John Travolta- Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth : $160 million



John Joseph Travolta was born in 18 February 1954 in Englewood, New Jersey, U.S. He is American actor, dancer and a wonderful singer. When he appeared in the TV series, Welcome Back, Kooter after that he become super famous in the 1970s and at that time he was starring ion the box office success Saturday Night Fever and Graese. But in the 1980s his acting career declined and resurgent in the 1990s with his role in Pulp Fiction. After that, he continued starring in more recent films such as Face/Off, Ladder 49 and Wild Hogs. He is a very famous actor and won the Golden Globe Award for the Best Actor- Motion Picture Musical or Comedy. He got this award for the performance in Get Shortly. John Travolta is known as one of the most acclaimed and serving actors of Hollywood and ofcourse the million dollar personality that he is today wasn’t madein just a day. This multi-millionaire actor appeared on the cover of “Rolling Stone ” magazine four times and also certified commercial pilot.



It is reported that he was in relationship with actress Diana Hyland whom he met in during the filmin in The Boy in the Plastic Bubble but the Hyland died due to cancer in the year 1977. In the year 1991, he married to Kelly Preston and had a son Jett and daughter Ella Bleu. In the year 2009, his son died on a Christmas vacation in the Bahamas. It was reported that, he was suffered from Kawasaki disease.



John Travolta is a rich multi-millionaire of the era. His net worth is $160 million. He lived a luxurious life and owns a grand mansion Jumbloir Aviation Estate. It is an aircraft friendly community. It is worth $3.5 million. Not only is this, this mansion has separate garage not only for the cars but for the jets too. It is the largest licensed, paved and lighted, private airport in the World. it is located in m=north of downtown Ocala, Florida.



Apart from the grand mansion he also owns some luxurious jets on his own which includes 3 Gulfstream jets which John uses like his sports car and rule the skies. Another jet is USAir Boing 727 which is a mid-sized jet plane and is ideal for shorter routes and is frequently used by the actor when travelling within the U.S. not just these, he also owns a Boing 707-138, he uses this gigantic Boeing as family van to make family and friends around the world in an imperious fashion. Moreover, he owns a Bombardier Challenger 601 jet. This is launched by the latest brand ambassador of the aircraft manufacturer. Talking about his hobbies, he likes to fly planes very much and he is the only private citizen in America to own and operate Boing 707. Not only is this, he employs a cockpit crew of six who were a proper blue uniforms and jaunty white caps. Moreover, he is qualified in several types of single and multiengine aircraft and boasts the highest pilot medical certification possible. Apart from these, he like to wear branded collection, he owns a Oakley Square Wire Sunglasses, a Breitling Chronomat and a Smith Super Method Sunglasses.



John is very rich enthusiastic about the cars and this American superstar has a 1955, a 1956 and a 1957 model of Thunderbid that carry Ford’s great old American tradition in style. He uses them to enjoy drive  and not for the long journeys. He also owns a Jaguar X6which is said to be the World’s best sedan. Another one in the list is Rolls-Royce Phnatom that symbolizes power as well as legacy in a regal way. Apart from this, he also owns a 1970 Mercedes-Benz 280SLwhich has a estimated price of $100,000. Also, it is said that his marriage is one of the successful marriage today. His relationship with Kelly has stood for more then 20 years of time. The tied knot in the ear 1991 in a midnight ceremony at the Hotel De Crillon. Talking about his favorite destination places. He likes to visit Eiffel tower along with his family. Tough he has lot of money with extremely luxurious life but he still like to spend his money in good cause like Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund where he donated $10,000 during a visit to South Africa last year. This organization aimed to provide free services to the unprivileged children. He also donated $56, 0000 to the Jett Travolta Foundation, this organization was set up in the memory of his son who died in the year 200. Another one in the list is Children with AIDS which was set up in the year 1992 and aims to help the young ones of those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS to maintain a good quality of life. Apart from this, he owns a collection of private jets which includes Gulfstream II, Hawker 1A, Learjet 24, Citattion 1 and 2, the Vampire Jet and tebuan. In the year 2003, he received a award for excellence in promoting commercial flying and in the year 2007, he recived a Living Legend Ambassador of Aviation award. In the year 2012, he gave his Gulfstream jet to the Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame in the memory of his late son, Jett.

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