Ryan Leslie- Net Worth, Money and More

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Net worth: $35 million

Career / Profession: NextSelection Lifestyle Group

“Breathe, don’t be scared to risk and lose it all I need you to… Breathe, embrace the weightless feeling as we fall”.

-Ryan Leslie

Born as Anthony Ryan Leslie on 1st Jan 70, Ryan Leslie has an estimated net worth of 35 million dollars. He is a popular American record producer, singer and a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and good rapper. He started his career in 2003 with Younglord as an intern which gave a great boost to his career in his music industry. He then did his debut with an album with two singles “The Way That U Move Girl” and “Used 2 Be”. He in 2006, did another lead album with the name “Diamond Girl” which released in the year 2007. In the year 2008, he released another album, Addiction which also had pop singer Cassie. In March 2009, he released another single, “How It Was Supposed To Be” which was directed by Tyson Beckford. He was titled as “New York’s 50 Hottest Bachelors” by the magazine PageSix on the New York Post. He also released another album (Black Mozart) in 2013.


Career track
1.    Ryan Leslie

Ryan Leslie did his debut on February 10, 2009 with the self-name album Ryan Leslie. It was releases in Universal Motown in the United States. The album has three singles, namely, “Diamond Girl”, “Addiction”, and “How It Was Supposed to Be”.
2.    Transition

It was the second album of R&B singer-songwriter and producer Ryan Leslie which was released in the ear 2009. It was entirely produced by Leslie.

3.    Les is More

It was the third album of R&B singer and songwriter and producer Ryan Leslie which was released on October 22, 2012. It was produced with Fabolous. It has different version of the song, Swiss Francs which was produced with the rapper Booba.

Great causes that Ryan works for
1.     All As One

He works for no. of charitable organizations. One of which is All As One. It is an organization that supports orphan kids in the city of Freetown, Sierra Leone. It has about 75 – 80 infants and children under its protection. They provide them with shelter, food, education, health facilities, and even counseling, in case it is needed. Ryan used his 450,000 dollars to help this organization.

Richly possessions: Automobiles and Cars
1.    1968 Dodge Charger R/T  

It was the first car which Ryan Leslie bought with his first income. So, 1968 Dodge Charger R/T was very close to the heart of Ryan. When he saw it in the New York City, he decided it in the first look that he would be having this car. It was one of the first deals he made in New York.


  • 2.    Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Gullwing

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Gull Wing is his first choice when it comes to dating. He has been spotted several times in this car with his girl-friend, model Kenza Fourati. Once they were spotted near the hotel, Le Meurice Hotel where Ryan was wearing Balmain Jeans and Balenciaga Patchwork Sneakers


Some brands that Ryan Leslie follows
1.     Globe-Trotter/The Conran Shop Case and Goyard Carry-all

Globe-Trotter is one of the signature brands of luggage. It is manufactured by England manufacturer Goyard. It is one of the oldest brands of luggage in France. Globe-Trotter follows Ryan wherever he goes.
2.    Kewazinga Bubinga Steinway Essex Piano

He has his best friend in a form of a piano, Kewazinga Bubinga Steinway Essex Piano. It was the first member of his apartment and thus is very dear to Ryan.

  • 3.    Custom Signet Ring
    This cool piece is designed by Elle Mandler (sister of the video director, Anthony Mandler). It has always been a buzz among people which Ryan always loves.
  • 4.      Canon EF 50mm f/1.2 L USM Lens

Leslie is has a great fond of photography, he like recreating his self with the canon camera and his iPhone.
5.     AllSaints Spitalfields Cropped Military Boots

AllSaints Spitalfields Cropped Military Boots is a way by which Ryan expresses himself. Just like him, the boots are rough but real and gritty which makes him connect to them really well. This was his second pair of shoes and is now one and a half year old.

6.    Robert Geller Tank Top

He was introduced to Robert Geller Tank Top by a friend and is wearing them on his each and every single show ever since. The rough boots and the tank top give him the edgy and raw looks which he always wants.
7.    Givenchy Gold Micro Studded Scarf

He got this scarf almost by accident. He was in one of the mall in Selfridges, and this scarf had no price tag on it. He is not an admirer of one-off pieces, however ever since he has bought this scarf, he has been wearing it on his shows.
8.    Electro-Voice EV 676 Microphone  

He came in contact with this piece of electronic during the shows of Jim Morrison and wondered about his voice with this mic. He then searched for it and finally found two online.he then used this mic for his song, Breathe. He also owns one gold plated mic.

9.    Korg R3 + Alesis Andromeda Keyboards

Korg R3 + Alesis Andromeda Keyboard is an important part of the setup during Ryan’s shows. This has almost become a signature of Ryan Leslie events. It‘s vocal features goes well with Ryan’s voice, sometimes even making him sound like some robot. So, it is always on board during his shows.






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