a remarkable creation and will be a paradigm of consummate elegance and subtlety.”

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