John Elway: Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth: $145 million

Career/Profession: American Football Player, Entrepreneur

Currently working as the General Manager and vice president of Denver Broncos Football Operation of the National Football League (NFL), John Elway is a retired American Football player in 2012. He has an estimated net worth of about $ 145 million. He is currently the chairman of AFL Committee and the co-owner of the Colorado Crush, Arena Football Team.

Appreciated widely during his schooling:

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Professional Football Player John Elway was born on 28th June, 1960 in Port Angeles, Washington. He moved on to pursue his graduation from Stanford University after completed his schooling from Granada Hills High School. His father was the football coach at San Jose State University even though he joined this university. He achieved a success at school career with 49 passing touchdowns and 5,711 yards. He was appreciated for his running and passing capability in the game. He received about 60 scholarship letters. He was also good at playing baseball and was selected to be the part of the Kansas City Royals in 1979. He was entitled with number one high school football player in the country.

Got into a dilemma:

After enrolling himself in Stanford University, he kept on increasing his success graph. This journey began in 1982 with The Big Game played against California. The Stanford Team won this game because of the last minute game that Elway and Mark Harmon played. In just four seasons, he made 774 passes for 9,349 yards along with 77 touchdowns. He also received an award of Pac-10 Player of the Year Honors in 1980. He enshrined his name in the College Football Hall of Fame in 2000. The tricks and shot that he played in the game were applauded by the Thomas David, an assistant coach in Football.

His career as a baseball player did not remain ahead. He was picked by the New York Yankees for 1981 MLB Draft and earned $150,000 for playing in their short season. George Steinbrenner, Yankees owner decided him to make him the right fielder of the Yankees in 1985.

1983 NFL Draft:

Baltimore Colts was quietly impressed with his shots and picked him up for 1983 NFL Draft. He was very cautious about playing for the Colts as it was the worst team of that time in the league. He got slightly confused of pursuing his career as a footballer after the advice of Marvin Demoff who suggested him to pursue his career in baseball. He was also afraid of joining the Yankees if Colt did not trade him. He was about to trade for San Francisco 49ers’ Joe Montana which was followed by the San Diego Chargers and then also with New England Patriots. But later on Ernie Accorsi, Colt’s General Manager announced him as the part of their team. Elway felt insulted and refused to play with them and after that he was exchanged with Chris Hinton of Denver Broncos committee.


Journey with Denver Broncos:

Elway after joining the Denver Broncos became the most substantial part of this association and a highly anticipated player in the NFL History. He started as an opener in 1983 for Denver Broncos against the Pittsburgh Steelers. For the first time in his career, he was dismissed by a linebacker. He has to go through several pains for NFL quarterback even though the popularity of Denver’s was undoubtedly high. In 1986, he led broncos to the Super Bowl XXI after attaining victory over the Cleveland Browns. They faced New York giants very well, but again due to safety possession, he was dismissed in the end zone. In 1987, he was chosen to play for the American Football Conference’s Pro Bowl Team. He was responsible for the win that the Broncos attained against Browns for the AFC title Game. Now they had to face Washington Redskins and this game gave them a lead start of 10-0 which became a record in the Super Bowl history. But unfortunately second quarter did not prove to be fruitful and they lost this series. His 57 yard pass touchdown to Ricky Nattiel became a record in this history as the fastest touchdown ever. But later his performance degraded and he disappointed his fans throughout that season. In 1989, no doubt he was the reason for their first victory in Super Bowl against Browns, but they got defeated by the San Francisco 49ers in upper Bowl XXIV. His performance throughout the game was appalling and awful. It was 10 out of 26 completions for 108 yards and not a single touchdown pass. But finally they again tried their hands in 1998 in the Super Bowl XXXII. This time Broncos made their victory after defeating the champions Green Bay Packers with 31-24. They won the consecutive title in 1999 and he was entitled with the MVP of Super Bowl XXXIII after making 336 yards and no touchdowns along with one interception.


Retirement with executive titles:


In 1999, Elway decided to take a retirement from pro football. He has gained the best winning percentages in the history of the football league. He was entitled as the greatest athlete at number 7th by the Sports Illustrated. He was the only player who had spent the majority of his career in serving Denver Broncos.

Awards and Achievements:


  • Elway got an AFC Offensive MVP award in 1993
  • NFL Most Valuable Player and the AFC Offensive MVP award in 1987
  • Elway was selected to the Pro Bowl nine times during his 16 seasons with the Broncos.
  • Elway is the oldest player to get a touchdown at age 38 in Super Bowl XXXIII.

 Property and assets:

John Elway invested his money in various schemes such as Ponzi scheme where he after collaborating with his business partner invested $15 million in this. He established a restaurant with a signature of Denver Broncos that offers a very delicious meal with an attractive menu ahead. It include 165 dining seats, 70 bar seats and also private dining with a capacity of about 50 guests. He also joined hands with Chevrolet and became a main dealer for this company to offer dealership to other people too.


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