Mitt Romney Net Worth, Money and More

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NET WORTH: $250 Million

PROFESSION: Management Consultant, Venture Capitalist, Private Equity

Before giving an introduction, I’d like to ask you all- Who doesn’t know Mitt Romney? Romney was the Governor of Massachusetts from 2003 to 2007, following which, he was the Republican Party’s nominee for the seat as the President of the United States of America. What do we ask for in a politician now-a-days? Education and awareness, right? He has it all. Willard Mitt Romney has a Bachelor of Arts and a joint Juris Doctor and Master of Business Administration. Before everything, he is an American businessman. He is married to Ann Davies and has five children.


Romney was the youngest of his siblings and was born in 1947 in Detroit, to the proud and happy parents George W. Romney and Lenore Romney. He was kind of an ordinary child. He was not excellent in either sports or academics but, he was hard working and determined. He used to be an active participant in about eleven school organizations and clubs. He met his to-be-wife, Ann Davis while he was still in high school. They had announced an official engagement in 1965 and tied the knot in 1969.

Romney attended the very prestigious Stanford University. He was a notorious student who really had an undying love for pranks. He had even gone to France for 30 months as a Mormon Missionary where drinking, smoking and dating were prohibited. His work in the country and its result has attached Romney to itself. He holds a lot of affection for France and, he is also fluent in French.

Romney had managed to escape the terror of the Vietnam war as he was in France at that moment. When he came back, he married Ann Davis. Their first child, Taggart, was born in 1970. The other children the couple bore were named Matthew, Joshua, Benjamin and Craig. In the beginning of his career, he was not really politically driven. He had more interest in business. Romney decided to take up a law degree only on the sincere recommendation of his father.


Romney marched on the road to a brilliant future as a management consultant for Boston Consulting Group (BCG). While employed by Bain & Company, he dealt with clients like Monsanto Company, Outboard Marine Corporation, and so on. Within the short span of a few years, Romney was considered one of the best consultants of the firm in which he was working.


Romney sure knew how to use his brain! His very successful business career had made him and his wife very rich. Romney had a net worth of approximately $190 million and $250 million. Their retirement account is worth an amount between $20 million to $100 million. The couple has a separate blind trust for their children too and that account has around a $100 million. The family has been very particular with their taxes. In 2010, the couple easily earned around $22 million from sources like capital gains, interest and dividends. The same year, they honestly paid an income tax of $3 million. The couple is very religious and down to earth. They give a separate portion of their income to the LDS Church. An example would be of the time when they donated $1.5 million to the church in 2010.


Romney swore in as the Governor of Massachusetts in 2003. When he entered office, he found that there were a lot of financial shortcomings and this was only going to increase seeing the projected rate. He had to really work on improving the conditions through ideas like increased fees.  The deficit returned after Romney’s tenure. Romney was in favor of bringing an almost universal health insurance coverage. He is an orthodox man and is not in favor of same sex marriages.  He expanded the access to emergency contraception in various hospitals and pharmacies all over the state.


Romney’s official announcement for candidacy for 2008 Republican nomination for the seat of the President of the United States of America in 2007. He often talked a lot about his work in the various sectors of the economy. The entire campaign was focused on his brilliant business career and his stewardship of the Olympics. He avoided speaking about the various Mormon doctrines. He did not want to be accepted or rejected because of his religious beliefs. He spend around $45 million of his own money on his campaign. Romney won 11 primaries and caucuses by receiving 4.7 million votes. However, Romney endorsed McCain for president and, as everyone knows, McCain lost the election to Barack Obama.


– New Hampshire Retreat

– CA Beachfront Property

– Phantom Park Car Elevator

– Cadillac Escalade


People magazine has included Romney in the 50 Most Beautiful People list for the year 2002. In 2008, he shared with his beloved wife Ann, the Canterbury Medal for refusing to compromise their principles and faith even during the hard and pressing Presidential campaign from The Becket Fund For Religious Liberty. In 2012, Romney was named in the list of the 100 most influential people in the world by the Time magazine. He has received 5 honorary doctorates in total.

All in all, his work has been appreciated a lot and he is known for his religious beliefs, hard work and honesty. He is a happy family man and is content with his life. He is a philanthropist and donates a part of his income to the Church.


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