Renzo Rosso – Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth- $3 Billion

Profession: Italian Entrepreneur

The Jeans Genius

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Renzo Rosso is a famous Italian entrepreneur who has made his mark in the fashion industry. He is the president of “Only The Brave” more commonly known as OTB. It is a group that holds the known brands of the fashion industry which are Diesel, Marni, Viktor & Rolf, Masion Martin Margiela. It is said that Renzo is a sexist egomaniac in the fashion industry. Rozzo likes to portray himself as a rubbish- saying- billionaire- bad- boy. He has triggered an avalanche all across the globe with his $300 jeans. He not only knows to manufacture jeans but he is good at selling them too. With his creative ideas and eye- catching tag lines for his different jeans design it became easy for him to acquire the position in the list of the billionaires in the world. He has been titled as the “Jeans guru”, “Denim God” and “King of high-end casual wear”.

Early life


He was born on 15th September in the year 1955. He took birth on a farm in the village of Brugine. This town at that time could just brag two televisions and only one car. As a child he helped his father on the farm after coming back from the school. He did not want to continue his father’s tradition and hence he joined Marconi Technical Institute situated in Padua in the year 1970 to study industrial Textile Manufacturing. Renzo the iconic president of the jeans brand made his handmade jeans when he was just 15 years old and sold it for $2. Since then he used to make different type of jeans using his mother’s sewing machine which he sold to his friend at the school. He studied economics at the University of Venice in the year 1973. Before becoming the fashion tycoon, he has also worked as carpenter and mechanic.



In the year 1975 after dropping out from the University of Venice, Renzo joined Moltex as a production Manager. Moltex was a clothing manufacturer and he supplied trousers to many known Italian brands. Adriano Goldschmied who was the owner of “The Genius Group” was the mentor of Renzo who eventually became his partner. Rozzo made Moltex grow rapidly and its profit and productions reached to heights which Adriano never dreamt about. When Renzo asked to leave so that he could start his own business, Adriano proposed to him a 40% stake in his company and even promised him to start a new brand of jeans, this is how Diesel was founded. In the year 1978 he founded one of the costliest brands of jeans in today’s world, Diesel in partnership with Adriano Goldschmied. In the year 1985, Renzo acquired all the shares of Diesel by trading off his shares in The Genius Group with Adriano.


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Renzo has acquired his exceeding wealth through his jeans business. The Jeans Genius who opened his first brand of jeans has a net worth of 3 billion US dollars. After Renzo took all the shares of Diesel he started manufacturing faded, vintage looking jeans in high numbers and in just an year his revenue grew to 10.8 million US dollars from 2.8 million US dollars. Rozzo owns a house, Ca’ Priuli in Bassano and the house has a well equipped gym. Renzo has also made investments in tech start- ups like Nonabox. Renzo also owns a lavish hotel on the South Beach of Miami named “The Pelican”. He also possesses a winery which is situated near to his Northern Italian house. Ronzo also owns six cars and five motorbikes. Renzo also bought a farm in the year 1992 in Molvena which he named Diesel Farm for producing olive oil and wine.



Renzo is not only a successful entrepreneur, but he is also a good writer. Till date he has got three books published which are: “Forty”, “Fifty” and “Be Stupid: For Successful Living”. His book titled “Be Stupid: For Successful Living” is a advice that Renzo has given as a businessman on how to flourish the business. He has mentioned in the book that brave decisions and the skill to look at things as they are has helped him a lot to own a flourishing company. This book has been published in five different languages: English, German., Korean, Italian and Japanese.


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Renzo has been recognized as a victorious fashion businessman and has won many awards which are:

  • In the year, Diesel and Renzo got the “Premio Risultati award” which he received for the Best Italian Company
  • In the year 1997 he was nominated as the “Entrepreneur of the Year” by Earnst & Young for the success of his company in the United States. In the same year he was considered as one among “The 100 most important people in the world who will contribute to the shape of the new millennium.” By the Select magazine.
  • In the year 2003 he also got the “Movieline’s Hollywood Life’s Annual Breakthrough of the Year award”
  • In the year2006 he was awarded with the “Fashion Visionary award” by the Hollywood Life Magazine.
  • In the year 2010 he was titled as the “Millennium Promise Millennium Development Goals Global Leader”.

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