Sean Lennon Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth: $200 million

Career/Profession: Musician, Singer-songwriter, Writer, Guitarist, Record producer, Actor, Composer

Sean Lennon is a well known American singer, musician who is good at playing guitar. His full name is Sean Taro Ono Lennon. He has an estimated net worth of about $200 million. He is an accomplished songwriter who has tried his skills in acting too. His high net worth is all because of his acting roles and some of its hit solo albums.

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Started his earning since childhood:

Sean is the only son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono who was born on October 9th, 1975. Lennon’s godfather is Elton John. He took birth in New York and is the half brother of Julian Lennon. After his father’s death he got separated from his family and started living his life alone. He decided to move on with his career in music. He was raised in Tokyo and completed his schooling from Kindergarten. He later on pursued his graduation from Columbia University. But after three semesters he left the university. In his early he was fortunate enough to get a gift from Steve Jobs while he was invited for the party thrown by Yoko. His first achievement was at the age of five when he recited a poem for his mother’s album and it was appreciated by fans a lot. After that he supported his mother and gave his vocal chords in various recordings. At 16 he got the offer to write a song ‘All I ever Wanted’ along with Lenny Kravitz and this was enough to boost his confidence and take it to a new level.

Cibo Matto proved to be a shining star:

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Cibo Matto production is responsible for shaping his career and gave him a firm start. Ono invited the team to her party where they met Sean and offered him to join them as a bass player on their tour. Soon he became a part of this group and contributed his skills in Butter-08 project of the group. He remained with the group after the tour giving them vocal support and sometimes used to be playing a role of guitarist for the team. He created a high base for his fan following and due to this he was approached by Grand Royal Records. He signed a contract with the band and composed so many singles for the album. His first debut song Into the Sun was released in 1996 and produced by Yuka Honda, a member of Cibo Matto. In 1999, he played wide range of instruments apart from guitar for the Cibo Matto’s album Stereo Type A. But after this album group was disbanded.

Friendly Fire gave him a ray of hope in darkness:

After completing his contract with Grand Royal Record he moved on to work for Capitol Records in 2001. But till 2006 he did not got success and his image among his fan following was taking a wrong sided wind. In 2006 Dead Meat form the album Friendly Fire gave him a ray of hope again. Its promotional trailer was leaked before its release. Basically this album was based on betrayal and love. He was personally attached with this album and a night before its release he came on a television show performing Dead Meat live on the show. This album in its first week sold about million of its copies. This success was followed by his remixed song ‘Parachute’ which was entitled as ‘L’eclipse’.  This track acts as a bonus for Sean after Friendly Fire. For establishing his image as a solo artist he worked hard producing Sail on Sailor, We Can Work it Out etc. He also started a production with his girlfriend named as Chimera Music and directed various albums. One of its albums was dedicated to his mother.

The Duo was enough to create a sensation in the music world:

The Duo of Kemp Muhl and Sean Lennon commonly known as ‘The Goastt’ was seen together performing for the band The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger. They released several debut songs such as ‘Jardin Du Luxembourg’ etc. this duo was also seen on the ‘The Living Room’ in 2012 working for the new group called ‘Kemp and Eden’.

Brands he follows:


Sean Lennon has a richly addiction to brands. He is very particular about his looks, his apparels etc. He loves to follow the fashion trend that is going into the market. Various brands that he endorsed are Flaming Lips Shirts, Jacksons Shirt etc. His apparels are of Ray Ray Brown and the Jarmon Leather. He is fond of wearing caps which is generally of some high brand.

Richly Possessions:

Some richly possession of Sean includes his collectibles regarding Discography. They are: Between My Head and the Sky(featured a lady in a deep thought), Friendly Fire, Half Horse Half Musician(featured a half horse with a face of a man), Into the sky(featured a orange background with a man), Smile for the Camera( featured three cameras), Super Relax(featured a moon over which couple is resting), Valentine etc.

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He also possessed a website of his own which he launched to feature all his music, videos and also act as helping forum for his fan following. It had been a nice source for the viewers and listeners.

Endorsements, Assets and Investments:

Sean had made several investments in stock market, property holdings etc. He had endorsed a deal with CoverGirl Cosmetics and it proved to be lucrative deal for him. He also owns various restaurants in Washington such as ‘The Fat Lennon Burger’. He had endorsed with a perfume manufacturing company and launched a perfume with a name ‘With Love From Sean’ and also deals with a fashion line entitled as ‘Sean Lennon Seduction’. He launched a brand of Vodka called Pure Wonderlennon-US.



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