Jada Pinkett Smith: Net Worth,Money and more

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Net worth- $20 million


Actress,Song-writer and Business woman

Baltimore born Jada is popularly known for her role as  ‘Niobe’ in ‘The Matrix’ movie series. Most importantly as the wife of another million dollar club actor,Will Smith. A business woman mainly by profession, Jada has also acted in over 20 films, and the most famous ones can be her roles for lending voices to the ‘Madagascar’,animation movie series. She has also acted in several TV shows like ‘Hawthorne’,’Gotham’ and ‘True Colours’.

Privy life

Jada was born in Maryland, Baltimore and grew up with her mother and grandfather. Noticing her passion towards art, she was enrolled in the Baltimore School of Arts and her classmate was none other than Tupac Shakur, the then popular hip-hop star in the 1990’s. She married Will Smith in 1997 after meeting him on the TV sets of ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’. Together the couple have three children,Jaden Smith of the ‘Karate Kid(2010) fame’ and Camille Smith.The third child is Trey Smith.


Jada’s acting career began in 1990 when she  landed in a series of small parts of television shows like “True Colours”, “Doogie Howser MD” and “21 Jump Street”. She soon landed a more recurring role over 36 episodes of the sitcom “A Different World”.Her big break to Hollywood came in 1993′s “Menace II Society”She eventually went on to have successful movie careers with movies like ‘Nutty Professor’, ‘The Matrix series’ and ‘Scream 2’.

Her TV show career is what she owes to that catapulted her to the big league. With shows and sitcoms like ‘In living colour’,’Hawthorne’, and ’21 jump street’. All these were during 1991 and her break came two years later. Her character as a musician too was a success as she formed a metal band,”Wicked Wisdom’ in 2002. She performed under the stage name as ‘Jada Koren’. Her first chart buster was called ‘Début Album’ with Will Smith,being the executive producer. The band went on to even perform in the Britney Spears Onyx tour in 2004.

Her business ventures first saw  opening her music company 100% Woman Productions,Pinkett  created her own fashion label, Maja, in 1994. The clothing line features women’s T-shirts and dresses embellished with the slogan “Sister Power”, sold primarily through small catalogues.She also is part owner of the Philadelphia 76ers with her husband Will Smith and other partners.

A part of the million dollar club

Jada earned most of her money as an actor. Being a business woman just made it all the more better. She earns a reportedly hefty sum of $150,000 as a per-episode salary of ‘Hawthorne’ a sitcom where she plays the lead role. She earned her net worth through a number of careers, in film, TV, music, fashion and a writer of children’s books.  She is even featured with Will Smith as the one of the top ten million dollar couples with a staggering sum of $ 208 million. She even has a $7.5 million Malibu mountain home, the design of the house is somewhat Mexican inspired due to the warm tones it has. Add to that, it seems that the house is made of Terracotta which makes the home more inviting.



Known to  most people are her craze for swanky and plush bikes and cars.Who would have thought that this petite-sized Hollywood actress owns a Can-Am Roadster.And not to forget a Lincoln Navigator. Her other sources of income come from the business ventures she is into. The clothing line called ‘Maja’ and her writing skills that came to fore when she wrote a children’s book are all a part of her source of wealth. Her metal band too grossed a tidy sum when she was a part of the world tour with Britney Spears Onyx tour.

Her latest investment is on a gizmo’s called ‘Bipper’ that  helps track children with a GPS. She reasoned that it might help for those places of home shelter would need these contraptions so that the children are kept out of trouble.


Jada is not just a reel star but also one in the real life as she is also an active bona fide  political activist.Jada and her husband Will have joined the fight against human trafficking and slavery.  The  duo have even gone to the Senate Caucus to lend their star power in an effort to help end human trafficking. Pinkett also  founded the organization “Don’t Sell Bodies” as an avenue to bring awareness of this global plight and to help victims of human trafficking.  Pinkett Smith also works with former trafficking victims to raise awareness of this worldwide catastrophe.

She has dedicated time and money to helping the suffering families and children in South Africa.In 2006 she donated $1m to the Baltimore School for the Arts, which she formerly attended. The money was to go towards a $30m expansion programme.Her other causes include, ‘Red Cross’,’Parent Power’, ‘The Elton John AIDS Foundation”Youth Empowerment’ and her own work foundation, ‘The Jada and Will Smith Family Foundation.


Jada has won quite a number of awards.  To mention a few,her roles in ‘The Matrix’ won her the “Best Actress in Supporting Role” and also the Image Awards in 1997, 2010 and 2011 for her  roles in ‘Hawthorne’ and ‘Set it off’ respectively.”Choice Movie Actress – Drama/Action Adventure” for “The Matrix” in 2003.

With such multiple careers in which almost every one of it tasting success, Jada still can accumulate success and wealth in the days to come.

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