Yao Ming Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth : $65 million.

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Yao Ming, the tallest player in the NBA and retired Chinese professional basketball player has an estimated net worth of $65 million.

Early Life and career

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Yao Ming was born to Yao Zhiyuan and Fang Fengdi both former basketball player. Yao became interested in playing basketball at the young age of nine. Because of his interest in basketball, he attended junior sports school. Yao is the tallest player in NBA. he is 7 ft 6 inch tall. Yao started his career by playing in the junior team of CBA when he was only thirteen. Yao played with junior team for four years and after that he joined sharks’ senior team where he averaged a high score of 10 points in his rookie season. His mainstream NBA career began in 1999 after Shark’s general manager Li Yaomin forced him to enter NBA. Yao signed a contract with evergreen sports inc. in which he entitled the company 33% of his earnings. However the contract was later dismissed. Yao began his mainstream NBA career in 2002 and played his first game against Indiana Pacers. Several Commentators predicted that Yao would fail in NBA depending upon his performance in his first play. But shocking the commentators and the audience Tao finished averaging 13.5 points and scored over 8 rebounds in each game. Yao reached his all time high in 2004. Yao had a triple win against Atlanta Hawks with 41 points and seven assists. Since then there was no stopping him. with in three years of his career in the NBA he only missed two games. nine years after his career in NBA, Yao resigned in 2011. His retirement announcement raied a mass of over 1.2 million comments from the fans on social network sites. Yao apart from playing for NBA has also played in 2000 Olympics basketball tournament. In the tournament Yao averaged a score of 20.7 points. He also played for 2004 Athens Olympics. Yao has won FIBA Asian Championship medal, 2001 FIBA Asian championship, 2003 FIBA Asian championship and 2005 FIBA Asian championship. Yao fractured is foot and after getting surgery to repair his foot Yao played with the Chinese national team in 2008 summer Olympics held in Beijing. Yao was also a part of Olympic torch relay he carried Olympic Flame into Tienanmen square. during his entire career Yao has averaged a fantastic score of 23.4 points. After retirement Yao also opted to complete his education and joined Antai College of Economics and Management. He insisted on having one on one lectures in the college to avoid being a distraction for other students. Currently he is happily enjoying his life with wife and Daughter. In total Yao has Won eight NBA All star Awards, five All-NBA team Awards,  and nine other tournaments and Rookie Awards.



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Yao believes in falling in love only once. He fell in love with his wife when he was only seventeen years old. Her wife Ye Li is a women basketball player. Initially she didn’t like Yao but she fall in love with him after he gave her his pin collection from 2000 Summer Olympics. The couple got married and 2007 in a private wedding ceremony attended by family and close friends. Their wedding ceremony was held in a luxurious five star Shanghai Hotel. Over 100 security guards were arranged to look after the security of the couple. The couple welcomed their first child Yao Qinlei in 2010. Currently Yao and his family lives happily in Houston.


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Yao Ming has a net worth of $65 million. He earns his wealth by playing professional Basketball and sport brand endorsements. Yao had a salary cap of $17,686,100 in 2010-2011 season.

Yao lives a happy married life with his wife Ye Li. The couple with their daughter resides in Huston. Yao’s Huston home is in spread of 12,000 square feet. The home features classy interiors and English exterior. Yao’s Home boasts six luxurious and huge modem bedrooms and nine gigantic bathrooms. The home has a two floor foyer marble stars on the ceiling. Yao’s home has beautiful mountain view and a giant garden. The home is worth over $10 million.
Yao first use to play for Shanghai Sharks. When his ex team Shanghai Sharks was on the verge of breaking and were not able to play the next season due to financial problems, Yao bought the team for over $30 million. He now fund the team.
Yao loves to cruse in his BMW 7 Series Special edition car. The car is worth $100,000. Apart from this Yao own several other sedans and luxury cars with combined worth of over $250,000.
Apart from this Yao endorse two industrial giants Reebok and Adidas. Adidas made a special Yao edition shoes. The shoe has
a red and sunshine yellow shine and features brand logo and Yao’s name on the sides. The design was a big hit and company sold over 100,000 units.
Apart from spending his wealth in living life luxuriously, Yao also raise fund for his charitable trust entitled Yao Ming Foundation. The charity granted a total of $100,000 for improvement of children’s education and raised over $200,000 to help Arizona build therapeutic play Space.

Quote: “Basketball, in America, is like a culture. It is like a foreigner learning a new language. It is difficult to learn foreign languages and it will also be difficult for me to learn the culture for basketball here.”

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