Julia Roberts: net worth, money and more

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NET WORTH: 139.5 million dollars

CAREER / PROFESSION: Theatre and an actor

Julia Roberts, originally born with the name of Julia Fiona Roberts was born on 28th Oct 67 in United States is one of the most talented and popular actress in Hollywood. She originally started in theatres, she never in her dream thought she would be one of the finest heroines in Hollywood. In her days of childhood she dreamt of becoming a veterinarian but her brother Eric Roberts told her to try her luck in Hollywood. She came into focus with her role in “Pretty Woman” where she was casted with actor Richard Gere. She also received Oscar for Erin Brockovich. She has a very generous and tender heart. She is a great philanthropist by nature. She is involved with UNICEF and with several other charitable institutes that help needy people. She was given the title of Most Beautiful People by PEOPLE’s magazine. Her films do great at box office, grossed above 2 billion dollars. She is the biggest star of the Hollywood. She owns few great mansions in different city of United States and posh cars parked in her garage.


Marital Status: Married

Soon after she tasted success, she was hooked up with no. of her co actors like including Liam Neeson, Dylan McDermott, Kiefer Sutherland and many more. She then married Daniel Moder, cameraman whom she met at the set of one of her film, The Mexican in the year 2000. The two married in Julia Ranch, one of house Julia owns in Taos in New Mexico.


Richly Possessions


  • Green mansion: 30 million dollars

Julia Roberts is one of the persons in the Hollywood who is a lover of environment. She is an eco-friendly person. She owns a home in the city of Los Angeles known as Green Mansion. She follows the great saying,” Practice what you preach. ” she spent no money in the costly interiors or in furnishing the apartment. All the renovation which was done was environment friendly. Even all the electronic equipment were energy saving. It was built by bringing two houses to ground. It is situated in Malibu, which is a beachfront in the city of Los Angeles. It is spread over an area of 6000 sq. ft. The house has 6 bedrooms. It is equipped with solar panels to save energy. It also has recycled tiles running throughout the home. Even the wood used to furnish the house is from the sustainable woods from the forests. It also has a tennis court area and mesmerizing views of the Pacific Oceans. Malibu is one of the great holiday destinations for the rich and famous. In her neighborhood she has Kid Rock. Also Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have their homes in the same region.


  •  Californian home

Julia also has a home in California apart from a home in Malibu. However it is not as lavish as her other homes, it is small rather too small for a great celebrity like her. Being a lover of nature, she also has a small green garden in her apartment. It is situated in Venice which is also situated on the beachfront of Los Angeles in California, United States.


  • Taos Ranch: 2.5 million dollars

This home is really close to her heart as she married Danny Moder in this very place. It is situated in the country of Taos in the central region of New Mexico. This home of Julia extends over 49 acres. This mansion of hers has a moderate design and ordinary looks. She often spends time with her husband and three kids (twins – Hanzelom and Fines and 22-month-old boy Henry). She also has good neighborhood. New Mexico is a good destination of rich and famous. Personalities like Alec Baldwin, Mary Kay Bergman and Robert Blake live in this area.


  • Manhattan Apartment: 4 million dollars

Though Julia spends most of her leisure time in New Mexico, she also owns an apartment in Manhattan. She bought this house in the year 2010 for 4 million dollars. Situated in Manhattan, this is made in one of the very posh localities of New York. This apartment was constructed in 1958 and it stands upright since then on the tree lines street. This apartment of hers is unlike others. It is built with the most modern amenities and architecture. It has many rooms. It has walls made of glass to offer the magnificent view of the New York City. It is in approachable distance to 7 Gramercy Park West which is also owned by Julia Roberts since 1993.


  • Toyota Prius

Julia Roberts is the proud owner of Toyota Prius along with other celebrities like Larry Page, Sarah Jessica Parker, Eric Schmidt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks. Running on gas and electricity it is the third largest selling car in United States. Having a great speed, Toyota Prius is light weighted and can attain the speed of 100 kmph in mere 11.7 secs. It is built on the stellar fuel economy. It offers comfortable driving making itself distinguishable from others in its line. It is also Julia’s favorite because it is environment friendly and clean based on fronts like vehicular emissions and smog formation. It offers features like air filter, automatic climate control, dust filtration mode, pollen filtration mode, push-button controls, electric compressor, and humidity sensors.


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