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Net worth-35 million dollars


You must have known him by his ring name Juan Cena or by Mr. P or by the Prototype isn’t it? Yes he is a 6 feet 1 inches, 114 kilogram weighted American professional Wrestler born on 23rd April 1977 at West Newbury, Massachusetts. He is not only a Wrestler but also a bodybuilder, actor and yes a rapper too. John Felix Anthony Cena is his birth name which was later reduced to John Cena, which has now been known worldwide in the industry of boxing. He has been professional and technically trained for wrestling and body building at Ultimate Pro Wrestling and Ohio Valley Wrestling.  As of 2010 his current net worth is $ 35 million which is an of his constant efforts in keeping up his name as a wrestler.

John Cena has an ardent fan following where he has a number of championships to his name. He has been on record as the fourth ranking champion in the field of wrestling after Bob Hucklund, Hulk Hogan and Bruno Sammartino. Cena has reached a record of third highest net worth wrestler after Vince Mcmohan and Steve Austin.



He was born in a family of 5 siblings where he was the first child amongst Dan, Matt, Steve and Sean. His father is a person of Italian descent and his mother is from English and French Ancestry. He also wore a 54 number T-shirt at his Division III All-American Centre’s football team and his number is still the same in the WWE merchandise, which makes a trademark for Cena and can be counted as one of his assets. His education was majorly in three colleges named Crushing Academy, Springfield College and also worked in one of the limousine companies as a drive in his early life.


Apart from a career in wrestling Cena has also been featured in various TV shows including reality shows. He was casted in a major series like Manhunt, Bounty Hunters, Fast Cars and Superstars: The Gillette Young Guns Celebrity Race. His television career also sees  him in a number of interviews like the CNN Special Investigation unit documentary, “Death Grip: Inside Pro Wrestling”, The name clearly states that the interview was about how dangerous it is to be inside the rings and to be a part of the wrestling community of the world. All these TV shows and reality programs has helped him gain his stardom as a wrestler apart from professional boxing.

The interview also focused on the use of steroid and drug usage in the profession of wrestling. Moreover when Cena was asked about the fact of him been taking steroids he replied that, “I can’t tell you that I haven’t, but you’ll never prove that I have.” Indeed an answer that proves his intellectual towards dealing with media professionals and also handling his net worth to maintain an ardent fan following.


Wrestling, acting, reality series, and interviews were a part of his net worth, apart from which he has been a host to the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards along with Natalie Bassingthwaighte in Australia. HE has also been a guest star in the comedy drama Psych. Hannah Montana Forever also saw him as a guest star carrying his personality in the seventh episode which was aired on Disney Channel.


Make a wish foundation is one of the leading organization working for the HIV positive, Thalassemia, and other highly threatening illness and grants them wishes according to their wish. It does a commendable job in fulfilling wishes of Kids who have been suffering from natural diseases caused not because of their fault. John Cena has been a part of the Make a wish Foundation and granted 400 wishes to all the children. John has understood his social responsibility apart from just maintain a fan following and his glamorous career with relationships, cars and variable assets. This also shows his love towards the society and children, also an inclination towards good work.


John Cena has a specific sense of taste in his fashion and wearss only the current fashion and the hip hop culture representing his character. As mentioned above he wears merchandise of jersey number 54 only. He had this specific taste until the merchandise of the WWE were produced and finalized after which one of the t-shirts read “Ruck Fules” which was hidden on the Television and was purposefully executed to showcase that “It’s too hot for television”, Indeed a good way to keep up the television decency and also maintain his worth and image in the eyes of his followers. John Cena was also fond of wearing a padlock which he often used as a weapon which was replaced by a Chain Gang that was studded with diamond until Wrestle Mains 21.


Cena also spent of lot of money in his attire and following the current trends of the fashion industry. He got camouflage shorts, marine soldier cap and dog tags until Wrestle Mania 23. He has been a truw source of motivation, inspiration and support for many of his fans and followers. He has created an image in the Wrestling industry as a professional boxer, highly paid fighter, man with gorgeous women following him and yes a richy rich career.


John Cena has always lived a life of the king in terms of lifestyle and his assets. From owning cars and houses of the vintage style he has been a buyer of the most modern cars as well. Many have seen him with a 1971’s AMC Hornet SC/360, which is a superb vintage car with a great combination of technology.  Not only this, he also owns a house full of cars including the 2007’s Dodge, 1969’s COPO Camaro, 2009 Chevy Corvette Rallye 350, 1970 Mercury Courgar and many more. John has a deep dedication to work with the technical aspects of all the cars he buys.




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