Jim Jones – Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth: $10 Million

Career/Profession: Rapper/ Director


Joseph Guillermo Jones II is a well-known and eminent Hip-Hop icon in New York. People around the world better know him as Jim Jones. He is known to be the lightning star in his field. He is an American Rapper who is recognized mainly for his talent and work in the Industry. He is co-CEO of Hip-Hop collective group called as ‘The Diplomats’. It is also referred to as ‘Dipset’. He started this group with one of his childhood friend named Camron, Rapper.

Jim Jones was born on 15 July, 1976 in New York and was brought up by his maternal grandmother in Harlem. He lost his father at a very early age due to drug addiction so his mother was very much concerned about him but she was also used to streets. He attended Catholic school but began to bunk, his school and started playing hooky at the station. He after bunking college started to pass his time at a store where he started to steal money when his owner left. After sometime he was suspected and finally expelled from the school. 


Music: His Life

In 1997, Jones started his music career as a back stage Hip-hop dancer for Camron. He released various music videos for his group Diplomat and became the director. This phase continued till 2003. In 2004, his career took a turn and got a contract for debut album ‘On My Way to Church’. The album involved two hit singles such as ‘Certified Gangstas’ and Crunk Muzik’ which topped Billboard’s chart. Harlem: Diary Of Summer, his second successful album rated five on the Billboards Hip-Hop chart and 350,000 copies of this record sold. Jones third debut album ‘Hustlers P.O.M.E’ featured Diplomats members with Lil Wayne.

In between 2006 to 2008 he started to rap with his group Byrd gang and released M.O.B: The Album. 16, 000 copies of this album got sold in the very first week and total 65,000 units in whole. His fourth album ‘Pray IV region’ was a big success. This success was enough to boost his confidence. He announced that he would be releasing his album ‘Rooftop’ with DJ Webstar. Along with this he also made an announcement regarding his documentary ‘This is Jim Jones’ in 2009.


Occasional Release:

He started 2010 with the release of his mixtape named ‘The Ghost of Rich Porter’. Camron and Jones decided to drop their partnership and part their ways, but after sometime they again reunited with the release of title track ‘Salute’. This song marked the return of the Diplomats. And finally he returned with the blockbuster album Capo on E1 in 2011. For getting publicity, he launched mix-tape called Capolife. For the Halloween holiday he came up with the release of ‘Vampire Life: We Own the Night’. This tape contains a mixture of freestyles, bonus tracks and also various guest appearances. For the occasion of Christmas he released two Christmas albums: ‘A Dipset X-Mas’ and ‘A Tribute to Bad Santa’ Starring Mike Epps.


Jones is mainly known for his rapping style and makes a lot of fortune from it. But at the same time he tried his hands on various other ventures. He directed several music videos for the Diplomats and became a well-known director because of these videos. Jones got so much hype due to his rapping style that he eventually started his own clothing brand named ‘Nostic’ in 2008. In 2011, he tried for the new clothing brand called ‘Vampire Life’ in collaboration with Dame Dash. After it was appreciated in New York, Jones expanded the chain worldwide. He is a talented actor too and showed his acting skills with his first movie ‘State Property 2’. After getting acknowledgment from the audience he appeared on the TV series, i.e.  Crash: The Series. He also made a guest appearance on the show ‘The Wire’ on HBO. He is also the owner of his own freestyle inline skating team, Dipstake.


A lavish spender

Jim Jones is a lavish spender. He was the centre of attraction in VH1 Series Love & Hip-hop along with his girlfriend Chrissy Lampkin. They both met in a night club in Miami and they are in a relationship since 2002. Their love is boundless. Jones gifted his girlfriend Audi R8 for $80,000 and also bought Bentley GT for himself. The car was leased from a dealership in Miami.  He spent a total of $150, 000 on the two cars.



Fame is always followed by controversies. Jones used to be in various controversies and among them Tru-life Controversy was the most eye-catching. Rumors spread that Tru-Life was pointing to Jim Jones with the track “New New York”. Due to this hot argument started between Jim Jones and Tru-life. In 2008, Jones was again spotted in the media due to his quarrel with Jay-Z associate Vaughn Jayvon Smith. He was even sentenced to jail for a short period of time. Jones was supposed to produce a movie called ‘Vampire III’. The investors gave $200,000 to him with high hopes. However, Jones allegedly used the money in releasing the music tapes independently and even stopped responding to their calls and messages. The investors then sued Jim Jones for stealing their money.

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