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Net Worth $ 100 Million

Phil Spector


Harvey Phillip Spector  better known as Phil Spector was an American songwriter, record producer and innovator of a music production technique known as “wall of sound” he was a pioneer in music production and produced many hits during 1960 to 65. He was ranked #63 by Rolling stones magazine on their list of greatest artists of all time. In his later days he was convicted of a murder charge and was sent to prison.


Early Life

Young Phil Spector

Born on Dec 26 ,1939 to a Lower-middle class family in New York City, Phil Spector lost his father at an early age of 10.

After joining school he took part in various events and soon learned how to play guitar he performed “Rock island line” at his high school talent show, while at school he joined a group of striving musicians including Lou Adler, Bruce Johnston (member of The Beach boys), Steve Douglas and Sandy Nelson.

With three friends from his high school “Fairfax high school” he formed a group called The Teddy Bears.In year 1958 Spectors’s “Don’t you worry my little pet” got them a deal with Era Records. The Teddy Bears  recorded “To know him is to love him” received many recognition and accolades everywhere and reached #1 on Bill Board hot 100 singles chart with over a million copies sold. After achieving so many great feats the group disbanded in the year 1959.


Career &Wealth

Phil Spector career

As a teenage lyricist and performer Phil earned recognition for his work everywhere and from there he went on to become one of the greatest artist of all time the world has seen his achieved great success with his grit and determination to excel in all circumstances. There have been many ups and downs in his life. He was convicted for a murder charge which made him infamy in the eyes of people although he returned to the industry for a brief period of time by signing a production deal with A&M records, after getting back Phil returned to the hot 100 with “Black pearl” by Sonny Charles and the Checkmates LTD,which reached #13.In year 1970 Spector got associated with Beatles manager Allen Kien and was brought to England, there he was invited by Lennon and George Harrison to take on the task of turning the Beatles abandoned  “Get back” recording sessions into a usable album. His album “let it be” was a massive hit and topped the US and UK singles charts.

Lennon and George Harrison were satisfied with the outcome and “let it be” led to Spector co-producing albums with both ex-Beatles.

In the late 1970 Phil Spector became secluded the most recent and significant reason which was also most probable of him being withdrawn from social activities was revealed by biographer Dave Thompson was that he was seriously injured when he was thrown through the windshield of his car in a crash in Hollywood.

Spector mostly remained reclusive and inactive during 1980’s to early 2000’s .He attempted to associate with Celine Dion on her album “Falling into you” but that didn’t work for him. His latest release has been “Silence is early” by Starsailor released in 2003.

In the mid of April 2008 BBC 2 broadcast a special entitled Phil Spector: The Agony and The Ecstasy, It consists of Spector’s first screen interview-breaking a long period of media silence.

Phil’s net worth stands at $100 million his wealth mostly comes from writing and producing songs, he is also the founder of Phillies records.

Personal life

spector with his wife

Spector with his third wife

Phil Spector married three times and has 3 children from his second wife .

His first marriage was with Annette Merar which ended in 1965, his second wife was Ronnie Bennett he first met her in year 1968 they have 3 children and his last marriage was with Rachelle short he married her in 2006.

Phil has had five children…

Donte Phillip Spector: Born in 1969

Louis Phillip Spector: Born in 1966

Gary Phillip Spector: Born in 1966

Nicole Audrey Spector: Born in 1982

Phillip Spector Jr: Born in 1982.He died of Leukemia on Dec 25 1991

Phil Spector was convicted of second degree murder in 2009 for the February 3, 2003 death of Lana Jean Clarkson (1962-2013).He received a sentence of nineteen years of imprisonment and served  his time at the California substance Abuse Treatment facility and State prison in California.


Awards and recognition

spector receinving award

Spector is one of the few producer and song writer to have number one records in three consecutive decades (1960’s, 70’s and 80’s).He has one many prestigious awards including The “Grammy award” in 1971 for the album “The concert for Bangladesh” and Rolling stone award for greatest artist of all time in 2004 which ranked him at #63 in the list of 100 greatest artists of all time.



Phil Spector Quotes

“I enjoyed all the records very much.I made them all from the heart.I made them all with art and mind,and all to reveal a picture of where I was when I made them”.

“I’m dealing in rock ‘n’roll.I’m,like I’m not a bona fide human being”.

“People tell me they idolize me,want to be like me,but i tell them, ‘trust me,you don’t want my life.I’ve been a very tortured soul”.

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