Trey Songz: Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth: $10 million

Career/Profession: Rapper, Actor, Producer and Song-Writer

Tremaine ‘Trey’ Aldon Neverson popularly known with his stage name Trey Songz is an American singer, artistic rapper and an eminent actor. He has an estimated net worth of about $10 million which is all he earned due to his inbuilt talent and skills.

His talent was boosted by his friends and family:


Songwriter Trey was born in Petersburg, Virginia on November 28th, 1984. He was born to April Tucker when she was 17 years old. He grew up in the lap of his mother and step father as a military brat. He spent his seven years touring around the world as his mother got married to U.S army member. In his childhood he did not carry any interest regarding music or acting as he was of shy behavior. But he realized about his vocal capabilities when he was of 14 years. He belonged to a penniless family so it was not able for him to afford any extra money on his music classes. He started performing at his high school when he was pressurized by his family and friends. In 2000, Tray Taylor encountered him in Talent Show. He was impressed with his singing talent and in 2002 he signed him for Atlantic Records. After completing his graduation he moved to New Jersey for recording his album. During this period, his friends along with him formed a group called All Night Production to maintain Trey’s interest in music and started performing at local parties.

Various wonders in the music world:

2004-2008: I Gotta Make It and Trey Day


In 2003, Trey signed a contract of recording album with Atlantic Records and in advance received $100,000. After two years he released his another album ‘ I Gotta make it’ in 2005. It sold about 40,000 copies in its opening week and entitled his name on the Billboards chart at number 20th. This album failed to get certification from RIAA. It also topped the list of R&B Hip-Hop Songs. This album featured various single hits such as Twista, Gotta Go etc. In this period he engaged himself with several mix tapes under the name of Prince of Virginia. In mid 2006 he started working on his second album called Trey Day by collaborating with Troy Taylor, Bryan-Michael Cox, Stargate etc. It was released in 2007. The opening week went quite good with selling of about 73,000 copies. After this he came up with a single hit ‘Wonder Woman’ in the same year. The singles of his second album was released on different time. They all topped the list chart of R&B/Hip-Hop Songs Chart.

2009-2011: Ready and Passion, Pain & Pleasure


In late 2008, he realized the faults in the first two albums and tried to work upon it in his next album. Before its release he launched a mix tape entitled Anticipation in 2009. The same year he came up with a mix tape called Genesis which involved all the recordings that he performed during his childhood. This tape portrayed his dedication towards singing when he was young. In late 2009, he released Ready, his third debut album which was listed on Billboard Chart. His promotional single ‘Successful’ which featured rapper Drake hit the chart and this song boosted his confidence to a new level. His fourth album called as Passion, Pain & Pleasure was released in 2010. He released this in collaboration with Sean Garrett, Troy Taylor and Stargate. His lead single ‘Bottom up’ became very famous on Facebook featured Nicki Minaj, a female rapper artist. He went on tour with Monica, an artistic singer for its promotion. He appeared and attended various award functions including MTV Video Music Award and BET Awards in 2011.

2011-2012: Chapter V


In 2011, he started working on his next studio album Chapter V. He wanted this album to be famous world-wide so to give special attention he released Inevitable before the release of his album. He also went on an Anticipation tour to promote his mix tape Anticipation2.

2013-present: Trigga

In 2013 Trey was interviewed by one of the radio station KS 107.5. He announced there that his sixth album was under process and involving about seven or eight album. In December he came up with a song called ‘Na-Na’ on the Angel Network. In 2014, he launched a new song called ‘Ordinary’ in the month of February. In the same month a remix song with Mariah Carey was released entitled ‘You’re mine’. Finally he revealed the name of his sixth album Trigga.

His acting career:

In 2008, his first movie came up named Queen of Media in which he was starred a role of D.J. in 2013, Texas Chairman 3D was released in which he acted as a Ryan. In the same year another blockbuster Baggage Claim was released. He was starred on various documentary shows in 2010 such as ‘When I was 17’, ‘Trey Songz: My Moment’ etc.

Property and assets:

Trey Songz doesn’t have his own apartment and therefore resides in a rented mansion worth $35000 in the Hollywood Hills. It covers an area of about 13000 sq. ft. It also includes views of the city from the balconies and rooftop pool. He also owns a car which he revealed in his Passion, Pleasure & Pain tour.

Nominations and awards:

On the basis of his performance and the success he had achieved he was nominated for various awards like Best Contemporary R&B album, Best R&B song, and Best male R&B male vocal performance. There are several awards he won like BET award for Best Male R&B Artist in 2009, Much Music Video Awards in 2010 and Soul Train Awards for his promotional song Successful in 2009.


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