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Net Worth: $15 Million



Pusha T was born on May 14, 1977 in the ‘The Bronx’, New York City, New York, united States. His birth name was Terrance Thornton. He is also known as Terrar. Talking about his occupation, he is a Rapper and a songwriter. His stage name is Pusha T. He is an American Hip-hop artist from Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Along with his brother, Gene Thornton he works at the Re-Up Records as a co-founder and co-chief executive officer (CEO). He is also known as half hip-hop duo ‘Clipse’ with his brother Gene “No Mallice” Thornton. He sang to Kanye west’s Good Music and released his first solo project, a Mixtape titled fear of god on March 21, 2011. Next. He released his debut on October 8, 2013 named ‘My Name is My Name’.

Early Life and Career beginnings


This is the period of 1977-2009. Pusha T was born in 1977 in New York and relocated to Norfolk, Virginia. In Virginia both Gene and Pusha T grew up. In 1992, Gene and Pusha T together formed the duo Clipse. The duo eventually signed to Electra Records in 1997, with the help of Pharell Williams who is American record producer and fellow Virginian. They soon released Exclusive Audio Footage under the label Elektra Records. PushaT  is more open to features, out of the two brothers, appearing on Kelis’s single in 1999, ‘Good Stuff’ and Nivea’s single ‘Run Away’ in 2001. In the year 2004, Pusha and Gene together launch their record label. Re-Up Records and form a hip-hop group Re-Up Gang. The gang has other members, Ab-Liva and Sandman. Their third alum, Hell hath No Fury, was released in 2006. Next, their duo released in 2009, Clipse and then No Mallice and Pusha T announced some time off from duo to focus more on their solo projects.

In 2010-2011 they released their solo. Their solo career begins in the year 2010 when he signed to Good Music in September 2010. He was featured on number of projects such as Lanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy appeared on his hit ‘Runaway’. He also featured from Good Friday’s series and appeared on Swizz Beatz’s Monster Monday Series, Lloyed bank (H.F.M 2) and Tabi Bonney’s fresh. On December 16, 2010, he signed to NUE Agency. Funkmaster Flex, on February 2011 debuted his first solo New York City’s Hot 97. He released his first solo album, Mixtape on March 21, 2011. Later he began working on Fear God 2: Let Us Pray. EP’s second single, Amen was released in September 13, 2011. It later got 66 rank in Billboard 200. It got ten on Billboard R&B/ Hip-Hop Albums. Not only is this it number eight on Billboard Top Rap Albums. Also, it is on number 25 on Digital Albums chart. In 2011, Pusha T appeared the second season of HBO series, How To Make it in America.

On May 24, 2012 Thornton released ‘Exodus 23:1’. On april 6, 2012 his album Cruel Summer was released. His album ‘My name is My Name’ was released in July 16, 2013.



In 2009 Pusha T released an album ‘illin’. It featured the lines ‘no amount of record sales could deraiul this.  Stuffing dead prezzies in the wall like that Yale Beyotech’.these line caused the controversy and it is in news that the song is making the fun of the Yale lady student’s death, Annie Le who was murdered in 2009. There was also a tension between the relationship of Pusha T and Lil Wayne over the issue that in 2006 Clipse song ‘Mr. Me Too’ was released. Wayne felt that it was directed on him. It was in the news that the album ‘My God’ By Pusha T used the flow and lyrics of the song ‘The Last Supper’ which was yet to be released.

Awards and Nominations


Pusha T was nominated for ‘Like I Love You (with Clipse and Justin Timberlake)’ for the category of Best Rap/Song Collaboration in the year 2003. He was also nominated for the ‘Mercy (with Kanye West, Big Sean and 2 Chainz)’ for the category of Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance in the year 2013.



Pusha T ia a very rich personality. His net worth is $15 million. Talking about his interest, his 10 most iconic cars are Lexus GS300, Acura Legend Coupe, Lexus SC400, Acura NSX, Range Rover, Mercedes-Benz CL Class, Mercedes-Benzes SL Class, Porsche 911, Mercedes Benz SLS and Rolls Royce Phantom. The names are listed in the increasing order of his likes. So, he like Rolls Royce most out of all other choices listed above. No Mallice and Pusha T together earned a lot and satisfied their family needs. They are good example of family. Today in this modern era, people hardly work with their family. But they both started the career together. Pusha T released a total of six albums namely, Exclusive Audio Footage (1998), Lord Willin in the year 2002. Next Hell Hath No Fury in the year 2006. The duo Clipse presents Re-Up Gang in the year 2008 and the Til the casket drops in the year 2009 he also released Cruel Summer in the year 2012 and last but not the least he released My Name Is My name in the year 2013. His latest album stared King Push is yet to be released. Most of his fortune comes from the albums mentioned above.

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