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Danny has earned his wealth being a radio jockey, actor and a wrestler. He has earned a lot of money by starring in a number of television shows and hosting his most famous radio shows. He even wrestled at many celebrity wrestling events to earn his tremendous $ 2.5 Millions.



Danny was born on August 13, 1959 in Broomhall, Pennsylvania as Daniel Bonaduce. He was born to the veteran TV writer and producer Joseph Bonaduce and Betty Bonaduce. Danny became a famous TV child actor in the early 70s who acted in a number of sitcom/television series. In 1969, Danny began his career in acting and some of his TV series include The Ghost & Mrs. Muir, Mayberry RFD, Bewitched.

His most notable TV series was The Partridge Family which began in 1970. He played the role of the character called Danny Partridge who is the middle son of the singing pop band. It was a coincidence that his actual first name was the same as that of his portrayed character. The show ended in 1974. He was a famous one in his early years and was renowned enough for his acting and achievement he acquired at such a young age. Later, he appeared as a guest on Police Story, CHiPs, Fantasy Island and Eight Is Enough to name a few.

Later, Danny had made himself into the headlines of every news medium when he started taking drugs and got himself indulged in other illegal activities. He has been arrested a lot of times during his teenage. His addiction to the drugs made him roam the streets of the city smoking hot crack pipe and spend nights in roads. He was finally located by his mother Betty down the Hollywood hills. She later convinced him to let go of the addiction and head back home with her. That’s probably when his twisted life  got straightened.


Danny always had a bad relationship with his father. They were never good to each other and there existed no such father-son love between the duo. The situation between the two later got worsen when Danny saw a huge success in “The Partridge Family”. During the tenure of shooting the TV series, Danny’s co actress Shirley Jones who played the role of his mother came to know about the abuse Danny was facing at home by his father. She in order to protect the young Danny made him stay with her during the weekends.



Danny after being brought back home from the Hollywood Hills by his mother, started his career as a Radio Jockey at WEGX in Philadelphia. Later he joined KKFR in Phoenix, Arizona and worked there until 1991. He was fired from the radio station after he assaulted Darius Barney, who was a transvestite prostitute. He has always been in the headlines due to something or the other discrepancies.

Later during 1994-1996, Danny started another self-hosted radio show called “The Danny Bonaduce Show”. It was aired on The Loop WLUP AM/FM. Later he hosted a morning radio show on WKQI along with his co host John Heffron.



Danny later came back again in 1996 to his much older medium “Television” through his “The Danny Bonaduce Show”, a syndicated talk show. But due to problem in the schedules of other participants like Ricky Segall, Bob Claver, Susan Dey and David Cassidy, the show was called off very soon.

Later, he co hosted a daytime talk show called “The Other Half” during 2001-2003. On the show, his co stars were Mario Lopez, Dick Clark and Dr. Jan Adams. A fact less known to people is that, during this period, he worked also as a Hollywood Correspondent for the Australian morning show Today. He later appeared on a reality show broadcast in VH1 titled “I Know My Kid’s a Star”. He was the host and judge of the show. The show was mainly meant for parents and children who wanted to enter the show business.

Danny later appeared in another reality television show on VH1 titled “Breaking Bonaduce” in 2005. Some scenes of the reality show became world famous due to the dramatic styles by Danny. Later he even hosted a game show called “Starface” on Game Show Network. He also appeared in the comedy TV Show “The Soup” in 2009 for which he received an award. Then, he made into the headlines once again when he refused to read his acceptance speech at the awards and instead kissed the host Joel McHale. He also appeared in the crime scene drama CSI in which he portrayed the role of the victim of the infamous miniature killer.

He also appeared in a Christmas Day episode of 1 VS 100, World’s Dumbest, two episodes of Gene Simmons Family Jewels to name a few.


Danny has used television news channels to express his political views. He has made a number of guest appearances on a huge number of TV news channels. He has always supported capital punishment and strong military. He is famous for his controversial statements which he has made about liberal celebrities.



Danny got married in 1985 to a Japanese real estate agent by name “Setsuko Hattori”. But they both separated in just 3 years. Later in 1990, he met Gretchen Hillmer and the both married. They were together for sixteen years with two children of their own named Isabella and Dante. But in 2007, the couple suddenly divorced due to differences.

Later in 2007 itself, Danny and Amy Railsback started dating each other after they met at a Starbucks in the Los Angeles. The both married in 2010 and presently staying together happily. She looks after Danny’s career full time and also runs Gravel Tones Productions Inc.


danny-bonaduce-house-3 Danny-Bonaduces-Los-Feliz-home danny-bonaduce-house-1 danny-bonaduce-house-2

Danny owns a beautiful home with his then wife Gretchen Hillmer in 2005 in Los Angeles for $ 2.6 million. The classic Andalusian Estate was built in 1926. The house is built is an half acre land and it has some truly magnificent terraces and balconies with stenciled beam ceilings, rod-iron fixtures and uniquely arched doorways. The lower area of the house has a bar, recreation room, swimming pool and a lot more which are surely being enjoyed now by Danny and Amy.

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