Leah Remini – Net Worth, Money and More

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Leah has earned all her wealth in acting and specially the role of Carrie Heffernan on the sitcom The King of Queens brought her into stardom and thus helped her mint the money.


Leah was born on 15th June, 1970 in Bensonhurst of Brooklyn, New York. Her parents were Vicki Marshall, a private school teacher and George Remini, who was the owner of an asbestos-removal company. Her parents had come from different backgrounds – her mother was an Austrian Jewish and her father was a Sicilian. Leah has an elder sister and four half-sisters. We have seen her elder sister in the role of her assistant on The King of Queens. Leah at the age of 13 moved to Los Angeles, California with her mother to pursue her career in acting.


Leah dropped out of School at an early age to pursue a career in acting. Soon then, she has made her debut through television in the “Head of the Class” in the year 1988. She slowly started getting offers one after the other and soon she had acted in two episodes of ‘Who’s the Boss?’ in 1989. And that’s it! Leah never turned back. The same year she had got her biggest break till then when she was landed her own show ABC’s Living Dolls. It also featured Halle Berry and was a spin-off of Who’s the Boss. However the show was not a success. But still, Leah continued to appear on television there after with small parts on shows like Normal Life, Valerie and Guns of Paradise. It was by then 1991 and Leah had received two recurring roles; one for ‘Man in the Family’ and the other for ‘Saved by the Bell’.

Sometimes, luck plays it’s part in one’s life and accordingly, Leah’s tryouts for the role of Monica on a popular show Friends broadcast in NBC never worked out. Instead, the role was offered to Courteney Cox. But later next year, she did appear in the same show in a guest role. But she was never without work. She immediately joined the cast of Phantom 2040 in 1995 and lent her voice to an animated character. She was provided with her own show once again during 1995 called ‘First Time Out’. But the show was again a disaster and met with a ‘The End’ after its 12th episode.

Later, she was offered with a lead role once again for a new sitcom ‘Fired Up’ in the year 1997. This time she co-starred with NYPD Blue’s Sharon Lawrence. This too was not a big hit for Leah. It lasted for just 28 episodes. But yes! It did bring fortune into her career life. She was landed with her biggest and most successful job in the show business. She starred opposite Kevin James on the hugely popular show ‘The King of Queens’. The show ran lasted for whopping 208 episodes, that is a non stop 9 big years from 1998 to 2007. This show built her career and made her climb the ladder of success! She had by now become a household name in America!


Meanwhile in 2003, she was cast for her first big film role ever opposite Vince Vaughn in Old School. Then, The King of Queens show came to an end in 2007. Since then, she has starred in the nine-episode webisodes of ‘In the Motherhood’ along with Chelsea Handler and jenny McCarthy. In 2010, Leah was taken as a co-host for a popular CBS talk show ‘The Talk’. Along with her were hosts like Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Holly Robinson Peete and Sharon Osbourne. The show premiered on October 18, 2010. Later, Leah along with Holly Robinson Peete made an appearance on ‘The Young and The Restless’ on July 28, 2011. She then signed a deal at ABC studios for a comedy project which she would product and star in too. The result was ‘Family Tools’. It was an adaptation of the BBC series White Man Van. The series started its telecast from 1st of May, 2013. But due to low ratings, it made an early exit on July 10, 2013.

Later, on September 4, 2013, Good Morning America announced that Leah would compete as a contestant in the 17th season of its most successful ‘Dancing with the Stars’. She was partnered with a professional dancer by name Tony Dovolani. She along with Tony got eliminated on the 10th week and lost her place in the final. On November 22, 2013, it was announced that she will be cast in the TV Land original comedy The Exes.


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Leah has been married to Angelo Pagan since 2003 whom she met a Cuban restaurant. He is a salsa musician, singer and the owner of a restaurant. He already has three sons from his previous relationships. Leah and Pagan knew each other ever since 1996. On June 16, 2004, the day after her 34th birthday, Leah gave birth to a daughter Sofia Bella.


Leah has followed the philosophy and religion of the Church of Scientology for around 30 years. But she has now come out of the believes of Scientology for the sake of her new born daughter! Following her departure from the Church, she publicly expressed her appreciation for those who supported her departure.

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