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 Net Worth :5 million dollars


Born for gaining name and fame in the word, Percy Romeo Miller is an American actor, tycoon, a model and also had earned fame as a player of basketball which is his passion. He is also a damn good rapper with a $5 million dollar net worth. This great personality was born on 19 August 1989 in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is famous all over the world by his name Romeo which this stage gave him or earlier known as Lil’ Romeo. His father, Master P was also a very famous rap mogul and business tycoon of his time. His mother is also a rapper; Sonya C. Romeo’s music became the most wanted music and loved by all. As a result it was released on almost every record namely:

  • Koch Records
  • Guttar Music
  • Priority Records
  • The Next Generation
  • No Limit Forever, etc.

In his early career, Miller won the award that was earlier hold by legend in the world of music, Michael Jackson to give number 1 hits on Billboard 200. He was the youngest musician to get that award. He started achieving success at 5 years of age when he first time wrote for his father’s rap.

“My Baby” was his music launched in early 2000s which gave him youngest star award in Billboard 200. It was his debut with legendary the Michael Jackson at a concert on 10 September 2001. This concert held just a night earlier to the attack on WTC (World Trade Centre) in America. He qualified platinum by RIAA, a recording industry of America. He went on achieving gold certificated over and over again and 500,000 sets of his music sold every year. By this in his early age, he became famous with name “Lil’ Romeo”.


After the successful launch of his hit debut album “My Baby”, he released his second album “Game Time” in 2002.”My Baby” was at 6th number on Billboard 200, and the second one was at No. 33. He was selling 80,000 copies of Game Time in the very 1st week of release and it was ranked on 10th position in Hip-Hop Albums. It procreated the albums like “True Love’, “2-Way” which ranked 66 and 16 are in Hot 100 Singles. Yet Romeo was not as much successful on the chart of Billboard 200 or any other Single Albums but his music was counted as the best-selling music. The figure crossed over 450,000 copies.

Basketball Career

In 2006, after achieving a great success in the field of music, he was called by ABCD Camp, which is sponsored by Reebok and a basketball camp in Teaneck, New Jersey. In this camp all the famous players like Tracy McGrady, Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant, etc. was playing and Miller did not fit perfect here as he scored only 2 points per game which is less than average score throughout the basketball camp. This camp is enclosed by NBA players also like Kevin Love, O. J. Mayo and many others. He was invited in the basketball club on the recommendations of his father Percy Miller because he was joined with this camp when he was an entrepreneur, this was explained by the director of camp, Sonny Vaccaro in an article “A Hot Prospect” on 8 March. Vaccaro even wrote in the article that Miller is not the one who fits in this profile. He is not made for playing basketball. But it is truly said that nothing is impossible. The fear lies within us and the spirit of fighting that fear also lies in oneself. So, after being rejected by the camp ABCD, he decided to fight against it. He decided to be a basketball player to compete others and for this in 2005 he played at Beverly High School as a point guard of 5’11” for three years. As a junior, his score increased from 2 points per game to 13.9 points per game and 5.6 assists. When he played as a senior in the year 2006-2007 he scored average 8.6 points per game. He improved a lot and proved himself in basketball also.

Earnings & Economic Data

Miller’s financial condition was good enough as he was a rapper, actor and basketball player. Adding all his assets including contracts, salaries, his certifications, stocks and earn outs and many more things, his financial data in the year 2013 was $1,250,000 per annum.


He has his own TV series in which he is staring and it is a comic series on the channel Nickelodeon i.e. Nick cable network. He formed his new group known as “College Boys” in the same year when he started his own label under rapping which was “The Next Generation Entertainment”.

He ended with the throw down in the career of basketball due to some incidents in the past. He won scholarship from USC (University of Southern California) when he was playing basketball in the year 2008-2009 as a point guard.

He was influenced by this a lot and said that I am not happy that because of some incidents in the past two years I have to leave basketball but ultimately he ended up saying that everything happens for a good reason and it might be possible that I will start my career in some new field where I will be counted as a star. He decided to continue his career further as an actor and said sarcastically that I won’t be a vampire there.


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