Serena Williams – Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth: $100 Million

Who does not know the ace player on the tennis field Serena Williams? The beautiful William is soaring to new heights with every year she adds in her life. Even at the age of 32, when older people shrink she is playing brilliantly on the field and has managed to achieve the top position among the tennis player in the world. Born on 26 September in the year 1981, this tennis superstar has managed to achieve name and fame very early in her life. This American tennis player has managed to stand on the top position in the women’s singles tennis.




Serena was born in Michigan, but when she was very young, her family shifted to Compton in California. Serena started playing tennis just at an age of four and was initially trained by her father. To join the tennis academy run by Rick Macci, Serena and her family shifted to West Palm Beach when she was nine years old. Serena at the age of ten was in the top position among the under 10 players in Florida. She soon became famous for her powerful playing style and her showy fashion sense on the court.


Serena Williams WTA Championships

Serena has earned the number one position in the tennis for six different occasions. She is regarded to be an amazing female tennis player on the court. Here are some of her achievements:

  • In the year 1998 she was awarded as the WTA Newcomer of the year and Tennis Magazine/Rolex Rookie of the Year.
  • Serena is the only female sportsperson who has got around 50 million US dollars as prize money for her work in the field.
  • On 8 July, 2002 she was ranked in the top position for the first time and since she has been on the first position for six times as of February, 2013.
  • She has achieved 32 Major titles which helped her to grab the seventh position on the all time list.
  • She is the most recent sportsperson in the tennis field to get all the four Grand Slam titles in a row
  • In the WTA Tour Championship she has been a winner for four times
  • William got one Olympic gold medal in the singles in the year 2002 and three Olympic gold medals in women’s doubles in the years 2000,
  • 2008 and 2012.
  • She has managed to be in the top 100 in the list of “Forbes The Celebrity 100 for 14 consecutive years.

The list of her achievements is never ending and with the zeal that she plays, it is very much sure that the list will continue to grow for many years yet to come.



Serena Williams is a sensational tennis player with a net worth of ninety million US dollars. It is just not the price money of fifty million US dollars that has pumped up her bank accounts, but there are more sources that are helping her to be among the richest Americans. She has signed an endorsement deal with Nike worth $ 40 million. This tennis star is just not only famous for her game, but is also known for her own designer line of clothes, jewelry and handbags, which has surely helped her to fill her pockets. She has made appearances on TV for which she charges a good sum of money and has given her voice in many animated shows. She was the first female sports star to endorse a hygienic products for female.



With so many sources of money Serena manages to earn over $ 10 million every year. Here is the list of her annual earning according to the Forbes:

  • She earned $12 Million in the year 2002-2003
  • She earned $10 Million in the year 2003-2004
  • She earned $12.7 Million in the year 2004-2005
  • She earned $10 Million in the year 2005-2006
  • She earned $14 Million in the year 2006-2007
  • She earned $14 Million in the year 2008-2009
  • She earned $17 Million in the year 2002-2003
  • She earned $20 Million in the year 2009-2010
  • She earned $12 Million in the year 2010-2011
  • She earned $13 Million in the year 2011-2012



The most stunning Tennis player shares her beautiful home with sister Venus Williams in West Palm Beach Home. The net worth of her partial residence is estimated to be around $ 2 million. Her house built on a land of around one acre is a talk of the town. The beautiful architecture of the house leaves people mesmerized.



She does not believe in storing the money all for herself and do a lot of charity work. In the year 2008, she funded the construction of the Serena Williams Secondary School in Kenya. She has worked to promote awareness against breast cancer and has received the Celebrity Role Model Award by the Avon Foundation in the year 2003.



Serena has had a love affair with rapper Common, but they broke up in the year 2010. She has also penned down a book along with Hilary Beard named “Venus and Serena: Serving from the Hip: 10 Rules for living, loving and winning” and this book was published in the year 2005. After the 2009 US Open she even published her autobiography by the title ” On The Line”. She has even given her voice in the animated show- The Simpsons.

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