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Net Worth : $ 120 million



Karl Lagerfeld was born on 10 September 1933 in Hamburg, Germany. His birth name is Karl Otto Lagerfeld. He is a German fashion designer, artist and a superb photographer in Paris. Moreover, he is the head designer and creative director of the fashion house Chanel as well as the Italian house Fendi and also his own label house. Talking about his personality, he is well recognized for his trademark white hair, black glasses and also high starched collars. He is best described as the creative power who received one of the most prominent brands in fashion. His designs for the super chic fashion house propelled the label to the pinnacle of highest strata of fashion in the 80s and 90s. in the year 1997, Vogue Magazine had crowned him the ‘unparalleled interpreter of the mood of the moment’. In the year 1984, he created his own label. Apart from the fashion he has other interests in languages and he can fluently speak German, English, French and Italian. He is described as ‘intelligent opportunistic’ and ‘professional dilettante’ and simply loves photography.



Karl was born to Elisabeth and Otto Lagerfeld. He grew up in a family of wealthy businessman from Sweden who introduced powdered milk. His mother was a lingerie saleswoman. Talking about his education, he finished his secondary school at the Lycee Montaigne. In the year 1955, he was hired as Pierre Balman’s assistant after winning the design competition sponsored by International Wool Secretariat. In the year 1958, he moved to Jean Patiu where he designed haute couture collections for five years. In the year 1973, his chloe collection for spring garnered headlines for offering “high big fashion and high camp”. In the year 1972, he collaborated with Italian fashion house Fendi, designing furs, clothing and accessories. In the 1970s he has occasionally worked as a costume designer for theatrical productions. Later on he collaborated with stage directors like Luca Ronconi and jurgen Flimm.


Karl is a rich multi-billionaire of the era. His net worth is $120 million. He has lived his life with all the comfort and luxuriousness. He has a lot of property. Talking about his homes, which are three are Grand Isle which is spread in 3,800 square feet which includes a small apple orchard, a couple of pear trees and a paneled library that gives an awesome view nearby lake. Its net worth is $500,000. He also owns a Paris apartment. This house is worth $4.5 million. This plush apartment is a symbol of luxury and opulence. Another one in the list is New York apartment which is located on the upmarket Gramercy Park neighborhood of New York City. It is spread in 2,200 square feet and has three bedrooms, living room, dining area also it offers a fantastic view from the apartment. Talking about the hobbies of Karl Lagerfeld, he likes reading books very much and is freak about the smell of books.



Apart from the home and interests he owns luxurious cars and all are full of comfort and extremely expensive. He owns a Maybach Landaulet which has a classy set of wheels which is worth million dollars and Landualet boasts an opulent cabin under which a current of colossal power flows. Another one in the list is Rolls-Royce Pahantom Drophead Coupe which is extremely luxurious. Apart from these, he like to visit St. Tropez which is located in southeastern France on the French Riviera and is today famous for its famous and extremely wealthy summertime gusts. It his one of the most favorite destinations to visit.



He is known for collecting things which includes Steiff Teddy Bear. Actually Karl Lagerfeld collaborated with the well-known toy making company Steiff to make a Karl Lagerfeld Steiff Teddy Bear for the latter’s 125th anniversary. It is worth $2,080. He also spotted with a gold iPad and get a picture with a lady gag who also has tis iPad. He also has the most expensive safe. Karl Lagerfeld has partnered with German luxury safe maker Dottling to create the ultimate safe to keep the designer possessions. The safe os known as ‘Narcissus’ which is six feet tall and less than a foot deep with stainless steel body, sheathed in high-gloss chrome-plated aluminum. Moreover, he also has a Louis Vuitton custom trunk which a carrying case that is designed to hold his collection of 20 iPods, one charger, JBL iPod speakers and a subwoofer. Not only is this, his all gadgets are Apple products. Thus, one can easily imagine the high standards of Karl. He a super rich personality of the era. But he not only spends money in his interests but also in good causes like Charity T shirts. Karl is involved in his and his support to the The Save Japan! Project. Many other celebrities are also seems to be active in this project like Lady Gaga and Gwyneth Paltrow who have contributed sketches and personal  notes of support that will feature on a line of ten t-shirts that is going to benefit the Japanese Red Cross to aid in recovering from the Great East Japan Earthquake. Karl also owns a pet, white furry kitten “Choupette” which travels along with him in  his private jets.

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