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Net Worth : $ 50 Million


Rajnikanth a very well-known personality of the Indian Tollywood (south India) cinema industry, who has been an ideal and role model for many actors of south India is an actor with a net worth of about 50 million dollars. He ranks 8th on the list of the richest Indian celebrities following shahrukh khan, Amitabh bachan and many others following him. He is a man with a versatile personality, a soft heart towards the society and yes many awards to praise his work. Born on 12th December 1950 in Bangalore, Mysore, India, with a birth name of Shivaji Rao Gaikwad he has been in the industry from 1975 to present. One of his Birthdays of the year 2010 became a controversial topic against his occupation of Acting, Film producing, screen writing. He is married to Mrs. Latha Rangachari with two beautiful daughters Aishwarya and Soundarya. Aishwarya is married to Dhanush a south India famous actor in himself. Having daughters is one of the most pious assets in Indian Culture.


The world knows Rajnikanth for his work in the Indian cinema but a very few people are aware of his endeavors towards the society and his motivation for such great work. He is an inspiration for many to be a part of the side of the society “who has and who shares”. He has an exuberant political career and was a member of the Indian national congress in 1995. One of the reports states that as Rajnikanth was a member of the Indian Nation Congress they won about 130 seats in the Tamil Nadu Assembly.


Rajnikanth is one of those Indian celebrities who has been a part of protest against the government of Karnataka declining towards allowing the release of the water of the river Kaveri into Tamil Nadu. According to his plans and projection of concern towards the citizen’s need of Tamil Nadu he announced a contribution of 10 million rupees that is approximately 160,000 U.S. Dollars for a project to interlink the rivers of India. Rajnikanth has shown immense dedication towards the work of the society and help the needy people with their basic needs fulfilment.

One of the world famous fast that wanted to change the Indian Political system was well supported by Rajnikanth in Tamil Nadu State. He supported the then leader of the fast, Anna Hazare are for his contribution to make a change in the Indian political system. Rajnikanth also offered Raghavendra Kalyana Madapam to the India against Corruption members to hold their fast, as a thought to support their motive.


A few awards for his master piece of works and which add to his net worth are Film fare award for Nallavanku Nallavan, Tamil Nadu State Film fraternity has awarded him six times for his performance in various films. He has been honoured with the Padma Bhushan award, which is India’s third highest civilian award from the government of India in 2000. To add to his public image worldwide Rajnikanth has been honored by the Forbes India as one of the most influential persons of India of the year 2010.

Early Childhood

Rajnikanth started his early life as a bus conductor, by working in the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation ass a bus conductor. The first biography of this star with an ardent fan following was proposed to be released on his 62nd Birthday on 12th December 2013, which according to all the calendars of the World is 12/12/12, indeed again a Rajni fever. Rajnikanth also have a very subtle taste towards food and drinks and his favorite drink is curd and juice.

One of his very favorite lines are “Naan solrathaiyum seiven, sollathathiyum seiven,” which in English means, “I will do what I say, I will also do what I don’t say. “One of his films was the longest running Tamil films in India which was screened for more than 800 days that is approximately about two and a half years, which is indeed a record for a film to be screened on cinemas. Rajnikanth believes that he has been deeply inspired by K. Balchander who was one of the exceptional directors of the Indian Cinemas. Not only this, Rajni has also played a triple role, a chance that a very few actors get a privilege to play, in a movie named as John Jani Janardhan.

Assests and Cars


It is said and found through a lot of internet research that Rajnikanth has an immense love towards cars. As Rajnikanth is a huge star he is a huge fan of cars. The picture shows his first car. His collection of cars include cars like Premier Padmini Fiat, A Honda Civic, An ambassador, A Toyota Innova and a Chevrolet tavern, this shows he has a collection of renowned multiple brand cars.

The most amazing fact about Rajnikanth website is that to enter it one needs to turn off the internet connection and believe the site it works only after that. The site also contains options to teach the user on how to disconnect the internet. You may try it yourself on www.allaboutrajni.com

With the number of fan he has as followers and the love that they depict to his work cannot be compared with any legend of the Indian cine industry. He is definitely better than the present young generation actors and will remain in the hearts of many until his works are loved and respected.





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