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NET WORTH: $ 20 Million

DJ Premier

DJ Premier

DJ Premier is a legendary Hip Hop producer from America. He was one half of the Hip Hop duo Gang Stars. The Duo included DJ Premier and MC Guru. Rolling Stone’s once recognized DJ Premier as ‘arguably Hip Hop’s best producer of all time’. ranked him as the number 1 Hip Hop producer of all time. The Source included him its list of 20 Greatest Hip Hop producer. Also, Vibe Magazine included him in its list of best Hip Hop Producers. He has collaborated with many esteemed MCs such as Nas, Jay Z, Mos Def, Ludacris, Rakim, Snoop Dogg, Biggie Smalls, Big L, and many more.


In the mid 1990s, he found Gang Star Foundation which included acts such as Jeru the Damaja, Group Home, Big Shug and Gang Starr. DJ Premier produced the first 2 albums of Jeru, which are considered as Hip Hop classics. DJ Premier’s production style resembles that of his peers. He uses sampling from Jazz, funk and Soul music. He uses combination of samples to create a chorus. DJ Premier cites Marley Marl and Jam master Jay as his inspiration. He was a student of the Prairie View A&M University and there he further evolved as a musician.


DJ Premier is a shrewd businessman. He owns a record company named Year Round Records. Its artists include NYGz, Nick Javas, MC Khaleel. The album, The Blaqprint, was released by Year Round Records. An album fully produced by DJ premier, starring NYGz, will be released by Year Round productions. Also, DJ Premier will release the debut album of MC Khaleel. The album will be titled, Already!. He earns money by hosting a 2 hour long radio show called- Live From HeadQCourterz on Friday. He starred in the 2012 documentary, RE-GENERATION music project. He will be producing a beat for Immortal Technique in his latest album. He produced a song for Game in his latest album. He would soon release a collaboration album with Nas. The album is slated to be released in 2014.


DJ Premier has a net worth of $ 20 Million. He has been producing music for the last 20 years and has collaborated with almost all big names in the industry. He is considered to be one of the greatest Hip Hop producer of all time. He has produced for Kanye west, Jay Z, KRS-One, Mos Def, Snoop Dogg and Biggie. He has been active since 1984 and has had a massive influence on Hip Hop music. His real name is Christopher Edward Martin. He was born on March 21, 1966, in Houston. Along with the Gang Star, he has produced many high-selling albums such as- No more Mr. Nice guy, Step in the Arena, Daily operation, Hard to earn, Moment of Truth, and The Owners. The album sold really well and earned DJ Premier a fortune. He produced other famous albums as well such as- The Sun rises in the east, Living Proof, Wrath of the Math, Rare play volume 1, Rare play volume 2, The Blackprint, DJ Premier presents get used to us, Beats that collected dust, Primo Pimping EP and StOoDiOtYmE EP .


1. No more Mr. Nice Guy- Gang Starr

DJ Premier's 1999 album- No Mr. Nice guy.

DJ Premier’s 1999 album- No Mr. Nice guy.

2. Step in the Arena

Step in the Arena- Gang Starr.

Step in the Arena- Gang Starr.

3. Daily Operation- Gang Starr

DJ Premier's 1992 album- Daily Operation.

DJ Premier’s 1992 album- Daily Operation.

4. Hard to Earn

Hard to Earn was Gang Starr's first album to have a Parental advisory sticker!

Hard to Earn was Gang Starr’s first album to have a Parental advisory sticker!

5. Moment of Truth

Moment of Truth sold about 5,00,000 copies and was certified Gold.

Moment of Truth sold about 5,00,000 copies and was certified Gold. It featured many other artists such as Scarface, G-Depp, Freddie Foxx and M.O.P.


“My crew used to listen to “Taking It to the Top” by Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. My MC’s name was Top and it was just doing variations of that word. “Top.” If you listen to the old Gang Starr records it was just one line like, ‘Money’s growing like grass with the mass appeal.’ “DWYCK” didn’t have a hook, just a transition.”

“The mainstream has always been about exploitation. That’s nothing new. Once something grows into a larger audience, it all gets watered down. The decision to go mainstream versus underground is the fight that we all struggle with because we all want to get rich from our hard work in whatever craft we do.”

“My all time favorite producer in hip-hop is Marley Marl. He made the beats bang and he also scratched on the tracks that he produced as well as establishing a sound. I could always tell when it was a Marley Marl production. I followed closely in his footsteps when it comes to that.”

“Speaking for myself, I know how to juggle the mainstream and keep my underground ties intact. I love commercial music when it is done right. There is good commercial and there is bad commercial. There is good underground and bad underground.”

“I never heard an emcee rhyme like Rakim…and to only do 6 songs and 2 DJ cuts with so much originality and skill, when I heard it I knew that I had to make an album one day in my life… Rakim had the most deadly rhymes and attitude unmatched by any one in rap.”




















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