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Nasser Khalili was born on December 1945 in the year 1945 in the country of Esfahan. He is basically famous as a British scholar and a great philanthropist. Further Khalili also holds citizenship of the country of United Kingdom. Not only this, khalili is also been titled by the muslim countries across the world as the ‘cultural ambassador’. He moved to the country of United States from Iran after completing His schooling and also national services too in the year 1967. By the end of the year 1978, he settled in U.S.




Under the auspices of his family namely ‘the Khalili family’, he was assembled in the year 1970 under its trust which is also the world’s finest and comprehensive arts. All the six namely, ‘Art of the Islamic World’, ‘Japanese Art of Meiji’, ‘Three hundred Years of Japanese Kimono’, ‘Swedish Textiles’ , ‘Enamels of the world’, ‘Spanish Damascened Metalwork’. All the six above finest art at total has about 25,000 works. All the six are worldwide famous and largest art works. Not only this, his Islamic collections are private and largest across world.

Further, 90% of the Khalili collections have been published worldwide over the 40 volumes. They also have been exhibited across the museums worldwide eg. like in that of, ‘British Museum’, ‘Victoria Museum’ in London, ‘Hermitage Museum’ in St Peterberg, ‘Alambra Museum’ in Granada and also ‘Portland Museum’ in USA.

Not only this, in the year 2007 at the Art gallery of Sydney, ‘Arts of Islam: Treasured from Nasser’ was also shown. His collection was also shown in the year 2008 at one of the Gallery at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi and also in the year 2009 it was shown at the Instit du Monde Arabe in the city of Paris. Not only id he famous in his Islamic work but is Japanese work was also shown at the State Hermitage Museum at St. Peterberg in the year 2010.



Khalili is also a frequent lecturer and has made significant contributions in that of Islamic work and also Japanese work. Further because of his notable work he also became the chair of the famous School of Oriental and African Studies of London. He is the first chair in the history who was so fully devoted to the arts of Islam.

He has also supported the research work at the University of Oxford. Not only this, the rich Khalili family has also made endowment to the renowned University of Oxford. Further, adding to his achievements, he is also the honorary graduate of the famous University of London. Further because of his excellent work, at the Tuffs University he was also appointed as the International Board of Overseers and also has received the honorary London award.

Honours and awards

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In the year 1991, he received his first honour of ‘Honorary Fellow’ of the school of Oriental and African Studies of London. Next was in the year 1996, where he received the award of ‘Trustee of the city of Jerusalem’. Following this was in the year 2003, where he received the ‘Honorary Degree of Humane Letters’ from the Boston University. In the same year he also received, ‘Knight Commandor of the Royal Order Of Francis’. Next in the following year of 2004, he received ‘Knight of the Eqestrian Order of Pope St Sylvester’. Next in the year 2005, He received the ‘Honorary Doctor of the University of Arts’ and also ‘Honorary Fellow of Wolfson College, Oxford’. Not only this, in the year 2007 he received the honorary, ‘High Sheriff of London Award’. Next in line was in the year 2009, when he received ‘Knight Commandor of the Pontifical Euestrian Order’. Recently in the year 2010 he received the ‘Queens College president’s award’ and in the year 2012, he received the ‘UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador’.



Maimonides foundation

In the year 1995, Khalili founded the famous Maimonides Foundation. It is basically a charity which believes in establishing peace and also promoting peace between Judaism, Christianity and also Islam. Not only this, he is also leading the renowned project of all the schools of Wales and also England which is famously called Maimonides Interfaith Explorers. It is basically founded and launched by Nasser Khalili Charitable Settlement. In the presence of The Duke of York, also The Ambassador of the UAE , it was launched the famous Central London Mosque.




Nasser Khalili has a net worth of $ 1 billion. He is basically famous as a renowned scholar and also a philanthropist of London. He has gained immensely from his Islamic and Japanese work. And because of it has gained one of the top positions on Forbes. He has also flown and owns a Chartered plane of his own. Also he owns the three masterpieces worth $ US 16,500 which now costs around $US600,000, of the famous US tycoon William Vanderbilt. Not only this, his museums are also insured for about $ US 150 million. Further his latest art collections worth about $US 43 billion. Further his collections are best documented and important worldwide. Details of each and every of his art and masterpieces have been also published worldwide. Recently he  was honored as a ‘Goodwill Ambassador’ by UNESCO because of his excellent work.

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