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Net Worth- $71 Billion

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Carlos Slim Helu is a Mexican Business tycoon and a well known investor. He was born in Mexico on 28th January in the year 1940. Currently he hold the position of chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the two big telecommunication companies which are Telmex and AmericaMovil. He is also the CEO and Chairman of Grupo Carso and Samsung Mexico.He is the second richest person on this earth after Bill Gates.  He is the first man from Mexico to be ever on the top position on the list of richest people in the world. Not only this, he is the first man from the developing country to earn so much money. In the year 2007, he was listed as the richest man for the first time and had an enormous wealth which was more than Bill Gates. He has lost his number one position to Bill Gates in recent years.


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In the year 1966, when Carlos Slim was 26 years old he got married to Soumaya Domit. His wife died in the year 1999 due to kidney failure. Carlos has three daughters and three sons.  Carlos always says that it was his wife who provided him with strength and she taught him many things about art. Carlos love for her wife can easily be seen as after his wife died he opened an art museum in her name, ” Museo Soumaya”.

Carlos Slim is not like all the rich modern businessman of the 21st century, but he is more like the 20th century businessman who does not believe more in the new technology and innovations and supports monopoly, economy of scale and encourages old factory style. He does not possess a computer in his office room and prefers to maintain his work in notebooks. He does not like to travel much around the world and surprisingly he does not own a single house outside Mexico.


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As of year 2014 the net worth of Carlos Slim is estimated to be around 71billion US dollars. Carlos Slim is so rich that he earns 30 million US dollar per day. The biggest chunks of his huge wealth are due to the telecom. Apart from the telecom industry he has his hands in mining, financial, real estate and industrial companies through where he is making millions of money each year. He also has a stake in “The New York Times”. He owns some of the largest companies in South America. Carlos owns “The Duke Semans Mansion” for which he gave 44 million US dollars. His big mansion features twelve bedrooms, doctor’s office, and fourteen bathrooms and has a fireplace of vintage style. He prefers to live in a modest house which is built in Lomas de Chapultepec. He owns pricey cars like Navy Mercedes 4X4 and Bentley Continental Flying Spur, Chevrolet Suburban.


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Despite of owning so much wealth, Carlos has no interest in eye catching consumption and he does not have any fascination for lavish yachts or buying splendid houses across the globe. Carlos has a love for art and he has a classy taste. He is passionate about masterpieces by many famed artists like Da Vinci, Rodin, Michael Angelo and Renoir. He is a great supporter of “New York Yankees”, a baseball club. Carl is also a passionate reader and he has interest in reading about the history. He also likes car racing and in the year 2011 Sauber F1 Team was sponsored by Telemex. He even has a weakness for the pricey Cuban cigars.



Carlos believes in eradicating poverty through providing jobs. He is also a wise man with a big heart and he supports many charity organizations. In the year 1995 he founded Fundacion Telmex. Through this organization Carlos aims to remove poverty from Mexico by his programs for education, health and social well being of people of Mexico. Carlos is determined to spend 6 billion US dollars through this organization to help the Mexicans. “Fundacion Carlos Slim Helu”, another foundation of Carlos was opened in the year 1986 which promotes healthcare benefits, education, cultural activities and sports activities. He is determined to contribute a sum of 100 million US dollar for the foundation of Bill Clinton.


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Carlos is an unassuming person and his words can be very inspiring for a person who believes in living a simple life despite of having wealth. Some of his quotes are:

  • “Poverty isn’t solved with donations. “
  • “Courage taught me no matter how bad a crisis gets… any sound investment will eventually pay off”.
  • “In business, you invest when things are not in good shape. When you invest at these times, you take a better position than your competitors. When there is a recession and your competition does not invest, they are giving you the advantage”
  • “I’ve always said that the better off you are, the more responsibility you have for helping others”.
  • “When you don’t have money, it is a problem. [An even bigger problem is when people] Have money in excess and they are not conducting businesses and making investments, creating jobs, and doing things for society. They are only thinking possessions, possessions…”
  • “What makes cycles occur is that people personally having problems and societies also being optimistic and pessimistic. In one day you have these kinds of changes”.

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